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Aurora Light

Your Host - Aurora Light

Since her early years growing up in the Detroit area, Aurora has had firsthand knowledge of human-appearing ETs. Her experiences consist of life-saving interventions, visitations, telepathic communications, and having been aboard their craft. They have provided guidance and have monitored her throughout her life.

Having appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows in the U.S. and internationally over the past two decades, including the BBC and Armed Forces Radio, Aurora has spoken on human-appearing ETs and the nature of the cover-up about them.

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 Apr 24, 2013  TOP STORIES: UFO Attack at Naval Base, Barack Obama Told Me Aliens are
 Real, Review of Steven Greer's 'Sirius' Documentary (Creationist Viewpoint),
 Government Secrecy Orders on Patents, and more.

 Apr 17, 2013  TOP STORIES: Ex-Congressman to conduct Extraterrestrial hearings, Human
 Body Parts Found in Downed UFO, 10 Tips for Preppers, Is There a God, Is
 Pope Francis Laying Groundwork for a One World Religion, Ebike
 Revolution Underway, and more...
 Apr 10, 2013  TOP STORIES: Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure, 14 Ways to Cleanse the
 Body from Chemtrails, Towards a New Test of General Relativity, Tiny
 Nuclear Reactions Inside Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, and more...

 Apr 3, 2013  TOP STORIES: Tony Tangalos, the host of Prepper Fest AZ, will be Aurora
 Light's special guest. The reality of ET contact, Shale Gas is the next bubble,
 Air Force Chemtrail Manual, Antartica's Sea Ice Expansion and What is

 Warming by 37 Hours.
 Mar 27, 2013  TOP STORIES: How to rid your organic garden of chemtrail residue and other
 toxins, invasion from the stars, Canary Islands continue to rock and roll,
 Aluminum Air batteries, and  Detroit Electric Wants to Build Electric Cars

 approved for CA and NV.

 Mar 20, 2013  TOP STORIES: Heightened UFO activity in South Africa,  Shape-shifting Jesus
 spent his last supper with Pontius Pilate, an ET base in Alaska, introduction to
 the Free Energy revolution.

 Physics Report, 10 companies chasing innovation that really matter?

 Mar 13, 2013  TOP Stories: We have a NEW Pope! Will HE be the Last and what about the
 arrival of the Anti-Christ??? Global temperatures highest in 4,000 years,
 another large meteor explodes over Cape Town SA, UFO flap in the Middle
 East, an interesting revelation about the Fatima Event, and Nuclear Fusion
 in your basement.
 Mar 6, 2013
 Aurora talks about fireballs from the skies, DHS purchases 2,700 light-armored
 tanks, methane release from ocean near Santa Monica and goodbye blue sky.
 Doctor Whodini talks about the Arctic Methane Emergency Group and the
 Chinese EmDrive.

 Feb 20, 2013  Aurora Light talks a strange UFO report from Whitley Strieber, mystery 'Star
 Jelly' found in a park, a leading geneticist talks about human intelligence.
 Doctor Whodini talks about the coming Pope - Petrus Romanus, an article
 written by Sterling Allan about Conventional and Exotic Free Energy Genres.

 Feb 13, 2013  Aurora Light talks about Gamma Ray Bursts as signatures of UFOs coming
 and going from Earth, Human Appearing ETs, anniversary of the Battle of Los
 Angeles and Earth changes predictions for 2013.
 Doctor Whodini talks about the next Pope (the False Prophet) and the arrival of
 the Anti-Christ --
Ancient predictions given by St. Malachi and Cabala Zohar
 Feb 6, 2013  Aurora Light talks about health, rejuvenation, wellness, chemtrails, bacteria
 found in the upper atmosphere (caused by chemtrails).
 Doctor Whodini talks about a mysterious ribbon found around our solar system,
 explains gravity, US DOE overestimates the number of EVs by 2015.

 DW COMMENT: The success of EVs will ONLY be realized with the addition of
 Free Energy devices and the removal of failure-prone battery technology.

 Jan 30, 2013  Aurora Light and Doctor Whodini special guest is former child Chrononaut,
 Andrew Basiago.

 Jan 23, 2013  Aurora Light talks about health issues with Energy Drinks and giant skeltons
 found in Wisconsin.
 Doctor Whodini talks about the origin of Star Trek (created by famous ET
 Contactee, Jacques Drabier and the RAND Corporation), a 300 million year old
 (?) "gear" artifact found in a lump of coal and his new webpage:

 Jan 16, 2013  Technical difficulties - show not recorded.
 Jan 9, 2013  No Show - Doctor Whodini was ill with the flu.
 Jan 2, 2013  Aurora Light talks about Predictions of 2013
 Doctor Whodini talks about the correct Mayan end date -- you'll be surprised!