Michaels DVDs

50 Years of Contact with Human Appearing ETs - 102 min.

Michael explores the hidden history since the 1950's of suppressed information concerning Human-Appearing Extraterrestrials. In this one-of-a-kind fascinating PowerPoint presentation, Michael presents evidence supporting the reality of Human-Appearing Extraterrestrials not only contacting individuals on Earth throughout history, but walking the streets of Earth Today!
50 Years of ET Contact ($29.95) + Shipping

Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy - 90 min.

In this powerful experiential workshop, Michael will teach you the four principles of The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy that allows you to be a Clear Channel. Tools and techniques, such as Color Chakra Aligning & Balancing, Dietary info., along with many other insights will enable you to attune to the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy ($24.95) + Shipping

Who's Who in the Cosmic Directory - 90 min.

These beings, featured in this presentation, form the Spiritual Hierarchy and are known as the "Elohim" throughout the Bible and many ancient texts. These Higher Beings who form the Federation of Light are about to make more open contact with planet Earth.
Who's Who in the Cosmic Directory ($24.95) + Shipping

The Masters 3 DVD Set - 90 to 118 min.

In the The Divine Blueprint Series, this three volume set of inspirational, empowering channelings from Archangel Michael, Lord Ashtar and Saint Germain, Light Emissaries on Earth are assisted in clearing past karma and confusion, as they impart their timely relevant information.

Learn how to bring Divine Will into your life more fully, how to discern the difference and necessity of making clear "Judgment Calls." Humanity is now on the brink of a major evolutionary jump to transform individually and our society. This series is designed to put "Light on Your Path."
The Masters 3 DVD Set ($39.95) + Shipping

Archangel Michael - 90 min.

"The Difference Between Discernment and Judgement & Manifesting Greater Divine Will in One's Life."

In this part of The Divine Blueprint Series, the inspiring channeling of Archangel Michael assists in clearing up the apparent confusion about Discernment vs. Judgment. Learn the importance of "Intent and Motive" and how Light Emissaries can discern the difference. He explains the necessity of making "Judgment Calls" for the sake of your evolution and humanity. Discover the importance of taking a stand to protect those things that are truly Sacred. Empower yourself to bring "Divine Will" into your Life!
Archangel Michael ($19.95) + Shipping

Lord Ashtar - 118 min.

"Divine Intervention and the Activation of the Light Guardians."

In this part of The Divine Blueprint Series, the Channeling from the Spiritual Hierarchy, Lord Ashtar, who is in charge of the Ashtar Command, shares important insights about Higher human appearing Angelic Elohim Galactic Beings. These Beings have Divinely Intervened many times throughout Earth’s past and in the personal lives of the Volunteer souls who are here to uplift this planet. These volunteers have been referred to as – The Wanderers, Star People, Walk-Ins, Indigo and Crystal Children. Get the inside story and gain clearer understanding.

Find out how the Federation of Light dramatically "Intervened behind the scenes" on 9-11-01, the starting revelation concerning this event that contradicts the Official mass media and government version. Learn the plans of the Spiritual Hierarchy for World-wide Divine Intervention. A wake-up call in preparation for these upcoming dramatic events!
Lord Ashtar ($19.95) + Shipping

St. Germain - 90 min.

"Transmuting One’s Karmic Matrix–– Freedom and Abundance thru the Cosmic Law of Grace."

In this part of The Divine Blueprint Series, the Ascended Master St. Germain shares how he was instrumental in changing the "Original Karmic Law" requirements of souls incarnating upon Earth, allowing humanity to spiritually evolve much faster. Learn about the Universal Freedom Flame – the Violet Fire of Divine Transmutation to Earth. Discover how Lightworkers, through their "Future-Oversoul Higher Self" are freeing themselves and humanity from the old paradigms of the "Matrix of Illusion" preparing us for Earth's Golden Age.

St. Germain and fellow Earth Ascended Masters have been Honorary Members of the Ashtar Command and the Federation of Light who are assisting in bringing in the Golden Age.

St. Germain ($19.95) + Shipping

Arcturians Are Here - 64 min.

EJ Heaven is a modern Shaman and a Spiritual Photographer whose higher purpose is to reveal to the world that we are being visited by a Spiritually and Technologically Advanced "Extraterrestrial Civilization" known as the Arcturians.

This enlightening video documentary shows we are connected to the cosmos and have a higher spiritual purpose!

We are NOT alone!
Arcturians Are Here ($19.95) + Shipping