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Aurora Light

Your Host - Aurora Light

Since her early years growing up in the Detroit area, Aurora has had firsthand knowledge of human-appearing ETs. Her experiences consist of life-saving interventions, visitations, telepathic communications, and having been aboard their craft. They have provided guidance and have monitored her throughout her life.

Having appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows in the U.S. and internationally over the past two decades, including the BBC and Armed Forces Radio, Aurora has spoken on human-appearing ETs and the nature of the cover-up about them.

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 Dec 19, 2012  Predictions for 2013
 Special Guest: Dr. Courtney Brown, Remote Viewer.

 Dec 12, 2012  The Most Dangerous Book in the World!
 Special Guest: Kent Bain

 Dec 05, 2012  Return of the Gods.
 The Secret Government.
 ET Contact.
 Albert Pike and the 3rd World War.
 There is NO God in the Bible.

 Nov 28, 2012  Is Doomday approaching?
 Red-hair giants discovered.
 Time Travel.
 Sasquatch DNA analyzed.
 There is NO God in the Bible.

 Nov 21, 2012  Chemtrails.
 Einstein vs. Tesla.
 The invasion of the Archons - the Greys and the Reptilians.
 Nov 14, 2012  Dr. Ray Brown and the Atlantean Crystal.
 The engineering of the Human species by Extraterrestrials.

 The amazing Floyd Sweet FREE Energy device.

 Nov 07, 2012  More Earth Changes are coming!
 Homo Sapiens are Engineered.
 Oct 17, 2012  Aurora talks about her encounters with Human-Appearing ETs throughout her life.
 Doctor Whodini talks about his work with Anti-Gravity and Free Energy