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Michael has had a fascinating and unique background, having been trained in the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling at a very young age. But even from the time of his birth, Michael was born without the "Cosmic Amnesia Veils" so he actually consciously remembers his soul’s Intergalactic origins. While growing up in southern California, he experienced a life-threatening emergency. During this life-changing event, Michael was physically beamed aboard a Higher Dimensional "Merkabah" Lightship, where he encountered very spiritually-evolved angelic, Elohim ETs. These benevolent human-appearing beings not only rescued him, but this experience verified his earlier memories--as well as how mass, planetary Divine Intervention is scheduled to occur at some point in the future.
In 1979, Michael again experienced another life threatening scenario, where he was once again, physically taken on board, where he had his DNA/RNA altered by these same human-appearing ETs to now do Transformational Channeling sessions for fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, otherwise referred to as Light Workers, Star People, Indigos, etc. For over 25 years, Michael has done many thousands of these life-transformational Channeling sessions, as well as conducting lectures, seminars and workshops on adult higher education throughout the USA at Colleges, Universities and bookstores. He’s a frequent guest on radio and television shows for many years. To find out more about his sessions, go to
, and to find out about his exciting new book, go to .

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Sep 12, 2011

"9-11 & Divine Intervention"

On the 10th anniversary of this false flag event of the cabal, Michael shares his insights about not only how this whole event was planned and orchestrated by the power elite, but how the Federation of Light had beamed up the majority of the people who were in the World Trade buildings right before they were brought down by the cabal. He also refers to the research of Dr. Judy Wood, which indicates that some kind of exotic weapons system was also used on 9-11 [by the cabal] to bring down the buildings.

Sep 05, 2011

"Real Truth about Hurricane Irene & East Coast Earthquake"

How both of these recent events were a creation of the cabal or power elite, in an attempt to destroy New York City by using HAARP to create & aim hurricane at New York City to destroy it, as well as the fact that they were secretly transporting a nuclear bomb through the "DUMB" or "Deep Underground Military Bases" & tunnels to use it in a false flag scenario.But the Federation of Light caused it to ignite destroying and damaging many of these “DUMB” underground tunnels & bases (which was falsely reported as the recent earthquake) Also, how the new Cosmic Energies of Joy & Ecstasy that are now flooding the Earth, is also helping to cause all of the cabal’s hidden plans & agendas to be Exposed and Transmuted.

Aug 29, 2010

"Issues About Smart Meter Technology"

Michael discusses issues about smart meter technology coming to a home near you!

Aug 6, 2011

"Pathways To Transformation"

Event: Michael shares about the "Pathways To Transformation", 15th Annual Holistic Health, Psychic & Crafts Fair that he is participating in this Sat. & Sun., Aug. 6th & 7th, at the Yachat Commons building, Yachat, Oregon. Michael is one of the featured speakers, which includes over 75 booths and 20 lecturers on various metaphysical & holistic topics. Michael is doing his "Cosmic Hors D' oeuves" telepathic 15 min. mini Channeled Readings for Light Workers & Star People while there, and is also setting up his much longer & more in-depth 90 min. Transformational Channeled Readings after the event. (Make sure to check the *"NASA Star People Characteristics **List"* at Michael's web site, see how many of these Traits you happen to have!). On Sun., Aug. 7th, at 12:00 Noon, Michael will be presenting a Special Presentation, *"Prepare For The Landings!...Are YOU Ready?! The Cover-up on Human Appearing ET's & more"* For more info. on Michael's event and the schedule & Topics of all the events being held, check out Also check out, for those wishing to also either download a E-Book version of "Prepare For The Landings!" or to order an autographed paperback copy of the book.

Jul 20, 2011

"More Divine Intervention Continues to Neutralize Dangers of Nuclear Power Plants"

Michael shares about many past examples of how the Federation of Light had Intervened behind the scenes to help Neutralize many nuclear power plant emergencies, just as he had been told by his space contacts that they would, with such examples as the Three Mile Island Incident, Chernobyl and the more recent Japan's Fukushima disaster. How each of these there was definitely Divine Intervention, that despite how bad most of them were, the truth was that they should have been many times worse if it was not for the Intervention from the Federation helping to lessen the total disaster that occurred.And more recently a UFO or rather a Light Ship was picked up on film of the sky near the Ft. Calhoun Nebraska nuclear power plant because of dangerous deteriorating conditions of this any many other U.S. nuclear power plants.This also verified what Michael was told many years ago of how the Federation has continued to Intervened to help neutralize these dangerous conditions, and how this is also another sign of the Federation getting ready to more openly Divinely Intervene on a mass level to stop this and any other form of power sources that are destructive to the Earth.

Jun 12, 2011

"Keeping Alert & Discerning against cabal's Human genocide & toxic Agendas"

Michael exposes just a few of the more recent (& desperate) attempts by the power elite to both kill and manipulate the masses through the recent deadly e coli scare, the truth of how severe the airport TSI "backscatter" x-ray machines really are, and the new toxic artificial sweetner Neotame, which was made by the company that first produced the deadly Nutrisweet/Aspartane/Equal product.

Jun 5, 2011

“Good Example of Disinformation: ‘Project Awaken Earth’ article”

Michael discusses this recent posting of information (“Project Awaken Earth”) at the “Awakening E-Zine” Website, by either a black op agent, or someone who was “mind controlled” programmed by black ops, or just someone “sincere & well meaning” but confused by ‘lower astral forces” masquerating as Higher Cosmic Forces of Light.  This Disinformation is obviously a desperate attempt to convince those who read it that mass planetary Divine Intervention by the Federation of Light is not ever going to happen, even if it was supposedly at one time planned.  In counter to this, Michael discusses the numerous and powerful Confirmations that he and many others have experienced that Verify upcoming mass planetary Divine Intervention & World Wide Evacuation by the Federation of Light is not only definitely going to occur, and is very imminent.

May 21, 2011

"Cosmic Events that Recently Occurred, which never happened before Helps Confirm that mass planetary Divine Intervention on Earth is Indeed Imminent"

Just as certain major, significant events that have recently occurred on an Earth level as were destined to occur, have Confirmed & Verified the Authenticity of the information in Michael's book, "Prepare For The Landings!"  (, so, too, there were significant events that were known for millions of years by the Elohim & E.T.'s that were prophesized to occur on the Intergalactic level that had to happen right before mass Planetary Divine Intervention by the Federation of Light could occur on Earth -- and those very specific things have just happened, which had never occurred before, in the history of the Universe.

May 15, 2011 "The REAL Facts About Osama Bin Laden's Death"

Michael talks about President Obama's cabal's Faked Birth Certificate, the real facts about Osama Bin Laden's death, and the Real Reasons that Donald Trump is running as the new Republican Presidential Candidate.  Michael shares many insights and facts about how these three events, which he  refers to as a "unholy trinity of events" by the cabal in their desperation to attempt to keep control over the masses by manipulating us into believing that things have occurred quite different than they actually are, and the greater need for us all to be more discerning and to use our Cognitive Deductive abilities to be able to see through all of this disinformation that they are attempting to push upon us all.

Apr 17, 2011

"Sasquatch and Spirituality"

Michael discusses Sasquatch and Spirituality, which also happens to be the title of Michael's special guest, Thomas Huge's Internet show, on Blog Talk Radio (  Thomas shares many fascinating and enlightening insights and personal experiences of telepathically communicating with and  physically & interdimensionally interacting with this very evolved Guardian of Earth, and the "Hairy Folk" or Bigfoot's role in the upcoming Earth changes of 2012 and beyond.

Apr 02, 2011

"Who's Who in the Cosmic Directory: Kadar Sutko"

Michael shares insights about another very fascinating Cosmic Being of Light known as Kadar Sutko, a Representative of the local "Solar Command", also known as the Saturn Tribunal Council, of the Ashtar Command & Federation of Light.  He represents the Saturn Tribunal Council in the Galactic Council and is known as "Keeper of the Cosmic Laws" for the Intergalactic Federation of Light.  Michael will discuss Sutko's role in helping to Oversee the "Cleansing of the Heavens", which is also referred to in the "Book of Revelation", of how the Heavens would be Cleansed, by the "Celestial Host" [Federation] of all negative-renegade forces (either negative reptilian & grey aliens ["fallen angels"], etc. or Earth based black op anti gravity ships of the cabal, which would, of course, attempt to interfere with the waves of Evacuation by the Federation, if they were not removed) right before mass planetary Divine Intervention (& World Wide Evacuation) could & will occur.  [Those wanting to find out more about the upcoming mass planetary Divine Intervention & World Evacuation by the Federation, after this present "End Times" Cleansing of the Heavens has become complete, check out "Prepare For The Landings - Are YOU Ready?" at

Mar 26, 2011

"ET Divine Intervention & Japanese Nuclear Reactor Disaster and other People's recent Confirmation about our book, 'Prepare For The Landings!'"

Michael shares about how the Federation of Light had definitely begun to Intervene behind the scenes before the start of the recent Japanese nuclear disaster, as well as helping to clear up from a specific documented source how the actual levels of radiation that was supposed to have come over to the U.S. really has not so far occured as has been falsely reported.  Michael also shares about recent e-mails from others, who had received their own confirmation (such as specific UFO sightings and prophetic dreams & E.T. communications) about the upcoming events as described in "Prepare For The Landings!" ( is definitely going to happen.

Jan 30, 2011

"Black Op Anti-Gravity Earth UFO Fleet Provides 'Air Cover & Support' for Cabal's False Flag Events"

Michael recently spoke to a woman who lives in the New Orleans area, who had some very interesting insights about what was happening right after the Hurricane Katrina disaster, of how she had watched space battles between Federation Light ships and those of the cabal, and how this was connected with this cabal created disaster. She had also taken film footage of ships flying around and had received telepathic communication  that was verifying the same things that Michael had been told by his own space contacts in the Federation of Light, and also how this was connected with the earlier 9-11 False Flag.

Jan 22, 2011

"Sasquatch's Inner Dimensional & Psychic Nature"

Michael shares insights and recent experiences he has had in the last couple months while visiting southern Oregon (while on his Book Signing & Workshop tour) with the illusive and fascinating creature known as Bigfoot.  From huge Bigfoot footprints appearing in the snow on multiple occasions that he observed and telepathic communications with Bigfoot, along with recent research and experiences with other researchers, have revealed some very enlightening insights about it’s existence.