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Michael has had a fascinating and unique background, having been trained in the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling at a very young age. But even from the time of his birth, Michael was born without the "Cosmic Amnesia Veils" so he actually consciously remembers his soul’s Intergalactic origins. While growing up in southern California, he experienced a life-threatening emergency. During this life-changing event, Michael was physically beamed aboard a Higher Dimensional "Merkabah" Lightship, where he encountered very spiritually-evolved angelic, Elohim ETs. These benevolent human-appearing beings not only rescued him, but this experience verified his earlier memories--as well as how mass, planetary Divine Intervention is scheduled to occur at some point in the future.
In 1979, Michael again experienced another life threatening scenario, where he was once again, physically taken on board, where he had his DNA/RNA altered by these same human-appearing ETs to now do Transformational Channeling sessions for fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, otherwise referred to as Light Workers, Star People, Indigos, etc. For over 25 years, Michael has done many thousands of these life-transformational Channeling sessions, as well as conducting lectures, seminars and workshops on adult higher education throughout the USA at Colleges, Universities and bookstores. He’s a frequent guest on radio and television shows for many years. To find out more about his sessions, go to
, and to find out about his exciting new book, go to .

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Oct 23, 2010

"Lord Sanut Kumara"

Michael shares his insights about "Lord Sanut Kumara," another of the many Beings of Light in his "Who’s Who In the Cosmic Directory" series (who is also one of the Beings featured in the 90 min. power point DVD, of the same title, at Lord Sanut Kumara is the Spiritual Leader of the planet Venus on a Higher Dimension, and was the Being who sent out the original "Great Clarion Call" many millions of years ago that caused the first 144,000 Volunteer souls from all over the Universe to take Earth embodiment to help the Laggard souls to evolve and eventually Graduate off the Wheel of Karma.

Oct 16, 2010

"Exposing Environmental Organizations Cover-Up of Chemtrails & HAARP"

For many years since the beginning of the Chemtrail aerosol petrochemical spraying program and the use of the HAARP technologies were first started in the late ‘80’s until now, Michael has observed how the more well known or prominate “environmental" organizations have done absolutely nothing to investigate and help expose these two most critical and important environmental challenges we as a planet have ever had to face.  Michael feels that it is very important, for ACCOUNTABILITY REASONS, to challenge those organizations who present themselves as [SUPPOSEDLY] being “on the cutting edge” of the most important environmental issues of our times, and they have not once, in all these years since these two realities first started ever investigated these two most important concerns.  This extreme contradiction indicates the obvious agenda that these organizations are involved in, of not only helping to suppress any information about Chemtrails & HAARP, but are used as a scam to get donations from naive and unsuspecting people.

Oct 9, 2010

"The Negative Alien Invasion False Flag Agenda"

This is part of the power elite’s desperate plan to attempt to fool the masses of Earth’s humanity with a faked staged “cosmic deception” negative alien invasion using their fleet of earth black op anti gravity craft.  From Dr. Michio Kaku’s most recent Sci Fi “Physics of the Impossible” science television show in which the theme of this particular show was about how to specifically scientifically “Protect the Earth from eventual alien invaders”, to how famous German rocket scientist Warner Von Braun warmed his assistant Carol Rosen about how he personally knew how the power elite planned to stage an alien invasion in the future, and how even President Reagan intimated about this from his earlier speeches before the United nations & Congress.  Michael will also share a recent letter compiled by Dr. Steven Greer, who helped originally initiate UFO & ET Disclosure, which powerfully summarizes this plan in detail from military Whistle blowers, and how we the citizens of Earth need to come together and help expose this very agenda before it can be manifested.

Oct 2, 2010

"Recent Suppressed S.E.T.I. & NASA Sightings of Giant Spaceships Heading Toward Earth & Retired Military Personnel sharing at National Press Club about UFO’s Shutting Down Nuclear Missiles"

A recent report that was aired on the “Controversial News” alternative news program, which reports news stories that are normally suppressed by the corporate controlled mainstream media, detailed how a UFO & paranormal investigator has uncovered about how SETI, otherwise known as Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence was very recently, secretly canceled by the government, and taken over by covert black-ops because of what SETI discovered that threatens the cabal or power elite, and these findings correlate and confirm what NASA had already discovered as well in recent years as 2012 rapidly approaches.  These findings also confirm what Michael had been told about by his own ET contacts from the Federation of Light.  And this recent Monday’s (Sept. 27th) public discloser presentation at the Washington D.C. National Press Club, of many retired military personnel sharing about how UFO’s came down and hovered over the military bases that they were stationed at back in the ‘60’s, also verifies what Lord Ashtar had shared with Michael back in the early ‘60’s, after he had first manifested in the etheric before Michael when he was nine years old while he was watching President Kennedy’s News Conference on the Cuban Missile Crises, and told Michael that the Federation of Light would not allow a nuclear war, and had already and would be over the coming years, hovering over key nuclear missile military bases and would be shutting down at times the nuclear missiles as a “benevolent show of force” and as a sign to “get the military’s attention” about the seriousness of having such destructive weapons” and this would eventually result in all nuclear weapons one day being made obsolete.

Sep 25, 2010


"The Suppressed Ancient History of Mankind’s Origin’s on Earth By the Annunaki E.T’s"

Michael's special guest today on The COSMIC CONNECTION is author, Michael Tellinger.

Michael will be discussing how over the last 35 years a new body of documented evidence has been emerging that contradicts everything that conventional historians have taught in traditional schools and universities, as well as by most conventional religions, about Earth’s ancient past and how the human race first appeared. The information that has been emerging from the Sumerian Tablets is so compelling and historically accurate, that it forces one to reconsider all that has been believed about the origins of the species. For those wanting to find out more information on Michael Tellinger’s fascinating & thought provoking research, go to:

Sep 18, 2010

"Disinformation-Spin Doctors Within the UFO Community Posing as so-called ‘Professional UFO Investigators & How they have Infiltrated and/or Influenced Well Known UFO organizations"

Some of these individuals that he will be focusing on are: James Carrion, who for a short while was MUFON’s  International Director & who was involved in a shoddy & unprofessional so-called “UFO investigation” of authentic mass UFO sightings in Mexico;  Walt Andrus, the former Head of MUFON; Jerome Clark, who worked for FATE magazine; Bud Hopkins and various other so-called “alien abduction phenomena researchers”; just to name a few of those who have shown that they are definitely a part of an agenda to both manipulate and suppress information if it threatens their & the cabal;’s agenda and especially if it exposes the “Cover-up on human appearing ET’s.”.  Having been both  a “UFO Researcher & a “Contactee” for benevolent human appearing Elohim E.T.’s who are members of the Intergalactic Federation, has given Michael a very unique and well balanced perspective regarding the reality of Extraterrestrial contact.  Unique, because as a young child, he had very dramatic and life changing experiences of these very spiritually & technologically evolved Beings personally Divinely Intervening and saving his life, and then as he got older, he began to research the whole subject of UFO’s and & ET contact.  As he delved into this fascinating field, along with help and Guidance from his own “space contacts”, he began to uncover what he termed the “cover-up within the cover-up”.  Of how so many of those who refer to themselves as “professional UFO investigators” have been involved in an agenda to always ridicule and suppress any  ET & UFO encounters which were beautiful contacts with benevolent human appearing ET’s--as well as always debunking these contact reports and of accusing witnesses photographs, if those photos were of craft that were photographed up close to the camera, as merely being “hoaxes”.  But these same so-called “professional UFO investigators”, if the UFO sighting was observed and photographed far away in the sky and not hovering close or interacting with the witness or contactee, as an “authentic UFO sighting & photo” and this usually appeared to be when it was far enough away to be described as just some “mysterious, unexplained Light in the night sky”. And yet these same so-called “professional UFO investigator” would usually accept abductee’s claims of their terrifying & negative encounters with the grey aliens.  But as stated, if the UFO report & photos & other evidence revolved around the many reported benevolent encounters, these reports were always debunked, ridiculed and suppressed--despite all of the evidence that existed to the contrary.  Having observed this same outcome depending on the type of encounter and whether the sighting and interaction with the beings was either obviously positive (& Empowering & uplifting)--or whether it was a typical negative & terrifying (& dis-empowering) abduction, has always determined whether these so-called “professional UFO investigator would accept or debunk the UFO & ET case, rather than the evidence existing because of it.  And in fact, this kind of obvious bias and shoddy so-called “investigation” by these individuals if they were involved in a Criminal investigation, and they used this same bias & unprofessional tactics, their so-called conclusions would definitely never stand up in a court of law!

This agenda was so obvious, to anyone with even a “fifth grade education” when the Billy Meiers "Contact From the Pleiadies” case was verified by  Lt. Col. Wendelle Stevens and Jim Delitoso, computer UFO photo analysis expert.  But MUFON and most of the prominate UFO investigators attempted to debunk this extremely well documented UFO contact case because of it being a contact with benevolent human appearing ET’s.  Even though the numerous photos & 8 mm film footage taken by contactee Billy Meiers were computer analyzed and authenticated using top NASA equipment, and Marcel Vogel at IBM Research Laboratories analyzed the “ET crystal-metal” samples that Meier’s Pleiadian contacts had given him to prove contact, and Vogel definitely verified that these samples were impossible to have been created on Earth.  Despite these types of documenting evidence, MUFON and most of the well known “professional UFO investigators” all debunked this case and accused Meier of being “just another UFO Hoaxer”.   And it was Michael’s opinion, had this UFO case been an abduction with grey aliens with the same kind of evidence, that they would have instead been “yelling from the rooftops” to promote this UFO case.

Sep 11, 2010

"Recent Crashed UFO Near Fresno, CA and How Many More of these Earth Black Op Antigravity Craft Will Be Crashing In the Future"

Michael recently received a Channeling-Transmission from Lord Ashtar on Aug. 29th (which is posted in the “Channeled Material” section at regarding what actually occurred, with one of the cabal’s black op antigravity ships malfunctioning because of the new, more powerful Cosmic Frequencies now sweeping over the planet, and how this incident was caused by these Higher Energies to be observed and reported by civilian witnesses.  As he will discuss on the show, these type of events are to become more common, that these earth cabal ships will end up crashing more and more as we approach 2012.  Also how the crews aboard these craft, as they are ordered to fire on Federation Light ships, the cabal ships always end up disintegrating from this “Cleansing of the Heavens”.  How these crews, just as Air Force pilots with the more traditional Military in past decades were always beamed off of their crashing jets when they were ordered by their C.O. to chase and attack the UFO’s back in earlier decades.  Well now with these recent “engagements”, these Earth UFO crews are also rescued and taken on board the Merkabah Light Ships and willingly become members of the Federation.

Sep 4, 2010

"Recent Revelations Documenting & Exposing Satanic Network, Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia & Child Trafficking by Power Elite"

One of the most heinous & vile planetary wounds of Mother Earth--which must be fully exposed and ended now--is how the cabal has used kidnapped children in satanic rituals and all of the activities that are part of these evil crimes against humanity  Even though this is a very uncomfortable subject to speak about, Michael feels that it is important that we Light Workers and Volunteers in Earth embodiment are here from more advanced worlds to specifically expose and end any and all evil activities that have kept the cabal in power over humanity.  Kathy Obrien & Mark Phillips first published their very powerful controversial and revealing eye-opening book, “Transformation of America” back in the late ‘80’s that effectively exposed and documented these same evil abuses, and which have been exposed in even more detail since then,  and now much more recently by the research of Dr. Leonard Horowitz & Sherri Kane.  Recent manifestations of new Cosmic Energies of Accountability now sweeping Mother Earth is forcing these facts to be much more revealed in order to end these things once and for all.  It is also important, no matter how uncomfortable certain subjects are such as this one, to be willing to help speed up this process of exposing, documenting and ending such activities, with the help of the Higher Cosmic Forces of light, and how the Golden Age of Peace and Paradise cannot manifest until these activities are fully dealt with and ended and never allowed to ever occur ever again.   We are very powerful beings of Light, and as compassionate Guardians of Light, we must “Rise to the occasion” and make sure that any and all crimes against humanity are ended and those responsible be forced to be accountable so that history will never be allowed to repeat itself ever again.

Aug 28, 2010

"Vibrational-Consciousness & Toxic Affects of Consuming & Using Coffee, Fluoride, Pork, GMO’s, chemical sweeteners & artificial additives in our foods, Pharmaceutical Drugs & Vaccinations, and other Substances"

Every now and then, it is good to be reminded and/or enlightened, as Light Workers or Volunteers in Earth embodiment, and to be able to really affectively fulfill our Missions for being here to Liberate Mother Earth and to be able to allow ourselves to experience our  Spiritual Ascension of being physically beamed aboard the Federation Merkabah Light Ships when mass planetary Divine Intervention does take place soon.   That our physical bodies should be treated as a beautiful “Temple” while we are here as “Light Guardians”, rather than as a “cess pool” where one can dump anything one wants without experiencing the consequences, rather subtle or more obvious.  And about the many negative affects upon not only our consciousness, but our physical as well as our emotional health and well being when one consumes or uses certain substances.  Michael has received much insightful information through the years about why it is important to avoid the use of these substances, as far as how they affect our “body, mind, emotional and spirit integration” and how they tend to lower and weaken both our Immune system as well as our consciousness, and how many of these substances were actually first brought to Earth or created by the “draconians” in ancient times for control, manipulation and enslavement, as well as how useful they have been in modern times as part of the cabal’s or power elite’s global electronic mind control and their human genocide agenda.  Very enlightening and Empowering information to also share with as many other fellow Light workers who may be presently unaware or ignorant of these affects, and the need to more powerfully raise our personal and collective frequencies as we gear up for mass planetary Divine Intervention.

Aug 21, 2010

"ECETI Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence"

Michael’s returning special guest is James Gilliland.

James's organization and mission has been in the process of helping to connect Earth’s humanity with the higher teachings of the Ascended Masters and benevolent Extraterrestrials.  James’ property,  ECETI Ranch, is a hotbed of UFO activity and is open to the public with prior notice.  After a Near Death Experience in 1979, James returned with what he refers to as Interdimensional Mind—the ability to move beyond the body and the personality into other planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. This includes the ability to experience different time lines and future probabilities. James is dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth as well as researching and ushering in new healing and Earth friendly energy technologies.  James and his "UFO Ranch" have been featured on Coast to Coast AM and television shows on the History Channel, Fox, BBS Television, and shows such as Paranormal State. James is the author of Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods 2, The Ultimate Soul Journey, and is featured in his DVD Contact Has Begun. ECETI Ranch is located in Trout Lake, Washington.

Aug 14, 2010

"Recent Desperate Attempts By illuminati Disinformation Agents Against Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane because of their powerful Exposing of Their Human Genocide Conspiracy"

Michael returning special guests are Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane.

Michael has experienced first hand the attempts by the cabal or power elite to interfere with his own expos'e of their plans and hidden agenda for world control and genocide and understands how those who do sincerely, powerfully and effectively exposes these plans and agendas, will become targeted for their efforts.   So, too, Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane will share a very powerful story of their recent experiences of the power elite specifically targeting them for their work of very effectively exposing and documenting the facts of these plans (such as the H1N1 Vaccination Scam and the Gulf Oil Disaster) as few others have been able to do.  And because of this, how some of those individuals who have been thought of as being sincere [up until now!!!!] at helping to expose the real details of these same hidden agendas and plans of the illuminati--such as Benjamin Fulford, Alex Jones--just to name a couple--have turned against Dr. Horowitz and appear to be in some way, now actually aligned with the illuminati.  This show shall ne quite an “eye-opener” about the REAL intent of people like Benjamin Fulford and Alex Jones, and the need for all of us to quickly develop powerful Discernment and “Cognitive Deductive Reasoning” in order to truly see through those who pretend to be “exposing the Truth”, verses those like Dr. Horowitz & Ms. Kane and myself, who have experienced all kinds of interference from these desperate forces of the cabal now beginning to loose all the control and power that they have had up until now.  And please send both Dr. Horowitz and Ms. Kane your Light and support for their continuing dedication and courage at fulfilling their very important Mission of exposing these planetary wounds of Mother Earth, and Call upon the HIgher Cosmic Forces of Light to help continue to “Overshadow, Protect and Guide” them.

Aug 7, 2010 “Who’s Who In the Cosmic Directory - Lady Clarion”

Just as there are many very well known Lords and “male” Commanders who are key members of the Spiritual Hierarchy & Federation of Light, so, too, there are just as many well known female Ladies, Commandresses and Goddesses who also hold key positions and Responsibilities as well. Lady Clarion is also the Spiritual Leader of the Higher Dimensional Clarion star system. This was where the original “Great Clarion Call” was sent out across the Universe that summoned the original 144,000 Volunteers to take Earth embodiment millions of years ago.  The Clarion system is where some off the more advanced Elohim Healing Technologies have been developed that have been shared with planet Earth and many other worlds, and where many of the great “Cosmic Physicians of Light” such as Zoser who are key members of the “Knights of the Solar Cross” also originated from.  (This show, as with all “Cosmic Connection” shows are also archived for your listening convenience later.)

Jul 31, 2010 "Recent Behind-the Scenes Divine Intervention In the Gulf Oil Disaster by the Federation of Light"

Michael shares about recent news reports of how much of the oil that was originally observed in the Gulf area has actually, “strangely” disappeared.  Michael was initially skeptical about these reports, but then He received a strong telepathic confirmation from Lord Ashtar that the Federation of Light has indeed removed much of the excess oil and chemical dispersants to help humanity from being so intensely poisoned from this disaster on a mass scale.  Of the very critical need for Earth’s humanity to now take much more personal responsibility and to immediately demand an end of our oil dependancy and the declassification of the “hyperdimensional” technologies so that no more of these disasters will be allowed to occur in the future, and this will allow the Federation of Light to then more openly to totally clean up all the rest of the oil and toxic conditions still existing in the Gulf area.

Jul 24, 2010 "Are you on a 2012-13 positive future timeline? Or are you on a 2012-13 catastrophic timeline?"

This was also the title of a recent article published by, that was presenting evidence that showed how based upon our consciousness, we are all creating which exact timeline is going to manifest in the 2012-13 period coming up, or how there could be two distinctly different, but parallel timelines, with one manifesting horrendous ongoing disasters, while the other is one of a very smooth transition into a Higher 5th Dimensional paradise planet.  Michael has also received strong guidance in recent years that there is a group of those of us Light Workers or Volunteers in Earth embodiment from the Federation of Light, whose “future Oversoul selves, as in a type of Higher Elohim Consciousness Time Travel, have merged from the future into this past/present time line” and are actually altering the original timeline into an intirely different outcome, which is now changing everything into a much better future for those who are attuned to the Light. There is also evidence that has recently been discovered archeologically, that as the present and future are being altered, that the past history of Earth has also been drastically altered as well.  (This show, as with all “Cosmic Connection” shows, is archived for your listening convenience later.)

Jul 17, 2010

"Documented Facts Behind the Cabal’s Recent False Flag Gulf Oil Disaster"

Michael’s special guests will be Dr. Leonard Horowitz & Sherry Kane.

Through their very recent and important research they have thoroughly documented and powerfully exposed in detail which members of the cabal or power elite, have been doing behind the scenes, to create this more recent, in a long series, of “false flag” events.  Yes,, the “usual cast of suspects”, who were involved in everything from the false flag of 9-11, the New Orleans & hurricane Katrina disaster, the H1N1 swine flu scam last year, and now these same corrupt, evil power elite planned and created their more recent “false flag” of this gulf oil disaster, of using it to create vast amounts of wealth off of the suffering of humanity, all forms of life and of Mother Earth, herself.  Dr. Leonard Horowitz & Sherry Kane, as does Michael, passionately feels, that It is truly time to end the reign of these immoral and evil entities that thrive on the suffering and control of others.

Jul 10, 2010

"Confirmations of Present and Upcoming More Open Divine intervention in the Gulf Oil Disaster"

From the very beginning of the Gulf Oil Disaster, as it was with the “false flag” 9-11 disaster event of Sept. 11, 2001, Michael had received strong telepathic confirmation from the Federation of Light, that in both instances, they had a Light Ship hovering overhead during each of these disasters, and in both cases, had Intervened “behind the scenes.”  On the day that 9-11 happened, Lord Ashtar had specifically communicated to Michael that he would discover “photographic evidence” to verify that a Light Ship had indeed been overhead, which did, in fact occur, as well as verifying that this earlier event had been created by the cabal or power elite, rather than “Middle Eastern terrorists”.  In this more recent Gulf Oil disaster, Michael had received a strong telepathic image & message that a Federation Light Ship was hovering right over the oil rig when it blew up and of possible Divine Intervention of the men who are officially reported through corporate controlled mainstream media, to have supposedly died in the explosion, may have instead (as in 9-11, when the Light ship beamed up most everyone out of the Twin Towers before they collapsed), that  they were also beamed aboard a split second before the oil rig explosion.  He had specifically received the telepathic impression at that moment, that if this was true, to confirm this, as with the earlier events of 9-11, he would also later see some kind of “photographic evidence” that a ship was indeed hovering overhead--this, in fact occurred, as documented in a recent You Tube video, which also showed a couple of “purple Light beams” projecting down into the oil rig.  Michael will also share about some recent “spiritual visions” that many young “indigo & crystal children” have been receiving all over the world that also confirms more open Divine Intervention in this situation, as well as upcoming mass planetary Divine Intervention and World Wide Evacuation.

Jul 03, 2010 “The Dynamics of the New Incoming Cosmic Frequencies--and their Affects”  

Michael has shared briefly in a few past shows about the fact that planet Earth has recently begun to be bombarded with new and very powerful Cosmic Energies that have never existed on this planet or even in the Universe before, and that this is also bringing changes on all levels of existence that have never occurred before as well.  In today’s Cosmic Connection show, Michael specifically goes much more in-depth about what many of these changes and affects will be.  These include much greater Accountability and Integrity in all areas of our lives, which also includes everything from the ending of old negative, personal family & karmic relationships, to our “relationship” with/to the bureaucrats and the power elite who have controlled this planet up until now and have oppressed the people.  How not only these more personal negative karmic relationships which have been oppressive and restrictive will be ending and a newer, more beautiful, harmonious and fulfilling personal relationships will manifest for those of us really attuned to these Higher Cosmic Frequencies.  But also how those who have politically and economically misused their power (the cabal) will loose their control over humanity and we will not only manifest leaders who truly respect our freedom and sovereignty, but that this will then set the stage for upcoming mass planetary Divine Intervention.

Jun 19, 2010

"Revealing & Suppressed Insights about the Gulf Oil Disaster"

While this is definitely an awesome opportunity for humanity to force proper and full Disclosure of Suppressed Technologies, which could not only help to quickly end and clean up this horrendous situation, as well as allow Earth’s humanity to become “energy emancipated” from having to be dependent upon oil and other more conventional forms of power, Michael exposes how disinformation is already being generated by the cabal to make it appear that if there is so-called “intervention” by forces off the planet to help us solve and clean up this oil disaster that it would be renegade aliens such as the “greys, hybrids and reptillians” as verses the fact that true planetary Divine Intervention will ultimately occur by the more evolved angelic human appearing Elohim & the Federation of Light.  Michael also exposes more in-depth about how this disaster, just as the “false flag” of 9-11, was also planned and orchestrated by the cabal or criminal power elite, to not only make vast amounts of profit off of this, and to also depopulate humanity, as well as stop any positive ET disclosure.  As quoted from a recent article & e-mail: ‘A pattern of evidence from independent investigative reporters (Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane) is emerging to suggest that the BP oil “spill” in the Gulf of Mexico’ was ‘an intentional “false flag” event in the genre of disaster capitalism, with the “environmental war” purpose of wrecking the environment of the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern United States and causing economic and social hardship to the population, and possible physical evacuation into FEMA camps operated by Halliburton on behalf of an international war crimes network.  Halliburton is, by the emerging evidence, itself a prime suspect in the false flag operation.  Key principals who, by preliminary evidence, to be tied to criminal acts associated with insider profiting on the BP oil “spill” operation and with acts of pre-meditated sabotage or criminal negligence that initially caused the oil spill and exacerbated its environmental, economic and social effects, have been tied to previous “false flag” events of disaster capitalism and are operatives of this international war crimes racketeering network’.  On a much more positive note, as with his Cosmic Connection  show from June 5th, Michael emphasizes how important it is for Earth’s humanity, and especially we Light Workers or Volunteers in Earth embodiment, as based partly upon a recent Channeling-Transmission he received from Lord Ashtar (which is posted in the “Channeled Material” section of, for as many of us on Earth as possible, to immediately, right now “Officially Cosmically Petition” (sincerely and powerfully ask, pray, Decree and Invoke) that the Federation of Light, through what has been termed “Required Intergalactic Protocol Procedures”, which allows for these Higher Cosmic Forces of Light to more overtly manifest their presence in open Guardian Action in their Merkabah Light Ships and with their Higher Consciousness Elohim Technologies, can very quickly and effectively end this disaster before it gets much worse.

Jun 12, 2010

"Who's Who In the Cosmic Directory--Commander Soltec"

Michael shares insights about “Commander Soltec”, another of the many fascinating Beings of Light in his continuing “Who’s Who In the Cosmic Directory” series.  Soltec is the “Cosmic Son” of Lord Monka (another Being that was covered in an earlier “Cosmic Connection” show) and is an “Intergalactic Astrophysicist” from Arcturas & Alpha Centari.  Among many of Soltec’s contributions to helping raise the frequency level of planet Earth, was the discovery of the lack or low level of certain life giving & “consciousness raising” life force elements and substances, such as that referred to as Xenon (pronounced “zenon”) gas.  Soltec was also the physical contact for the famous ‘50’s Earth contactee & Channel Richard Miller, who formed the “Solar Cross Foundation”.  Miller also published in printed form, many of his original Direct-Voice Channelings from the Space Brothers from his “Galaxy” set of tapes, in a book, titled “Star Wards” (which has been out ot print for many years).  Soltec, along with Lord Ashtar recently channeled through Michael in a very important Channeling-Transmission regarding the “Return of Wormwood & World Wide Evacuation”. This Channeling is both posted in the “Channeled Material” section of, and has also been added to the newer, updated 2nd edition of Michael’s book, “Prepare For The Landings!” (go to, to either download this new version in E-Book form or to order paperback copies of this exciting book).

Jun 5, 2010

"Bio-Environmental Terrorism, Planetary Holocaust in the Gulf by the Cabal & Petitioning the Federation of Light for Divine Intervention"

Earlier this week, Michael received a very powerful Channeling-Transmission from Lord Ashtar about this horrendous oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico (This Channeling is now posted in the "Channeled Material" section of This recent communication from Ashtar and the Federation of Light has made it very clear of the need to not only end our dependancy on "Mother Earth's Life Blood" (oil) but also as described in the Channeling, that while on most levels this disaster was, as Ashtar stated, "business as usual", of the continuing greedy control and exploitation of the Earth's natural resources, along with not following the required "safety guidelines and cautionary regulations."  But on another level, there was indeed sabotage by the cabal or power elite, that helped this disaster occur.  As the communication very passionately and strongly urged for all, as many of us on Earth as possible, to immediately, right now "Officially Cosmically Petition" (sincerely and powerfully ask, pray, Decree and Invoke) that the Federation of Light, through what has been termed "Required Intergalactic Protocol Procedures," which allows for these Higher Cosmic Forces of Light to more overtly manifest their presence in open Guardian Action in their Merkabah Light Ships and with their Higher Consciousness Elohim Technologies, can very quickly and effectively end this disaster before it gets much worse.

May 29, 2010 "Who's Who In the Cosmic Directory: Commander Ballerian" 

Michael shares insights about another very fascinating Cosmic Being of Light in his continuing series of the “Who’s Who In the Cosmic Directory".  At this last Wed. night (May 26th) “Launching Pad” Metaphysical Meetings here in Sedona, AZ, on May 26th, Michael Channeled Commander Ballerian, who spoke about “Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies”.  Because of the fascinating nature of what Ballerian was speaking on, as well as who Ballerian is and what some of his many duties and abilities are, Michael wanted to explore more in-depth about his Background as a key member of the Federation of Light  and “Space Ship Designer”, as well as some of his previous and present important contributions to furthering the advancement of other “Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies” which will soon see applications being used when mass planetary Divine Intervention & world wide Evacuation occurs within the next few years.

May 22, 2010 "Recent Psych-ops (Disinformation) about Past 1952 UFO Fly over of U.S. White House and other UFO Events" 

According to Michael, in a recent posting from, there is now a desperate attempt by the cabal or military-industrial complex, through a UFO abductee named Will Allen, to put out disinformation about a very famous mass UFO fly over of Washington D.C. on July 19th & 26th, 1952.  Michael, who as a contactee & channel for the Ashtar Command & Federation of Light, was told by Lord Ashtar many years ago that it was definitely the Ashtar Command’s Federation Merkabah Light Ships that put on that benevolent show of force in Guardian Action for the Earth officials--and definitely NOT any of those grey aliens.  These alien renegades were not members of the Federation because of their policy of abducting Earth humans against their free will (otherwise referred to as a “Cosmic Civil Rights Violation Case”).  But according to this new disinformation & propaganda being given out by grey alien abductee Will Allen, this famous fly over was really by the greys & “human alien hybrids.”  Michael examines how this new disinformation is just another desperate attempt by the power elite--one of many more yet to occur--in their desperation to hold onto their power through F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real!).  They continue to attempt to suppress any reference to the benevolent, beautiful and more evolved human appearing Elohim ET’s of the Federation of Light, while they use their “Cosmic Manchurian Candidate” psych-op agents like Will Allen (who appears to really, consciously, believe his story), with black op inserted “false memories” to propagandize the Greys.  Not only that they were responsible for past historical events (in other words taking credit for) what the Federation of Light did, and also as a way to attempt for a possible propagandizing for a cabal “false flag alien invasion” scenario to fool the masses about the fact that right now the Federation of Light, otherwise also referred to as the “Celestial Host” is also “Cleansing the Heavens” of any renegade alien forces (as well as any of the black op antigravity cabal UFO fleet) who would interfere with the upcoming mass planetary Divine Intervention (which Michael has described in detail in his book “Prepare For The Landings!”--go to

May 15, 2010 "Prepare For The Landings!....Are YOU Ready?" 

Michael discusses his & Aurora Light's book, “Prepare For The Landings!....Are YOU Ready?” (go to He has just completed the newer, updated 2nd edition of this exciting book that was first published last year.  It truly does, in a very powerful way, Prepares Earth’s humanity for what he terms a “Cosmic Done-Deal” and “Sacred Promise” that mass planetary Divine Intervention & World Wide Evacuation by the Federation of Light is not only getting more imminent, but is definitely Divinely Destined by God and the Spiritual Hierarchy to occur, most likely within the next few years, and possibly as early as 2012.  This book describes in detail what our “Friends Upstairs” or “Cosmic Extended Family” will be doing once mass planetary Divine Intervention is officially “Activated”. How it was always the Destiny of those of us who are Volunteers in Earth embodiment from the Higher Realms to be physically lifted back up for some “Cosmic R. & R.” and to help all the rest of humanity who are ready to Graduate, make their Ascension with the rest of us, off the old Wheel of karma.  As Michael has described much more in-depth in his book, he shares one of many very powerful Confirmations of this upcoming event, that these confirmations also verified his conscious memories when he was a part of the Higher Galactic Councils of Light prior to taking Earth embodiment.  He vivdly remembers being part of very important discussions there about this very plan of planetary Divine Intervention, and how once he had taken incarnation one more time, that these very things would occur as a final verification--and they all have occurred as was planned and prophesied.  So “Prepare For The Landings!”....and until they do make their mass appearance, get a copy of this awesome book--and “Keep Your Eyes On the Skies!” (This show, as with all past “Cosmic Connection” shows, is archived for your listening convenience later) .

May 8, 2010 "Stephen Hawking’s Recent ‘psych-op'  Statements About Extraterrestrials (& Time Travel Technology"

According to researchers connected with Exopolitics, Professor Steve Hawking appears to be part of a psych-ops or negative disinformation agenda, to attempt to get public support for not only furthering the cabal’s agenda of placing weapons in space, but also to attempt to make it appear that if any ET’s are visiting  Earth that they are here only to invade Earth and are only interested in taking all the natural resources of this planet rather than for benevolent Higher purposes. Also Mr. Hawkings statements regarding time travel technologies also appear somewhat contradictory, since according to Michael, Mr. Hawking actually knows about some of the real time travel technology that was used in “Project Pegasus” and “Montauk”, or as Exopolitics put it, “Why is Hawking affirming time travel theory and appearing ignorant of DARPA secret time travel technology?”  Michael will analyze Hawking’s recent statements, based also upon other things that he has heard regarding Stephen Hawking’s connection with the power elite and how he is merely a puppet for their agenda for more control  and suppression of Truth.

May 1, 2010 "ECETI"

Michael’s special guest is James Gilliland, discussing his awesome experiences with very advanced human appearing E.T.’s, as well as being the Director of “ECETI Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence”. His organization and mission has been in the process of helping to connect Earth’s humanity with the higher teachings of the Ascended Masters and benevolent Extraterrestrials.  James’ property,  ECETI Ranch, is a hotbed of UFO activity and is open to the public with prior notice. 

After a Near Death Experience in 1979, James returned with what he refers to as Interdimensional Mind—the ability to move beyond the body and the personality into other planes and dimensions throughout the multiverse. This includes the ability to experience different time lines and future probabilities. James is dedicated to the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth as well as researching and ushering in new healing and Earth friendly energy technologies. 

James and his "UFO Ranch" have been featured on Coast to Coast AM and television shows on the History Channel, Fox, BBS Television, and shows such as Paranormal State. James is the author of Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods 2, The Ultimate Soul Journey, and is featured in his DVD Contact Has Begun. ECETI Ranch is located in Trout Lake, Washington.  For more info., go to:

Recently, Michael was interviewed by James on his own internet radio show, which will be airing on the World Puja Network, at, on May 4th.

Apr 24, 2010 "9-11: False Flag, Divine Intervention, Planetary Wake-up Call & Time Travel Technology Documented 9-11 years before it occurred"

According to Michael, all four of these aspects or Dynamics occurred when the Twin Towers came down on Sept. 11, 2001. Michael’s returning special guest, Andrew Basiago, who was part of the classified black op “Project Pegasus” will be sharing the fact that the events of 9-11 as well as other future historical events were actually video taped and documented many years before they occurred. Michael will also share how on the day that 9-11 occurred, he was told by the Federation of Light that they had Divinely Intervened behind the scenes and actually beamed up a majority of the people from the twin towers moments before they were brought down by the cabal, and how this whole event was definitely a staged “false flag” event by the cabal or power elite, but it still was allowed to occur as a powerful planetary wake-up call for greater Accountability.

Apr 17, 2010 "Lord Lanto--Who's Who In the Cosmic Directory"

Michael shares insights about: Lord Lanto  Just as the ‘black ops’ of the cabal/illuminati/industrial military complex have been using technologies to attempt to control and manipulate Earth’s humanity, Lanto is one of the many “White Ops” of the Federation of Light/Spiritual Hierarchy, who is using much more advanced Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies to not only neutralize and counteract these negative technologies, but to also help Earth as it completes it’s planetary ascension.  Lanto, who has been helping to manifest a new future “Time Line”  which is altering the outcome of Earth’s future for the better, was also involved in what Michael refers to as the “Atlantean Montauk/Project Pegasus” in which the ‘black op’ priest-scientists of that era also developed and used time travel technology.  Lanto also has the ability, as Michael has personally experienced, to Overshadow fellow Light workers, when one needs more time to “speed up or slow down time” as compared to “relative time around them”.  Another of Lanto’s many responsibilities, is helping to reactivate the numerous ancient Star Gates scattered all over the Earth, while at the same time counteracting the attempts of the cabal to take control of these sacred portals as they open back up as we approach 2012.

Apr 10, 2010 "Federation of Light's Laws of Non-Interference"

Michael Ellegion discusses whether these Laws. also referred to as the 'Galactic Pacts' and the 'Prime Directive', actually allows--or forbids--mass Planetary Divine Intervention & World Wide Evacuation.  Having heard various opinions expressed through various channeled sources and UFO contactees, that sometimes appear to conflict or contradict with one another on the exact status of whether Intervention is allowed or not, and if so, under what exact circumstances is this considered not only necessary, but a 'mandated Authority'.

Michael, who is the co-author, with Aurora Light, of the exciting & provocutive new book. "Prepare For The Landings!" (go to, has vivid conscious memories prior to this lifetime of being a part of the Federation of Light's Higher Galactic Council meetings when this exact scenerio was not only Officially discussed, but agreed upon.  Michael discusses. what was originally the Three Requirements--but which are now Four--Required reasons why the Laws of Non-Interference have to allow mass Planetary Divine Intervention, and actually Mandates this.

Apr 03, 2010 Easter Special: "Time Travel Technology Viewed & Documented Christ’s Crucifixion & Resurrection"

Michael's special guest is is the President of the Mars Anomaly Research Society, Andrew D. Basiago.

Andrew reveals the startling technologies developed during DARPA's Project PEGASUS.

The Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS) is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Washington. MARS was founded in 2008 by Andrew D. Basiago, a lawyer in private practice in Washington who wrote The Discovery of Life on Mars (2008), the first work to prove that Mars is an inhabited planet. Andy serves as President of MARS.

Andy is an emerging figure in the Disclosure Movement, who is leading a campaign to lobby the United States government to disclose such controversial truths as the fact that Mars harbors life and that the United States government has achieved “quantum access” to past and future events.

He has been identified as the first of two major planetary whistle blowers predicted by ALTA, the Web Bot project that analyzes the content of the World Wide Web to discern future trends.
Andy’s writings place him at the forefront of contemporary Mars research. His paper The Discovery of Life on Mars, published in 2008, was the first work to prove that Mars is an inhabited planet. After publishing this landmark paper, Andy founded the Mars Anomaly Research Society (MARS).

Andy is also one of America’s time travel pioneers. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, he was a child participant in the secret US time-space program, Project Pegasus.

He was the first American child to teleport and took part in probes to past and future events utilizing different forms of time travel then being researched and developed by DARPA.
For ten years, Andy has investigated his experiences in Project Pegasus on a quest to prove them and communicate them to others. Soon, he will publish a tell-all book that will describe his awe-inspiring and terrifying experiences in Project Pegasus and the true story of the emergence of time travel in the US defense community 40 years ago.

On Saturday's Easter broadcast with Michael Ellegion on the Vortex Network, Andy's discusses the invention of the chronovisor by the Catholic priests Ernetti and Gemelli; their claim that by 1952 they had recovered scenes of the Crucifixion of Jesus via chronovision; and his own viewing of a film of a hologram of the Crucifixion at the Sandia National Laboratory in 1972.  Be sure to tune in, because Andy has an Eastertime surprise for Michael's listeners that is sure to astound and perplex believers and non-believers alike!

Mar 27, 2010 "Vortexes, Stargates, Wormholes and other Portals"

From the well known Vortexes of Sedona, Arizona, in which Michael takes fellow Lightworkers on personal “Cosmic Vortex Tours”, to the more exotic and highly classified and massive Stargate that recently opened up over the Gulf of Arden, there are various types of Portals, some considered more “naturally” occurring, to others apparently more artificially created by either Higher Cosmic Forces of Light or by Earth government black-op classified projects to manipulate time and space.  Michael has been studying this fascinating subject for many years, and has been researching the affects on one’s DNA/RNA while conducting his Vortex Tours of Sedona since 1980.  He has discovered that being able to meditate within the energies of a Vortex, helps one to more rapidly shift their consciousness into the Higher Dimensional Frequencies as Earth speeds up its planetary Ascension. Evidence also suggests that many new and powerful Vortexes and Stargates, just like the one over the Gulf of Arden will be activated and opened up allowing us to soon travel interdimensionally to other worlds and realms, just as the ancients used to do all the time.  For more info on Michael’s “Cosmic Vortex Tours”, go to:

Mar 20, 2010 "Bigfoot Sounds Off!"

Michael will be discussing his insights into the reality of the creature known by many names; Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Abominable Snowman, the swamp creature, etc.  From research from others who have researched this fascinating subject, stories he has heard, as well as a few authentic photographs & film that were taken in years past.  But the most impressive bit of evidence he has come across--and actually heard--was an audio recording, titled, “Bigfoot Sounds Off”, which was originally recorded back in 1972, in the High Sierra Mts., and which was produced in the form of a 33rpm record.  Many years later, Michael was able to transfer it onto a CD.  Michael will be playing these actual sounds of Bigfoot actually “sounding off” or speaking in it’s own “Bigfoot or Sasquatch language” during the show--quite strange sounding indeed--and what he has intuitively sensed that the creature is attempting to communicate to humans through this very rare and unique experience!

Mar 13, 2010 "Giant ET UFOs Observed Coming In & Out of Sun"

Michael discusses about a recent posting of an article at, which was also printed in the Seattle Examiner newspaper ( which exposes the ongoing UFO & ET cover-up by NASA.  In this more recent expose, in which film footage that NASA took of the sun, using new close-up imaging technology, gigantic spaceships, estimated to be thousands of miles in diameter are seen exiting the sun.  Michael shares insights about how this new information also verifies his own personal knowledge that he has received through the years from Higher Beings, that reveals how all stars or suns throughout the universe have always been used as gigantic portals or stargates allowing the Federation of Light to travel vast distances from one star system or galaxy to another with no or little time between these “intergalactic hyperjumps” using their Elohim “Consciousness Technologies”.


Feb 06, 2010

"The Haiti Earthquake: The More Recent target of Environmental Warfare & HAARP"

Michael has been researching the technologies of HAARP and other highly classified black op tectonic & seismic technologies for many years, along with having received specific communications from Higher Cosmic Forces of Light regarding the use of such technologies.  It is his opinion, that this recent massive earthquake in Haiti was specifically artificially caused by those forces of the cabal/globalists/power elite for both economic and political reasons, just as many other earlier so-called “natural disasters” such as hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans, and the even earlier L.A., Calif. quake of 1994 were just a couple specific examples of the use of this technology.  How the Higher Forces have also actually Intervened many times to neutralize many other earlier attempts by the cabal to create even more disasters, and how we Light Workers can help neutralize other future pre-planned disasters by calling upon the Higher Forces to manifest Divine Intervention to stop these events before they are allowed to occur.

Jan 23, 2010

“CIA Robertson Panel vs. The Upcoming 2010 ET Voter Initiative” 

Ever since the 1953 CIA Robertson Panel was established, all mainstream media since that time has been used by the cabal/power elite to officially ridicule the UFO & ET reality, despite all the massive amounts of documentation verifying this reality. But despite this intensive attempt to program the public through this manipulation and suppression of the real facts, there has not only been a massive Awakening to this Truth on the part of the public, but also a huge demand for the government to finally disclose these facts that have been covered up for over 60 years.  And in August 2010, the citizens of Denver, Colorado, will go to the voting booths and do something that no other earthly civilization in mainstream recorded history has done--vote on establishing an official commission to "create a responsible, responsive, common sense strategy for dealing with issues related to the presence of extraterrestrial intelligent beings on Earth."

Jan 16, 2010

"Dangers & Hidden Agendas of Flying Commercial Airlines--Why It’s Critically Important NOT To Ever Fly Again!--Unless these conditions were to ever be reversed"

Michael discusses the real reasons that so-called “safety regulations” are being enforced on everyone, as well as the new X-Ray machines that have begun to be placed at all the major airports all over the U.S.  The real facts about how this is just more control over our lives by the power elite, and how dangerous these new X-ray machines really are to our health & immune system.

Jan 09, 2010

"Who’s Who In the Cosmic Directory: Lord Rowcan"

Michael shares insights about another very fascinating Cosmic Being of Light in his continuing series of the “Who’s Who In the Cosmic Directory”,  Lord Rowcan, an Elohim from Arcturus, is a Cosmic Artist, Intergalactic Cultural Exchange Expert, and Master of Intergalactic Innovation for new ideas & technology that are being “Cosmically Downloaded” into inventors and designers of architecture in the New Age.  He is helping Earth to open up to new Intergalactic Diversities and awareness.   Michael feels that Rowcan is like an “intergalactic Consear from a 5 star resort” and loves to introduce everyone to new ideas, manifestations and revelations occurring throughout the universe, for not only Earth but for all worlds of the Federation of Light.

Jan 02, 2010

"First Show at the Sedona Launching Pad, the New Year 2010, and Events Leading UP to 2012"

In this first “Cosmic Connection” show to be officially broadcast from the Launching Pad in Sedona, AZ, Michael shares insights not only about his own mission for being here as a Volunteer in Earth embodiment to help Prepare humanity for ultimate planetary Divine Intervention, but also  knowledge about various other related metaphysical and Cosmic subjects and information that fellow Light workers need to be aware of as we approach the upcoming challenging time of 2012. How new Cosmic Energies that are now flooding the planet will cause all cover-ups & conspiracies to be fully exposed and replaced with greater opportunities to heal and transform the planet.