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Well known authorities on space phenomena, Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light have lectured to vast audiences on extensive UFO information. As the International Directors of the Progressive Tech Center and formerly Directors of the Extra-Terrestrial Communications Network and the National Investigations Committee on UFOs, Michael and Aurora have worked with interesting people from all walks of life, including scientists, pilots, engineers, retired military, government and NASA personnel, many who have been privy to top-secret information and have shared this information with them, believing the suppression of this information to be part of a "Conspiracy of Silence."

Information from the N.I.C.U.F.O. has been presented by the National Director Dr. Frank Stranges before closed-door sessions of the United Nations. Information from N.I.C.U.F.O. has also been presented before Congress in an effort to lift the veil of secrecy on the subject. Sensational reports from the files of the CIA, NSA, DIA, Air Force, Defense Department and the State Department reveal the startling new evidence that UFO's have landed and that benevolent human appearing extraterrestrials have let the military know of their high-tech equipment many times. This information has come forth under the Freedom of Information Act.

Michael Ellegion and Aurora Light met in 1981 while Michael was lecturing at Arizona State University and since then, have been guests on over 1,200 radio and T.V. shows, as well as having had their own show, "Vortex Network News" ("VNN"), voted by L.A. Style magazine in '94 and '95 as "The most interesting and controversial talk show in Southern California." They both have appeared on the front pages of newspapers throughout North America and Europe. Michael and Aurora have sparked a tremendous interest in the subject and have many times lectured to standing-room-only audiences.

They cover a wide range of subjects connected with human appearing extraterrestrials, including the Earth's past, present and future - a future of more open contact--touching on such things as ancient civilizations and biblical times, all the way to the Air Force Cadet Manual issued for many years at the Colorado Springs Academy, which indicates the reality of their existence. They present NASA computer authenticated photographs of spaceships and documentation, that was made public by Col. Wendell Stevens, United States Air Force (Ret.).

Though suppressed for many years, the facts are-- evidence and documentation does indeed exist, ranging from a handwritten memorandum by J. Edgar Hoover, while Director of the FBI, asking the Air force for all crashed UFO's in their possession--to more astounding and convincing evidence and proof in the form of actual crystal-metal samples obtained from an authentic extraterrestrial source, analyzed by one of IBM's top research scientist, Marcel Vogel-- and found to be impossible to be duplicated with any known form of technology presently existing on earth!

Nationally syndicated radio commentator, Paul Harvey spoke up about the UFO cover-up on his program. Interestingly, Senator Barry Goldwater has written about the UFO cover-up in his book No Apologies, as well as Billy Graham in his book Angels, God's Secret Agents. President Ford even requested an investigation of UFO's by the House Committee on Armed Services and a congressional investigation. And after astronaut Gordon Cooper went on his mission in space, he requested that the United Nations-- at last openly investigate and release their findings.

The late Dr. John E. Mack, a prominent psychiatrist from Harvard university, published a best selling book, based on his extensive and in-depth research, Abductions: Human Encounters With Aliens. Now long overdue, other higher learning institutions at long last are beginning to take a more serious examination of a subject that has captured the interest of people around the world. This coincides with an estimated 500% increase in UFO sighting reports and extraordinary film footage of their appearances.

More recently, Dr. Steven Greer, through the Disclosure Project, has rallied several hundred government and military personnel, many with Above Top Secret clearance, who are now willing to publically admit through open Congressional Hearings, their personal involvement in not only the recovery of many ET bodies and alien spacecraft, but also duplication of this technology, and how this same technology can also totally solve our environmental and energy problems presently facing this planet.

Both Michael and Aurora first had personal experiences and an interest in UFO's. Next they sought out the evidence and documentation--the facts--to back them up. Their information takes the Unidentified out of UFO's at long last and is definitely an eye-opener!


Listed below are just a few of the many places Michael and Aurora have appeared,
along with over 1200 television, radio and newspaper interviews.

KIEV, Los Angeles, CA.
Palomar College, San Marcos, CA.
Channel 8 TV, San Diego, CA.
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA.
Channel 12, Phoenix, AZ.
Channel 10 Kool-TV, Phoenix, AZ.
KOY, Phoenix, AZ.
CBS Radio, Phoenix, AZ.
National Enquirer
Bnai B'Rith Organization, AZ.
Channel 10 TV, Las Vegas, NV.
KDWN, Las Vegas, NV.
KENO, Las Vegas, NV.
Channel 13 TV, Las Vegas, NV
WABC, New York, NY.
RKO Radio, New York, NY.
Cable News, New York, NY.
Channel 9 TV NBC, New York, NY.
World News, New York, NY.
New Times, Phoenix Newspaper
KPHO Channel 5, Phoenix, AZ.
University of New Mexico.
Channel 14 TV, Albuquerque, NM.
Channel 7 TV, Albuquerque, NM.
Channel 13 TV, Albuquerque, NM.
New Mexico Sun, Albuquerque, NM.
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.
Channel 3, PM Magazine, Phoenix, AZ.
The New Mexican newspaper, Santa Fe, NM
Miami News, Miami, FL.
Channel 7 TV Show, Miami, FL.
WNWS, Miami, FL.
Miami Herald, Miami, FL.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
WINZ, Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Channel 10 TV, St. Petersburg, FL.
Channel13 TV, Tampa, FL.
The Tampa Tribune, Tampa, FL.
Channel 8 TV News, Tampa, FL.
University of Hawaii
CITY TV, Toronto, Ontario.
CJUT, University of Toronto.
CBS Radio, Toronto, Ontario.
NBC, WGRZ, Channel 2 TV, Buffalo, NY
CKCO TV, Tempo & Kitchener, Ontario.
Global TV, Toronto, Ontario.
LOOP, Chicago, IL.
WIND, Chicago, IL.
ABC Radio, Chicago, IL.
San Diego Union, San Diego, CA.
KSDO, San Diego, CA.
KABC, Bill Jenkin's "Open Mind" Show, CA
KJLH, Los Angeles, CA.
Whole Life Expos, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, NM.
KKUA, Honolilu, HI Science Hawaii Show.
Barnes and Noble Bookstores
Science of Mind Center, Honolulu, HI.
National Health Federation Conferences USA
Armed Forces Radio, BBC, U.K.
BBC 2 TV, London, U.K.
LBC Radio, U.K.
BBC Radio 4, London, U.K.
Thames TV, London, U.K.
T.V. AM, London, U.K.
Preparedness Expos, CA, FL, UT, WA.
PTC looks forward to hearing from all interested parties who would like more information. If you, your organization or university would like to sponsor a lecture or seminar or set up an interview, you may contact our organization by calling or writing to:

Aurora Light
Progressive Tech Center
10645 N. Tatum Blvd., Ste. C200-436
Phoenix, AZ 85028 USA

Message Line & number to the "Launching Pad": 602-626-8115


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All aboard? First these space ships will land, and then...

Free Press Staff Writer

Sometime by 1984, thousands of space ships are going to land on Earth and take away 500,000 lucky people for two weeks; two Earth weeks, that is. They will return stronger, happier and more intelligent than when they left. That’s according to Michael El-Legion, 29 Earth years old, who says he has been communicating with extraterrestrial beings all his life. The upcoming landing, he said, will be followed by two similar events: A second wave of ships will pick up 250 million people; a third will cart away more than 1 1/2 billion earthling for a similarly short, blissful experience. The result will be a happy, advanced world absent of the ugliness and unhappiness that has marred its history.

EL-LEGION LOOKS like a normal person, but he says he is not of this world. The son of a fairly typical southern California family says he was beamed into his mother’s womb by intergalactic forces. He said he began telling people about the coming events after he received a message in Arizona. Now he’s traveling the country with his wife, Aurora-a native Detroiter- spreading their apocalyptic message with a happy ending. “We’re talking about not a revolution in any sense of the word, but an evolution- a giant jump in evolution for this planet, “El-Legion said Thursday at a relative’s Bloomfield Hills home. The landings are necessary, he said, because the Earth has been headed in the wrong direction for too many years- so much so that beings on other planets are concerned.

THE HISTORY of the world according to El-Legion is quite different from that in Earth history books. Originally, Earth was set up as sort of a training school for the slow learners of the cosmic family. We weren’t quite able to evolve as quickly as elsewhere in the universe. Everything was fine until Lucifer landed. At that point, we forgot what was right and what was wrong, and began torturing ourselves in a variety of creative fashions.
After a while, great cosmic forces began sending down more advanced spiritual beings- called “volunteers”- to help us straighten ourselves out. There are now 1.5 billion such people on Earth, El-Legion said. El-Legion said the message to begin spreading the message came from an unusual man in Arizona in February 1981.

“THIS MAN WALKED up behind me. He had gold hair and gold eyes that bored right through you,” he said. “ He said to me, telepathically: “Time is running out. We cannot allow nuclear war, that’s why divine intervention is necessary. The world has been suffering for too long. It’s the only planet with a negative state.” El-Legion’s message has not gone completely unnoticed. It has been picked up by the National Enquirer, and by numerous radio and television stations in the West. He said people have been paying attention. The success of movies such as “E.T.” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” he added, is proof that people know something is going on.

Just not enough time to see everything

September always opens the frustration season for me. I want to be everywhere at the same time. So many things to do, so many places to be. This week, for example, is particularly Frustrating and the weekend is even worse.

I'D LIKE TO BE front row at the Pontch Tonight to hear my ol' Cheraw, S.C., buddy And jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie riffing with Our own Shella Landis and her Bandits of Babop as the star-loaded Montreauz-Detroit Kool Jazz Festival opens a six-day run. There are two or three jazz events every day I'd like to attend. Same with the Michigan State Fair, full of interesting events I'd like to see every single day. When it rains places to go around here, it seems to pour. It'd be fun to hang out at the Hilton Airport in Romulus today through Saturday At the Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the harmonica convention, Particularly those 7-to-midnight $6 concerts Tonight. Thursday and Friday benefiting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and featuring greats as Ann Arbor's Peter (Mudcat) and Cincinnati's Sandy German. I already mentioned how much fun the Amtramck Festival should be this weekend With the Polish Day Parade on Labor Day. We're all getting primed to participate in annual Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy association Labor Day telethon and help Joe Glover and Channel 2 make Detroit one of the country's Top supporters of this event.

IF YOU WERE Intrigued by Tim Kiska's Story last week in the Free Press about Michael and Aurora EL-Legion or heard Michael's interview with CKLW's Dick Purtan, You'll want to be on hand at 8:30 Friday night at Troy's Northfield Hilton when Michael Lectures on the "Divine Plan and Metaphysical Connection with UFO's" or the noon-6 Seminar the EL-Legions conduct Sunday at the hotel. The EL-Legions will detail their predictions about three waves of mass landings from outer Space by 1984, events they say will change The world and save it from itself. I've Interviewed this couple and I want to know More. I also want to know more about rugby. I Got a taste of rugby-the most physically and Mentally demanding of any contact team sport I've ever seen - a couple of months ago and plan to take in part of the free Stroh's Great Lakes Rugby Tournament from 10-5 Saturday and Sunday at Farwell Field.

Haven't a thing to wear To Orion? See Aurora

Kathleen has always had Avant-garde interests." Marilyn Smith of Bloomfield Hills says. Marilyn's an old acquaintance of Kathleen Towne - a.k.a. Aurora EL-Legion.Aurora and her Husband Michael are in town this weekend Discussing their original home on the Planet Orion. (Funny - Darling thought Kathleen/aurora was from Birmingham.) After dinner with the EL-Legions at the Midtown where else?), Marilyn reported that Aurora was designing crystal jewelry to enhance one's aura, as well as a line of thin, shiny metallic clothing- perfect for space trips. Drat! And all Darling was planning to buy for her first lunar trip was a tiny bow for her hair, just like Ms.Pac-Man's.

Folks driving by the Terrace movie theater were tres confused this past week. First the Marquee features "The Last American Maiden," then the wording was changed to the real title, "The Last American Virgin," why the switch? "Well at first the manager thought 'maiden' looked better," a theater spokes woman- who refused to give Darling her new name- explained "but after we saw the movie we found out the virgin was a man." One can't make any presumptions these days, Darlings- even in Livonia!

Executive Deputy Police Chief Jim Bannon shown like a newly-minted prepple at the fun and funky Fashion Group bash Wednesday Night at the Roostertail. Jim's wife Rosemary, personal trade manager of Northland Center, had dressed Jim in Ralph Lauren's green cords and a beautiful grape and green plaid shirt. "She wanted me to knot a sweater casually over my shoulder," Jim confided to a friend, "but I told her to forget it." Hail to the chief!

Further flash on the fall fashion show scene: Roz and Sherm's chic but sensible outfits shown at Knollwood Country Club on Thursday were applauded by an enthusiastic audience- but Joanne Quennevile of Royal Oak really stole the scene. The diminutive singer, a member of the Macombers, a Macomb Country Community College choral group which entertained between fashion segments, gave a show-stopping rendition of New York State of Mind," Joanne is ready for stardom, and you read about her first in Darling.

OUT: Diamond stud earrings for those over 30, pale legs, black and gold color combos.

IN: Large fake gem earrings, pearls (real and otherwise), red and black or black and black for fall.

'We Are Space Aliens' …Couple Reveal Under Hypnosis - and Stress Test Confirm It

An Arizona couple say they're really are aliens who were beamed to Earth years ago.

Michael Ellegion and his wife Aurora insist they came to this planet on a vital Mission: to help mankind enter a new age of peace and harmony. And incredibly, hypnosis and voice stress tests show they're telling the truth!

"I've always known I was not of this earth," said Michael. "I have memories of being aboard a spaceship, preparing for my departure to Earth."

Michael revealed there are thousands of Extraterrestrials just like himself and Aurora in this world.

"We're the product of a type of 'artificial insemination' that is commonly used by people from my planet to put my people on Earth." He said. "One moment we are on a starship out in space… the next moment we're on Earth.

"Just seconds before a baby is born on this planet, our minds, souls and memories are beamed into the infant. We take over the baby just before
it enters the world."

In a hypnosis session conducted by hypnotist George Cogan, Michael told about life on his planet, Orion, located billions of miles away in the star Constellation Orion.

"It's a beautiful place of crystal cities and rainbow sunsets. My people are very similar to Earth people, but a bit taller. There is no disease and there hasn't been a war for centuries.

"I remember being on the spaceship, and my mother and father telling me it was time to leave."

His future Earth wife, Aurora, was on the ship with him, he said. "I didn't want to leave her. I sobbed, 'Why must we part?' Then we were both born on Earth, and we grew up in separate families.

"But suddenly last April, when she was 34 years old and I was 29, we met again and were reunited. She walked into a room and I recognized her immediately.

Aurora who was hypnotized by Cogan separately, added, " I met Michael in Phoenix because I was told by my parents from our other world to come here"

Said Michael" I learned my true purpose a few months ago when a man bathed in a golden aura walked up to me. He said we are here to pave the way for the arrival of other friendly beings from our planet. My mission, and Aurora's, is to let Earth's people know that these people are coming so they won't be shocked.

"We want Earthmen to know that our fellow aliens are on a mission of peace. They realize Earth is on a course of self-destruction, and want to save it.

Hypnosis Cogan, director of the Hypnosis Center of the Southwest in Scottsdale, said there is no chance the El-Legions were deceiving him during their period of deep hypnosis.

The tapes of the sessions were analyzed by a voice stress expert, C.R. McQuiston, who used a Psychological Stress Evaluator truth detecting device.

"I found no trace of deception." He declared, "I've run every test I could possibly run.

"I think we better start looking up in the sky!"

-Dary Matera

‘Star People’ tell about alien beings


At the time, Aurora El-Legion thought her narrow escape from death in Detroit traffic was a miracle. It wasn’t until years later that she found out alien beings had intervened in her life and teleported her through a time and space warp to safety.

Her husband, Michael, says he has also been contacted by aliens from space. He says he was once physically taken aboard a spaceship after falling off a pier in Oceanside, Calif.

“ I was beamed to there spaceship and I interacted with human-appearing beings,” he says. “They are benevolent beings and communicate telepathically.”

Now, after numerous contacts with alien beings, the Scottsdale couple make their living educating the public on UFO contacts and sightings.

The McCormick Ranch couple are the Arizona and Hawaii directors of the Extra-Terrestrial Communications Network and the National Investigations Committee on UFOs.

“The number of sightings is increasing all the time,” says Aurora, who believes that certain personal characteristics are required before an alien will contact you.

“When I was a child I saw two spaceships hovering over the park across the street from my house. Although it was a buzy time of day, I knew that I was the only one who saw them. I wondered why at the time, but now I know. There are certain people who are chosen to see spaceships.”

Some of the characteristics of “Star People” include compelling eyes and personal charisma, extra or misplaced ribs, unseen companions as a child, experience strong attraction to natural crystals and certain rocks, feel their Earth mother and father are not there true, real parents and lower than normal body temperature and blood pressure.

The El-Legions believe aliens seeded this planet and refer to the human appearing beings as the ‘Adamic’ race. On a poster board in their McCormick Ranch home they display photos of UFOs sighted around the world. Also on the poster is what appears to be a beautiful blond woman. According to Michael, the woman is a space being sent to Earth for “in

Packing for a trip to the final frontier

As I write this Monday I’m waiting to be beamed up to a space ship.

The El-Legions promised, so I’ve packed an overnight bag just in case. A toothbrush and a change of underwear might help out in outer space or whatever it is we ‘re being beamed to.

Free Press reporter Tim Kiska says it’ll most likely be a “press-buss, ship” Kiska interviewed the El-Legion predicted a mass spaceship invation and celestial light show in October, during which time several hundred thousand enlightened earthlings with outer space connections would beam up to Earth-circling spaceships where the future of Earth will be revealed to them.

ALL THE TIME, Michael, who says he’s been beamed up several times in the past, didn’t know the exact date in October, But last week he passed on the date to Kiska: sometime between Monday evening and Tuesday morning.

Kiska did some checking around with other newspaper, radio and TV types across the country who interviewed the El-Legions and guess what, folks? every media person who talked with the El-Legions were told they were among the gifted to get the beam. There’s going to be one gigantic press-bus ship, figures Kiska.

With all those radio and TV types going, I don’t even know whether I want to bother. The El-Legions didn’t tell me the electronic crowed was going. Although I really don’t want to miss the World Series, I’ll make the sacrifice and go, if the skies light up tonight.

For the past few years I’ve been in touch with psychics off all sorts. Astrologers, metaphysicians, occult-fanciers, card-readers, astral-projectors, horoscope-casters, palm readers, trance-specialists, out-of-body practitioners, Ouija-board-believers, seance conductors, mediums of all kinds.

MOST ALL have impressed me- with their total belief in themselves as an instrument of some higher power or powers. These people, in the main, are very serious about there gifts. I respect them for that and I guess that’s why I’ve become a lightning rod for so many to strike me with their latest revelation.

Over the years I’ve had an on-going conversation with Bob Thibodeau, owner-founder of Mayflower Books, the intellectual gathering-spot of the local psychic set. Same with Sol Lewis, founder of the Michigan Metaphysical Society and a great popularizer of psychic phenomena.

I’ve watched them grow as the interest in things psychic has grown. I know and have followed the careers of others like veterans Cleo, Jacqui and June Lowe and a hot new-comer like Scorpiona, who was on TV2, CKLW, WAAM, WDRG, WJR, WRIF, WCAR AND WYXZ in the month of September giving readings, a red hot off hour radio format, by the way.

Scorpiona (Maureen Nehisen) left a nice-paying corporate secretarial job five years ago to devote her time to a variety of psychic projects: her version of Tarot cards, a psychic fable-novel for children, as Egyptian-influenced aerobic dance/exercise record and fitness program, readings and forming the Psychic Eye, a non-profit social club for those interested in things psychic.

A social club for psychics? Are there that many? Sure are? As a matter of fact this Psychic Eye group is having an all-day “flea festival” at Roma’s of Bloomfield Saturday, with readers, arts and crafts, raffles, auctions, etc... winding up with a dance in the evening to the music of a group appropriately named Omen.

Almost a year ago on Marcello Galluppi’s Cox Cable “Illuminations” show, a half dozen psychics told me a lot of things that would occur in my life and those around me. They were amazingly accurate on many specific things.

Marcello and his panel also told me of the growing interest in the psychic world’s, as more and more people are having psychic experiences and are finally recognizing them as such. An “awakening,” they call it.

POP CULTURE is obviously awake to it, as soap operas use psychic stuff these days to jazz up plots, and Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.” is the eighties’ fairy tale about people from outer space. What does it all mean? I think basically it means we’re worried about what’s happening on and to the Earth, don’t see any answers to its problems, and seek answers outside this reality.

So that’s why so many of us in the media have packed an overnight bag today.

E.T.'s visit makes a columnist wish it weren't Monday

There's only Bob Talbert to thank for the E.T. adventure. Talbert who writes for one of those Detroit papers, gave my number to Aurora and Michael El-Legion. The El-Legions say they're extra-terrestrials.

Aurora called last week to ask if we could get together. It's easy to lure a columnist out of the city room on Monday Morning.

"Where you going, Stoliker"?

"Out to see a couple E.T.'s, "I announce as assorted others leave to meet Republicans and Democrats.

Let them snicker, their "reliable sources" weren't lead stories in last week's National Enquirer.

Later I meet Michael at the Bloomfield Hills home where he and Aurora are staying with her uncle. Michael doesn’t look like E.T.'s brother. He's certainly a lot taller.

We settle into the comfortable living room as the dynamic Aurora enters. If space people are given a choice of their Earth Forms, Aurora made a wise selection. Michael yawns. It's far from flattering to realize a space person finds me boring. Aurora is wide awake and a vivacious contrast to her husband.

We get right to the grit of the interview.

"Kind of cold for this time of year," I say, for crying out loud, Stolicer, face-to-face with E.T.'s and you pull a Jerry Hodak.

I change the tactic. "Well how'd you get here?" I ask. As a trained observer, I know they actually came to Michigan from Arizona in the Honda parked in the drive.

Ever-patient Aurora says they were beamed into the bodies of earth mothers. They miss there cosmic parents.

"How do your earth parents feel about this?" I ask, thinking I'd be a bit perturbed if my kids told me I was adopted.

Aurora, who grew up in Oakland County and once lived in Wabeek, says her mother Understands.

"I was always a bit different," the 34-year-old says. "I saw my first spaceship on 13 Mile Road at Memorial Park when I was 8."

I nod in disbelief. Michael's parents in California were not as receptive. He says only that his Father is a hypnotist and his mother is a teacher.

Aurora goes on to say she was always fascinated by space, started her truth search as Kathleen Town when she was 20. The Halloween before she met Michael, she dressed as a space cadet.

"Be a bit much if you'd met him on Halloween," I say and laugh alone. Michael yawns again and runs his hand through his curly, sun-or Bottle-bleached hair. The El-Legions say they were destined to meet. They are twin flames from the star system Orion. Aurora was channeled to meet Michael when he was delivering a lecture at Arizona State University a couple years ago. She flashed her Aura to get his attention. "Don't we all? "Love at first site." Michael says. The three of us laugh. " What's it like at home?" I ask referring to Orion- not Scottsdale. "Rainbows. Bright colors," they say "we're vegetarians we don't kill animals. The grass is all different colors.

"Grass that grows, right?" I ask. It's beginning to sound like "Saturday Night Live rerun. "As earthlings, do you have any vices?" Aurora confesses she has an occasional Kool menthol. "What about love on the planet" I ask. Love in space is better, they say.

Michael directs the conversation to his mission- informing folks about space. In October, spaceships will land to pick up those who, like Aurora and Michael, volunteered to be beamed to Earth.

"What if you miss the ship?" They assure me they won't. Besides, there will be other spaceships.

Michael loses me as his space revelations are entwined with earthling religious teachings. The truths, he says, are locked in the vaults at the Vatican.

They go on to say that the movie, E.T.," ws planned by the space Hierarchy to assuage fears of space Visitors. Director Steven Spielberg is channeled for the mission. President Regan's and the Pope's souls were Beamed back to Orion when they were shot.

"So has Nancy’s," Aurora says.

As I leave, I recognize another channeling.

"Please write about this weekend," Aurora says. Would an earthling argue? The El-Legions will be at Troy's Northfield Hilton, 8p.m. Friday For a $5 lecture and noon-6 p.m. Sunday for a $35 seminar. Aurora will also be selling her designer clothes and jewelry. Today, the E.T. idea doesn’t sound all bad. Hop on that spaceship and land in a place that sounds like heaven. But first, there's another channeled task- a message for Talbert. "Call home, Call home, Call home, B.T."


E.T. invaders land in search of the aura of the green

The self-proclaimed E.T. from the planet Orion was sitting in a downtown Chicago hotel room watching his "soulmate" perform a crystal demonstration on me.

He looked amazingly human, like a curly haired blond young man with a friendly smile. His soulmate, who also says she is an E.T., appeared to be equally human: dark hair and eyes, and good teeth.

The male E.T.'s name is Michael El-Legion, and he says his mission is to help Earth people evolve to higher levels. Earth, Michael says, is the only planet still under the influence of Lucifer.

Michael's soulmate's name is Aurora, and as he watched, she handed me a piece of quartz crystal and told me to hold my arm out. Crystal, according to Michael and Aurora, had mysterious and powerful properties that are used in space travel and will among other things, give you great strength and ward off the common cold.

Aurora tried to push my arm down but didn't seem to have strength enough to do so. Then she took the crystal away and pushed my arm down with incredible ease.

Well, she made a believer out of me. I immediately came to believe that when I did not have the crystal, Aurora pushed a lot harder on my arm then when I had it.

Sometimes it is dull going to be a skeptical journalist. It would be much more exciting to accept the two young people from Scottsdale, Arizona, as what they claim to be instead of what they are.

And what a media scoop it would be if the two of them in the hotel room were actually E.T.'s of course, it would not be an exclusive interview because Michael and Aurora have made there living the last couple of years being interviewed by the media and then giving lectures and seminars. A line of crystal jewelry that they have designed "is made available" at the lectures.

All over the country, the two of them have rented halls and charged people $7 to come and hear about how there are 500 million spaceships circling the Earth and 300 million "star people" living on the Earth. The "star people" were sent here, they say, because "they could not make the jump to the next level."

Also, they are being directed "from other dimensions" or the "Galactic Confederation" to save the Earth from itself. Michael says he was beamed from a spaceship into his California mother's birth canal 29 years ago. He says he remembers starting to emerge and then "blanked out."

Aurora grew up in Birmingham Michigan, and says she did not recognize her space identity until she walked into one of Michael's lectures in Arizona.
In addition to noticing how handsome he was, she says she was particularly impressed with "the golden white aura around his head and body."

They were married in a cosmic ceremony on a mountain said to be on top of underground UFO bases. Michael wore a gold and white satin jumpsuit. Aurora wore a gold and white gown with a metallic veil. Both wore pieces of quartz around their necks.

Since there marriage, they have worked together to talk about the so-called government conspiracy to hide the remains of spaceships and "humanoids," and to tell their paying listeners to prepare for their venture into the forth dimension.

Oh, I wish I could believe it. What fun! What Excitement!

But I am too much of a clod. My feet are more or less stuck in the mud of Lucifer's Earth, and instead of seeing Aurora and Michael as E.T.'s, I see them as two young people who are on a show business ego trip that is making them a buck. They are the gleaners picking up the spilled grains of space interest in the wake of the movies "E.T." and "Star Wars" and other make believe.

But their ilk has been around for centuries, and maybe I can't believe them because I've been through this before, a couple of times. Most media people have. On one occasion, a man claiming special space connections invited me along on a spaceship trip that was scheduled for an early spring night. When I accepted, he said it had been cancelled because of unfriendly vibrations, I told him I hoped they weren't mine because I hadn't even been aware that I was vibrating.

Once, a tall; woman with long silky hair sad eyes invited me into her home and told how she walked and talked with people from other planets. She too traveled about, giving talks and showing pictures of flying saucers and strange looking little creatures with long fingers.

She showed me a field where a spacecraft had landed and told about being invited aboard, but asked to leave after a time. She looked vary sad when she said that, and I felt sorry for her. She seemed to be such a lonely young woman.

But I don’t feel sorry for Michael and Aurora. They have each other, and, of course, the Galactic Confederation. And over the next couple of weekends in Chicago, they will have the people who come to their lectures and seminars, people who are not cloddish thinkers and who have a spare $7.

As for me, I'm trying to figure out what Michael meant when he said, toward the
end of our meeting in the hotel room, that he saw a lot of green in my aura. Also, I think I may be coming down with a cold.

Day of Star People coming, couple says

By Kim Anderson
Monitor Staff Writer

The world according to the El Legion is not the one most call home. It has many more dimensions. And in one of them, 700 million ships repose, hanging ready to punch through into the third dimension (ours), land en masse and evacuate those of Earth who are ready for rapture.

They belong to the galactic confederation and were built at the birth of the organization 6 million years ago to put down the Luciferian Revolution, an interstellar eruption that brought down civilizations and destroyed planets across the Milky Way.

And the mission of Michael and Aurora El Legion is to prepare the Earth's Star People for that evacuation.

"This is all based on research by Brad Steiger, a highly respected researcher in psychic science and UFO phenomena," Michael El Legion said. "He found that a lot of men and women working in the sciences, NASA, and the universities have Star People characteristics. When a extraterrestrial soul incarnates to Earth, the person has lower body temperature, lower blood pressure, other special characteristics, and a special scene of mission," El Legion said.

"That's my mission, to sensitize the star people to there mission, to make them consciously aware of what they've always known unconsciously."

Michael and wife Aurora conduct there mission out of Scottsdale, Ariz., and are in Santa Fe to alert star People here- of whom there are many, Michael said.

"Arizona and New Mexico are two states that I've notices are attracting increasing numbers of Star People- all of whom need to be made aware of there purpose."

And El Legion says he's ready for it. "I have conscious memories of incarnating on this planet and of life in other galaxies and on other planets. I've been physically aboard ships twice, and I'm in constant telepathic communication with the leadership. "In March of 1979 I was taken aboard for the second time and my blood was vibrationally altered to enable me to channel the synaptic centers in others, "Michael said.

By "channeling" others, El Legion says he opens them to there real mission in if: the preparation of themselves and the world for a mass evacuation scheduled to take place in the near future.

"They've been monitoring this planet for many, many thousands of years from the forth dimension," Aurora said. "They have the ability to cross over at will, and to attune themselves to one specific persons vibrations so that he or she can see them but no one else can.

"We've been informs that they may intervene on a planet for a number of reasons: One, if the planet is a threat of annihilating itself; Two, if the planet is a threat to other worlds; and Three, if the planet's evolution is being held back by a small group of people.

"Earth meets all three requirements. The big boys here don't play the rules, they aren't very nice to one another, and the confederation feels that they won't be very nice to other worlds, either, "Aurora said.

Aurora said the evacuation will be conducted in three waves. The Eagles, or the original core group of Star People here since the beginning of civilization and chiefly responsible for it, will leave first.

The second wave will transport the additional Star People who've volunteered for Earth duty in later years.

"There was a tremendous influx of volunteers after the bombings of Hiroshima (sic) and Nagasaki, " Aurora said.

"Fifty million or so came in during the years right after the war, and they've been trickling in ever since. There are about 300 million star people in all at the present time."

That number includes roughly 250 million who aren't aware of their true identities, but who will nothing less be evacuated with the second group. "The third wave will evacuate those people who have been traveling on the Wheel of Life on Earth for many, many incarnations, and who are ready for transference into rapture."

"That's what earth really is, a karmic training school where we learn what the rules are, and these are the people ready for a heavenly existence in other worlds," Aurora said. Those not so qualified will be transported to another similar planet to continue their personal evolution.

Shortly after zero-hour, the Earth will be cleansed.

"They've been maintaining the planet's stability for a long period of time with harmonic grids installed in the crust. Those grids are going to be turned off
after the evacuations complete, and the result will be four-degree shift in axial tilt, "Aurora said.

"New landmasses will rise, old ones will sink. This in necessary to prepare the planet for its destiny, which they tell us will be the highest in the galaxy. From lowest to highest, Earth will become truly a paradise, the Golden Age predicted in the early prophecies."

"Top government people, lawyers, scientists, and even a Supreme Court justice, they're trying to keep us bound in our ignorance as much as possible.

Michael and aurora will conduct an introductory lecture Friday night at 7 p.m. in the Women's Club at 1616 Old Pecos Trail, followed by a six-hour seminar on Saturday. Cost for the lecture is $7, and $25 for the seminar. Topics will include the Bermuda Triangle, the use of natural crystals to amplify individual auras for protection, and the presentation of messages from the extraterrestrial. For further information contact the El Legions at 982-5591. Rm. 212.

On top of everything else, World may come to an end

By Lew Scarr, Staff Writer

As if this were not a big enough year already, what with all of the campaigns and then the Olympics and the election and the words of George Orwell and all, now there comes this sincere young man with the Windsor knot in his tie to say Earth may shift somewhat in its orbit.

Just a little bit, he said, nothing calamitous, which sounds a whole lot like a contradiction. Anyway, he said it has something to do with spaceships and the Intergalactic Federation.

That should get our attention right away, because we have not heard much about UFO's and the like in recent years, and maybe that is just as well. Nevertheless, Michael El-Legion said there are just as many sightings as before, only NASA is fobbing them off as missile firings and rising rockets.

First you should know something about El-Legion. He is rather circumspect about that unusual name- he said it has something to do with his association with the archangel Michael. He said he is 30 years old "in this life."

He and his wife Aurora, are Arizona state directors of the National Investigations Committee on UFO's They were in San Diego to Lecture last night and will be back for a lecture and seminar March 16 and 17 at the Holistic Church.

Michael El-Legion has curly brown hair and the scrubbed look of an undergraduate at Bob Jones University. He looks like the kind who some years before expected to get the most valentines in his class.

He is poised and seemingly totally believing in his eccentric calling no matter that it hangs way out there somewhere near the edge. He has, he said, been aboard spaceships, that is to say aboard craft from other worlds, twice.

The first spaceship and extraterrestrial beings he saw, he said, were after he fell off the Oceanside Pier when he was 6.

"It was hanging in the atmosphere in the forth dimension and they saved me," he said.

El-Legion says there are 33 dimensions and can be tuned in, if you have the knack, something like stations on the radio dial. " I was taken into the forth dimension," he said.

He added that he has grown from that experience- which was not just a childhood game- to realize that his real mission on Earth is to communicate with other higher souls here and to "uplift the planet in continuous and form a bridge to higher awareness."

Pair Who Say They've Flown Spaceship to Lecture Here

Has the U.S. government cooperated with other Governments throughout the world to keep the truth about unidentified flying objects from the people?

Two people who say they have documented proof the UFOs exist and who say the governments have conspired to hide this fact will be lecturing here Wednesday evening.

Michael and Aurora El-Legion are the Arizona directors for National Investigations Committee on UFO's. Among information they will be presenting at the lecture will be recently released documents from the government they say were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

The declassification documents reveal the military has, as rumor has long had it, recovered crashed UFO's, say the El-Legions.

Both the directors say they have had personal contact with extraterrestrial- a word they prefer to "aliens."

Both claim to have been transferred to Earth by a spaceship from Orion. There Earth births- about 30 years ago for Michael, 35 for Aurora- were among thousands of other "star people" births here for the purpose of disseminating information to people on a planet facing judgment day.

Their lecture here will address topics such as the origin of the species, an intergalactic tour, the "Luciferian Rebellion," the "Galactic Confederation,"
Biblical times and divine intervention, the hollow earth and Admiral Byrd's secret duary and first-hand accounts of bring onboard UFO'S.

They also will show photos of UFO's, give a crystal power demonstration and speak about a coming "mass landing and evacuation."

The El-Legions, who took that surname as a symbol for there extraterrestrial origins, have also expressed the concern that people now sighting UFO's have nowhere to report them.

"Who do you report it to, the police? They'd just laugh at you. The Air Force? There'd be no follow up. There really is no place for the citizen to report sightings," said Mrs. El-Legion.

Currently residing in Scottsdale, the couple make their way throughout the country lecturing on the topics mentioned.

:It's time this information came forth and that it no longer be acquainted with things like Bigfoot… after all, thousands of sightings have been reported through the world," said Mrs. El-Legion.

Meet the Star People

Forget about the little green men from outer space. If you ever meet an extraterrestrial, it will probably look like the man or woman next door.

In fact, it could well be the man or woman next door, according to Michael and Aurora El-Legion, Arizona State Directors of the National Investigations Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects.

Michael and Aurora, in this country on a lecture tour, are not only convinced that there's life on other planets but that they themselves are Star People beings from another world, housed temporarily in their human bodies.

And they're not alone. They reckon that around 400 million people of the earth's population, have their roots on planets many light years distant from this one.

These star people include several world leaders, past and present, as well as numerous doctors, scientists and great artists and actors.

They live on earth in order to protect humanity from itself and right now humanity is certainly teetering on the brink of its own destruction in the nuclear age, say Michael and Aurora.

But don't become desponded. The Star People will ensure that the ultimate calamity is defused and mankind will be saved.

This is Michael and Aurora's message of hope which they'll be passing on to the down-to-earth citizens of Sussex in Hove Town Hall today.

The couple promise to produce evidence that there's life on Venus and beyond, evidence in which they maintain has been constantly suppressed by world governments.

Now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act in America, formerly classified documents have been released revealing a wealth of information on UFO's over the past 40 years.

They show that not only have there been thousands of reported sightings but also that some UFO's have landed or crashed on earth and their captured occupants taken to US Air Force bases.

President Eisenhower actually met some of these extra-terrestrials at a base in California when he was officially supposed to be at the dentist, say the El-Legions.

Other presidents have also been contacted, including Truman, who had six "sightings", Kennedy and Ford.

The president who has shown the greatest interest in life from outer space is Ronald Reagan, an honorary member of the National Investigations Committee on UFOs since 1968.

UFOs and their inhabitants have made themselves visible in countries throughout the world but in Switzerland, one man, it's claimed, actually struck up a friendship with an alien.

Where all this leaves ET and Co, the El-Legions are not quite sure. Except that films like that show extraterrestrials as the benevolent beings they really are and not monsters from outer space," they say.
Phone whom? Encounters with 'beings' launch quest

"Are you, yourself, an extraterrestrial?"

Michael El-Legion looked at the questioner with the slightly pained and impatient expression of a true believer forced to deal with agnostic.

"I don't think you'd really understand, " he said.

Michael and Aurora El-Legion of Scottsdale are the Arizona (and Hawaii) directors of an organization called the National Investigations Committee on Unidentified Flying Objects. They lecture throughout the country on space phenomena and are about to start a lecture tour of Europe.

This weekend, they will hold a two-day seminar in their home, 7209 Via Nueve.

"We've done a great deal of reading and research on the subject," Michael El-Legion said, " and we've interviewed scientists, pilots, retired military personnel and many others who have had access to secret information and who have had personal experiences.

"We've had personal experiences ourselves."

When he was 6, El-Legion said, he was taken aboard UFO.

"It was Oceanside, California," he said, I was walking along side the pier, looking over, and started to fall in. The next thing I knew, I was in a craft that pulsated with white light.

"There were beings aboard, human in appearance. They have saved me from the fall. They were here to protect me."

He has a similar experience sex years ago, he said, and communicated with the beings telepathically.

"Their telepathic skills," he added, "not mine."

His wife, El-Legion said, was protected from a bugler by a hovering spaceship when she was a child. That was in Michigan. The two met when she was in the audience for a lecture he gave at ASU.

"They are there," he said. " There have been countless sightings by perfectly credible people that cannot be explained any other way.

"Who are they? They are beings from many different worlds, who can travel interdimentionally and intergalactically.

"They are here to study us. They will not allow this planet to destroy itself."

A slim, curly-haired man of 31, El-Legion has books of photographs and other documentation of the existence of extraterrestrial spacecraft.

"There is a lot of proof, but much of it has been suppressed by the government, the economic power structure and the media," he said.

"They have a policy of debunking UFO information, and making, kooks and fools out of anyone who believes it."

El-Legion believes that a spacecraft crashed in the South Mountain area about four months ago and that military personnel captured a live being and took it to a secret base in Nevada where two others have been kept alive for 10 years.

He also believes that some people have a genetic predisposition for extraterrestrial contact.

"It's vary difficult to explain, "he said, "There has been some interbreeding, but it's more a link from a different soul level, a transfer of energy. I'm not going to tell you in a brief interview that I'm an extraterrestrial. It's more complicated than that."

The seminar, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, costs $25 for one day, or $45 for both, including a vegetarian gourmet lunch. You can call 951-8848 for more information.

Any way you look at it, the seminar should be out of this world.
Couple claims government hides UFOs, aliens

By Ben Winton
Staff Writer

ET can't phone home: The government won't let him.

A firm believer in UFO's, Aurora El-Legion staunchly maintains the United States is involved in a massive cover-up, including any release of information on the crash of a UFO in Tempe's backyard.

"The government has a policy of keeping it under wrap," said the Scottsdale resident, who with her husband, Michael El-Legion, direct the Arizona and Hawaii chapters of the National Investigations Committee on UFOs.

They have devoted a lifetime to providing their point, along with a claim that extraterrestrial are preparing to intervene in world politics to prevent a nuclear war.

More down to earth, the couple has quick to say the government has in its possession UFOs that crashed, including the beings inside.

They want to educate the public on the alleged cover-up they say has lasted 30 years.

"Under the Reagan administration alone there's been 2,000 pages coming forth under the Freedom of Information Act admitting crashed UFO's with aliens aboard," said Aurora, who married Michael after hearing him lecture at Arizona State University in 1981.

"The cover-up has lasted for 30 years," she said.

In Tempe's backyard, a "huge" UFO with blinking turquoise lights crashed behind South Mountain a few months ago, she said. Thousands of people saw it, but a Phoenix television station carrying a news story was ordered by the government not to follow up on the matter, according to Aurora.

The alien object, carrying beings from outer space, purportedly exploded on impact, she recounted. No further publicity was given to the incident because the federal government intervened, she said.

The couple will present a seminar Saturday and Sunday. They say it will prepare people for contact with benevolent beings from outer space, who are concerned that a nuclear war will upset life on their own planets.

"I feel in the future we are going to have more contacts. Through the contacts that have taken place, they have told us they are going to have to openly intervene in our affairs. They will not allow nuclear destruction because it will effect the (gravitational fields) on other worlds," Aurora said.

Earthlings have been culturally quarantined"- forbidden to trade with beings from outer space- because of their tendency to go to war, she said. The extraterrestrial still fear nuclear holocaust, she said, because a planet allegedly between Jupiter and Mars "extinguished itself" 6,000 years ago, setting the example for what could happen.

The only thing left of that planet is a huge asteroid belt, of which samples were delivered to Earth by aliens in 1978 as proof, Aurora said.

This weekend's seminar at 7209 N. Via Nueva, Scottsdale, will focus on the alleged government cover-up, "Extraterrestrial have always monitored Earth. This is one of the few planets in the universe that has experienced suffering. That's why this planet's been under cultural quarantine because of the warlike nature of the people," Aurora said.

Cost of the two-day seminar is $45. For Information, telephone, 951-8848.





















Eaton to host UFO presentation tomorrow

Man claims an extra-terrestrial saved his life

By Margarita Martin-Hidalgo
Hurricane Staff Writer

Eaton and Stanford residential colleges are sponsoring a lecture on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and human-appearing extraterrestrials (ETs). The presentation, scheduled for Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Eaton's lobby, will be given by Michael and Aurora El-Legion, who claim they have had contact with ETs and have done extensive research on the matter.

Eaton resident assistants Keith Grazizdei, Hector Nalasco and Terri Phelan, who organized the event, said that they feel there is a recent interest in ETs and programs like Wednesday's lecture give students an opportunity to explorer the issue with experts in the field.

Michael said he has had many encounters with human-appearing ETs, including a visit aboard a spaceship, since his first experience at age 6 in California, when he "was drowning…and was saved by a human appearing ET." Aurora said her first ET encounter took place when she was 8 years old, and she too has had several more since then.

The El-Legions are the directors of the Extraterrestrial Communications Network, an organization that has approximately 63,000 members in 65 countries. "[We] gather information about UFOs from organizations and people around the world. [Our goal] is to make the public more aware that this reality does exist… that this is not an X-files thing… that it deserves serious attention and that the government give it serious attention," says Aurora.

The El-Legions have given lectures in the United States and abroad on UFOs and ETs. They have also appeared on numerous television and radio shows in the U.S., Canada and Great Britain. "In other countries, [The subject of UFOs and ET's] is treated vary seriously. It is only here [in the U.S.] where it is treated cheaply, "like tabloid stuff," said Aurora.

"A lot of what we are doing is to clear up misconceptions," said Michael, who added that the mainstream media focuses on the negative side of the subject, such as abductions, and does not address the positive aspects. Michael said that he has had positive experiences with human appearing ETs and described them as being beautiful, friendly and kind.

The El-Legions said there is plenty of evidence, documents, photographs and camera footage, that proving UFO's and ET's exist.

According to the El-Legions, the U.S. government, the U.S. Air Force Academy have done research on the matter and proved that UFOs and ET's exist. But, they don't want to finish the information to the public.

"The Air Force Cadet Manual, which is Introductory Space Science 370 and has been taught for over 20 years, explained that human appearing ET's had been coming to this planet for over 50,000 years," said Michael Ellegion.

During the lecture, the El-Legions will show UFO photographs computer analyzed by NASA.

The lecture "will help people better develop their own opinion about the existence of ETs," said senior Rachel Grigaliunas.