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Michael has had a fascinating and unique background, having been trained in the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling at a very young age. But even from the time of his birth, Michael was born without the "Cosmic Amnesia Veils" so he actually consciously remembers his soul’s Intergalactic origins. While growing up in southern California, he experienced a life-threatening emergency. During this life-changing event, Michael was physically beamed aboard a Higher Dimensional "Merkabah" Lightship, where he encountered very spiritually-evolved angelic, Elohim ETs. These benevolent human-appearing beings not only rescued him, but this experience verified his earlier memories--as well as how mass, planetary Divine Intervention is scheduled to occur at some point in the future.
In 1979, Michael again experienced another life threatening scenario, where he was once again, physically taken on board, where he had his DNA/RNA altered by these same human-appearing ETs to now do Transformational Channeling sessions for fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, otherwise referred to as Light Workers, Star People, Indigos, etc. For over 25 years, Michael has done many thousands of these life-transformational Channeling sessions, as well as conducting lectures, seminars and workshops on adult higher education throughout the USA at Colleges, Universities and bookstores. He’s a frequent guest on radio and television shows for many years. To find out more about his sessions, go to
, and to find out about his exciting new book, go to .

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Dec 27, 2008

"Prepare For The Landings!"

Michael discusses his and Aurora Light's awesome new book, Prepare For The Landings! which is the compilation of both the author's own personal experiences with benevolent human appearing angelic E.T.s, of both physical contacts and communications, as well as other fellow contactees. It truly does, in a powerful way, Prepares not only fellow Light Workers/Star People (Volunteer souls in Earth embodiment), but also the masses of Earth's humanity, for what has always been God's and the Spiritual Hierarchy's Divine Plan and Destiny for Earth--that of open planetary Divine Intervention and mass landings of Federation Light Ships. Go to their new web site, for those who wish to either download it as an E-Book, or to order paperback copies--And oh, yes--"Keep Your Eyes on the Skies"--and Prepare for the Landings! Are You Ready?!

Dec 20, 2008

"Cosmic Insights Into Lord Jesus Christ's Origin and Mission"

Michael shares both his own personal Cosmic insights as well as a powerful experience when he was only eight, of Jesus materializing by him and communicating about His true Cosmic connections, as well as His Higher Intergalactic Name and position within the Federation of Light, and insights that Michael, himself, also remembers about Jesus from his own past life during the time of Christ over 2,000 years ago.

Dec 13, 2008

"UFO's, E.T. Technology and Higher Consciousness"

Michael interviews his special guest David Sereda, who was a guest on Bill Alek's "Progressive Technology Hour" show last week, and is an author, researcher, film producer and director. David, who is one of those rare individuals who is comfortable in both very "left brain" advanced technical-scientific research and development projects, and is just as comfortable and attuned to very "right brain" New Age spiritual and metaphysical subjects. David's first aspiration in life was to become an astronaut. In 1968, David and a friend witnessed a UFO along with hundreds of other witnesses. After this experience, David grew up as a UFO enthusiast never living in doubt of the phenomena that has swept the world since the Roswell incident in 1947. His interest in space, religion, philosophy, astronomy and science led him on his career in related fields. He has worked deeply in high technology, on environmental and humanitarian issues and as a professional photographer for over 20 years. He has studied world religion, science, physics and paranormal psychology for over 25 years.

Dec 06, 2008

"Accurate and Clear Discernment Regarding All Major Events During This Planetary Frequency Shift of the Ages"

Michael discusses how many very sincere, but misguided individuals, who are [still] predicting major planetary disasters and numerous horrific tragedies occurring between now and 2012, "are still stuck in their old 3rd dimensional level of reality" and are seeing and interpreting everything through this old and very limited reactionary paradigm of awareness. This is also based upon the Old Time Line, where these tragedies did, in fact occur in the "original" future, and how important it is to allow oneself to now attune to the New Time Line [with the Old Time Line having recently been totally altered] and very powerful incoming Cosmic Light Energies are quickly manifesting here on Earth and the resulting Planetary Ascension and Consciousness Shift that is now rapidly underway. That if one continues to view things through this old limited and very karmic and denser consciousness lens, rather than opening up to the new Higher 5th dimensional frequencies, then one will not be able to view this wondrous reality within the next few years of the manifestation of a glorious Golden Age of peace and prosperity, and the total end of all suffering and struggle.

Nov 29, 2008

"End the UFO and ET Truth Embargo with Special Guest, Stephen Bassett"

Mr. Bassett is a UFO researcher, lobbyist, activist, commentator and columnist. He is also the founder of the Paradigm Research group and the Executive director of the political action committee, X-PPAC. In recent months he started the "Million Fax to Washington, the End of the UFO and ET Truth Embargo", asking everyone to send over a million letters, faxes and e-mails, to President-Elect Obama's transition address, asking for our new President and his administration, by the time he enters the White House on Jan. 20, ?09, to finally Officially end the UFO and ET cover-up. To also find out more information and details about this very important movement, and to personally participate, go to Stephen Bassett's web site: Yes, let's all help, once and for all to....End the UFO and ET Truth Embargo!!!!

Nov 22, 2008

"Metaphysical and Cosmic Insights about Jesus and Other Biblical and Ancient Legends of Extraterrestrial Divine intervention"

These were just some of the many fascinating subjects that Michael's guest, Alfred Weber covered. Weber, who was also a guest on both last week's "Cosmic Connection" and Aurora Light's show, "Vortex Network News", is a researcher and political activist, who hosts his own very popular and informative radio show on He has for many years been helping to End the UFO and ET Truth Embargo, having originally attempted to do this during the Carter Administration, but was blocked. In last week's "Cosmic Connection" show, he shared insights into the significance of those thousands of beautiful "Orbs" (angelic Light beings) which were photographed hovering over the crowd at Grant Park, Nov. 4, 2008, during President-Elect Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech, and how this represents one form of Higher Dimensional Forces of Light helping to influence and cause an End of the UFO and ET Truth Embargo.

Nov 15, 2008

"Dimensional Disclosure in the Obama Era"

Researcher and Political Activist Alfred Weber, continues his very fascinating and informative discussion, while being Aurora Light's guest in her earlier show, Vortex Network News. Michael's special guest. Alfred, who is also the host to his own radio show,, discusses a number of subjects, such as about the significance of those thousands of beautiful "Orbs" (angelic Light beings) which were photographed hovering over the crowd at Grant Park, Nov. 4, 2008, during President-Elect Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech. How this represents one form of Higher Dimensional Forces of Light helping to cause an End to the UFO and ET Truth Embargo. He also discusses how the government is attempting at the same time to orchestrate another "psychops-disinformation of false discloser" to confuse the public by still covering-up the fact of these more evolved higher dimensional benevolent E.T.'s of the Federation of Light. Alfred, who first connected with Michael and Aurora Light back in the early ?80's, also shares a little about his early years during the Carter Administration, at attempts back then to help End the UFO and ET cover-up.

Oct 18, 2008

"Why UFO Sightings (Like the Recent Predicted Oct. 14th Event) or Upcoming Eventual First Contact (Mass Planetary Divine Intervention) Are Difficult To Predict Exact Dates"

Michael shares insights into his perceptions (and past experiences) regarding any attempt to predict specific dates and times of such major events; how they are near to impossible to predict. And yet, as he also shares, there are many very strong Confirmations of a definite mass planetary Divine Intervention (and mass Landings) occurring when the time is right. How this was promised to all of us who are fellow Volunteer souls in Earth Embodiment from more advanced worlds (Star People, Light Workers, Walk-Ins, Indigos, etc.) before our soul took Earth embodiment. Michael was close friends with another very clear and well known Channel and contactee known as Tuella, who published a book titled, "Project: World Evacuation By the Ashtar Command"--and how this famous classic, though written and Channeled in 1982, over 26 years ago, is still just as accurate and valid today as it was then, for what the Ashtar Command and the Federation of Light will do once they actually do activate what has in more recent years come to be referred to as "First Contact." Michael will also share his own conscious memories of being in the Galactic Council prior to this life, when this future planned event was discussed; how it is God's Will and a Sacred Promise to all of us that this mass planetary Divine intervention (First Contact) and "Cosmic R. and R." will occur when the time is right, otherwise known as "God's Time"--and not before!

Oct 11, 2008

"Does NASA and the Industrial Military Complex Know Something that We Don't?"

With powerful new Cosmic Energies and Vibrations now beginning to sweep throughout and over the entire Earth, this is causing a major consciousness transformation to the world's population, as well as there being also major changes occurring in the actual physical-molecular-cellular-structural level of all things on this planet,. This is occurring rapidly as the old 3rd dimensional realities are quickly shifting into a higher 5th Dimensional level of existence. And with the NASA Shuttle flight that was originally scheduled for Oct. 14th having canceled until later on, along with the Hubbell orbiting observatory--supposedly--suddenly not being able to function for the past couple weeks--perhaps this was just some "mundane technical problem", or perhaps "something else" (like "extraterrestrial going's on")? "Inquiring Minds want to know"!

Oct 04, 2008

"NESARA, the National Economic Security and Reformation Act"

Michael discusses how this new planetary economic system, is scheduled to soon be Officially Announced and Activated. This new global financial system will replace the old corrupt Federal Reserve system, and will quite literally force all the cabal or power elite to loose control over the masses and this will financially emancipate the entire world's population. With this very recent ongoing economic "melt down" and manipulation of our economy by the power elite, of the present corrupt Federal Reserve system, it is time to abolish it and allow this long overdue system to be put in place., which will also allow long suppressed alternative free energy technologies to be funded and quickly developed. This in turn will transform this planet and will also help Earth officially become a major member of the Federation of Light, as "planetary cultural quarantine" is finally lifted and the Golden Age manifests.

Sep 27, 2008

"Cosmic Consciousness, Higher Energies, DNA/RNA Activation, Health Modalities and One's True Physical Age"

Michael Ellegion, will be discussing the implications of how many things affect and influence both our over all health, true physical age, as well as our consciousness. How those of us who are attuning to and opening up to the new incoming Higher Cosmic Energies beginning to now permeate the planet, are causing major biological and physiological changes within the Earth human species, and the things we as Light Workers can do to help increase these wonderful changes and transformation, as a new planetary "Root Race" is in the process of manifesting here on Earth.

Sep 20, 2008

"Possible Sighting of Gigantic UFO [Mothership] on Oct. 14th"

Michael shares insights about the "strong possibility" of this sighting occurring, over the U.S., primarily based upon channeled information that has been received through many other fellow Channels, that has been posted on the Internet. Michael will be discussing the "pros & cons" of such a predicted sighting, which hinges also upon many factors, such as there being no major interference from government or military forces and/or a cover-up by corporate controlled mainstream media, etc.

Sep 13, 2008

"The Peace Intention Experiment"

Michael shared some background and insights about this global "Experiment" to help manifest more peace all over the planet, which officially began the following day, Sun., Sept. 14, 2008. This was the start of the first day, of one full week, of a powerful Peace Intention Experiment testing the power of group intention, globally, to lower violence in areas around the world, to help manifest total world peace, which is helping to ultimately usher in the long overdue Golden Age. Many thousands of people all over the world joined this mass planetary "experiment for peace", after signing up to participate in this 7 day experiment, by going to:

Aug 23, 2008

"JFK, The Cuban Missile Crisis & Divine Intervention"

Michael, who was only nine years of age, in 1962, when the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred, shares how he was telepathically told by Ashtar and the Federation of Worlds, that they would not allow a nuclear war to occur. How they had also actually communicated with President John F. Kennedy about this fact and why he could be firm about not allowing missiles to be placed in Cuba, as well as other "behind the scenes insights" regarding this historical event--and why this is also very hopeful and promising for a very positive outcome with the present problems facing the Middle East and with Iran, as well as upcoming world peace.

Aug 16, 2008

"The True Origins of Star Trek"

According to Michael, the host of the "Cosmic Connection" Show, Gene Roddenberry actually was not the originator of the original "Star Trek" television series of the ?60's. He shares a very fascinating and insightful story about how a famous contactee/French Air Force pilot named Jacque Drabier had encounters with benevolent human appearing E.T.'s over Italy during W.W.II, and became a very clear Channel as well. After the war, he moved from France to Hollywood, Calif., and during his weekly metaphysical meetings years later, in which he shared information about the actual Federation of worlds that does exist, two of Gene Roddenberry's writer's kept showing up and copied his information, but never gave Jacque any credit--and then Jacque heard about the new "science fiction" show named "Star Trek" that was first premiering on television in 1966.

Aug 09, 2008

"Zoser - Who is He & His Duties & Mission"

Zoser had past Earth lives as an Ancient Physician-Healer in such civilizations as Atlantis, Egypt and India, while on the Intergalactic Realms, he is known as a Cosmic Physician/Healer of Light, and is in charge of the "Knights of the Solar Cross". He and his fellow Cosmic Physician-Healers, as they circle this planet in "Guardian Action" and as part of the vast fleets of the Intergalactic Confederation/Universal Federation, are presently helping to transmute and neutralize numerous destructive and toxic technologies of Earth, such as Chemtrails and HAARP, and helping us on a personal level with building up our Immune systems, and Activating our new 24 strand DNA. He is also in the process, with the help and Authority of the Federation, of stopping/neutralizing a massive pandemic plague planned by the power elite that was being set up to wipe out millions of Earth's population. Call on him and his fellow Cosmic Physician-Healers to help strengthen and fortify your immune system and auric field.

Aug 02, 2008

"Galactic Freedom Day, 08/08/08"

Occuring on Friday, Aug. 8, 2008, this is an important and historical planetary event which is culminating on this date. This is a multinational consortium of citizen organizations all over the planet who have issued a Galactic Freedom Day Declaration calling an end to all secret government and corporate agreements concerning extraterrestrial life. This Declaration establishes 08/08/08 as "Galactic Freedom Day" and asserts that any hidden agreements concerning extraterrestrial life that were established without the participation and will of the people are hereby officially Null n Void. Go to, and sign this historical petition, giving Official Notice to all governments of Earth that the will of the people of this planet must now--and will be--respected!

Jul 26, 2008

"The Montauk Project"

On Aug. 12, 1983, exactly 40 years later to the day, when "The Philadelphia Experiment" took place, the government's Top Secret full working time machine was fully activated and operational. As Michael shares in this very fascinating account of having known for many years, Dr. Alfred Bielek, the last known living survivor of both the earlier Philadelphia Experiment, and the Montauk Project, and how these two events were very connected, both technologically, but also the significance of those two dates. Michael also shares in the connection to all of this, about how a young scientist-mathematician, who had a most brilliant and "Beautiful Mind" was recruited out of Princeton University in the early ?50's. Because of him becoming a "liability" to the Industrial Military Complex, because of his moral conflict of interest how these highly classified/"Black Budgeted" technologies would be used for, after having been a brilliant "Code breaker", MK-Ultra Mind Control techniques were used upon him. These also included shock treatments and the use of psychopathic drugs, so that he was forced to mostly forget his covert past and was made to consciously believe that whatever memories he had of these experiences, were just because of him being --supposedly--"paranoid schizophrenia." (This, according to Michael is part of the story of the famous Dr. John Nash, which was covered up, and why he was made to believe he was just suffering from paranoid schizophrenia in order to cover-up and explain away his personal involvement and knowledge of much more advanced technologies that were developed out of both the earlier Philadelphia Experiment, how he had also known Dr. John Von Neumann, one of the scientists involved in both the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project.)

Jul 19, 2008

"The Philadelphia Experiment"

On Aug. 12, 1943, a Navy Destroyer, the U.S.S. Eldridge, and all of it's 30 crew members who were on board, were actually teleported through a time-space warp, while the Navy was attempting through this event, also referred to as "Project Invisibility" to make Naval vessels invisible on radar. Michael shares very fascinating insights about this historical event, despite the fact that the military industrial complex has always denied that the event even occurred. But Michael has known Dr. Alfred Beliek as a friend for many years, the last known living survivor of the original crew of the U.S.S. Eldridge, who was also involved in "The Montauk Project", which Michael will be sharing about in next week's Cosmic Connection Show.

Jul 12, 2008

"Intergalactic Rule of Law, Planetary Constitutional Rule of Law, and ACCOUNTABILITY"

Michael shares insights about how there are not only natural and Cosmic Laws of the Universe, which Higher Forces of Light, who make up the Intergalactic Confederation, and who are presently in Guardian Action around this planet, must uphold. They are now massively Inspiring the population of Earth to Spiritually Awaken and demand ACCOUNTABILITY from their leaders, bureaucrats and those forces who have controlled Earth up until recently. How on a mass level, a powerful Spiritual Revolution or Empowering Evolution of Consciousness is rapidly sweeping around the planet as like a "sleeping giant now suddenly waking up", the population is demanding Accountability in all areas, justice and world peace at long last within these next few years. The Higher Forces are stepping in to help the citizens regain their temporarily lost Constitutional Rights and the restoration of Accountability and Rule of law. Michael also gives a powerful example of this lack of ACCOUNTABILITY by numerous so-called "Environmental, humanitarian, wildlife extinction" organizations, who pretend to want to help these very related planetary challenges, yet like the analogy of the American Cancer Society who ignores and actually suppresses numerous very effective holistic cancer treatments, while they still continue to pretend that they want to get rite of cancer and continue to ask for donations. So, too, these numerous environmental type groups all pretend to want to heal Mother Earth, and yet the so-called issues they always talk about never "strangely" include the two most important destructive topics of all--that of Chemtrails and HAARP! It is time to challenge these organizations as to why this is, if they are supposedly so sincere in solving and eliminating the massive destruction of the environment, wildlife becoming rapidly extinct, human starvation, etc.,--and yet none of these organizations ever mention these two extremely important subjects, yet there are literally thousands of very excellent web sites and books on these two well researched subjects. Could it be, that all these groups are just "scams" to take people's money, but not really come up with anything too effective and revealing?

Jul 05, 2008

"St. Germain--Who is He & His Contribution to the Beginning of this Country"

The Ascended Master St. Germain has had many famous past Earth lifetimes, and his last embodiment as the Count St. Germain, he inspired our Forefathers to not only write (Channel) both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution, and his dramatic, sudden appearance before them which inspired them to all officially sign the Constitution. Michael also shares a recent Channeling from St. Germain titled "New Declaration of Independence" that officially "gives notice" to the power elite that the citizens of not only this country, but all over this planet along with the Spiritual Hierarchy are Officially Declaring our Sovereignty from anymore control and manipulation by these imbalanced forces.

Jun 28, 2008

"Disinformation Presented on History Channel T.V. Show: 'UFO Hunters'"

Michael exposes how disinformation was presented on the recent (June 21st) History Channel T.V. Show, "UFO Hunters", by both NASA and UFO Spin Doctors" to attempt to explain away extraterrestrial craft or UFO's observed on very important NASA footage taken by Space Shuttle back in 1996, Michael uses David Sereda's very insightful and scientific examination and analysis of this famous NASA footage showing numerous higher dimensional spacecraft picked up on film, how these images taken by very advanced Ultra Violet and InfraRed cameras on the Shuttle which definitely verified the reality of these higher dimensional vehicles, was explained away on the History Channel UFO show as merely some kind of "natural light reflection phenomena" rather than E.T. craft.

Jun 21, 2008

"Galactic Freedom Day, 08/08/08"

An introduction to an historical planetary event, coming up on Aug. 8, 2008; a multinational consortium of citizen organizations all over the planet has issued a Galactic Freedom Day Declaration calling an end to all secret government and corporate agreements concerning extraterrestrial life. This Declaration establishes 08/08/08 as "Galactic Freedom Day" and asserts that any hidden agreements concerning extraterrestrial life that were established without the participation and will of the people are hereby officially Null n Void. Go to, and sign this historical petition, giving Official Notice to all governments of Earth that the will of the people of this planet must now--and will be--respected!

Jun 14, 2008

"Does so-called Earthly Natural Phenomena Have Other Worldly Explanations?"

A thought-provoking show, challenging the audience to consider how so many of the normal 3-D phenomena, as in nature, such as "lenticular" clouds for example, may, in fact, be created or caused not just or only because of certain "inanimate" scientific materialistic 3-D "natural laws" that are in process, but also partly or totally because of other worldly and higher dimensional forces and intelligence's interacting and overlapping into this 3-D level of existence. Michael shares examples of his experience of observing these so-called "natural laws" being totally altered and how the higher forces specifically did this to demonstrate the real origin of all outer phenomena is because of these other realms and forces.

Jun 07, 2008

"Voltra--Who is He & His Duties & Mission"

Voltra is only one of many millions of fellow "Cosmic Psychotherapists" who belong to the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds, who wish to help this planet overcome the title of "the most Dysfunctional planet in the entire universe"! Voltra, who has been affectionately given the nickname as "the Dr. Phil of the Cosmic Realms", is available for emotional and psychological analysis, counseling and support, to help fellow Light Workers/Volunteers in Earth embodiment overcome/transmute all the earthly dysfunctional habits and behavior, in our Preparation for upcoming Divine Intervention.

May 31, 2008

"Keeping Our Priorities & Our Missions as Light Workers Clear and in Order"

Michael shares insights and inspiration about keeping all of our responsibilities and priorities clear and of not allowing so much of the numerous mundane 3-D distractions to become overwhelming, and to allow ourselves to manifest and draw to us not only the opportunities as well as the "Cosmic Back-Up" and support to fulfill our Missions for being here as Volunteers in Earth embodiment--until imminent planetary Divine Intervention does, in fact, occur.

May 24, 2008

"JFK's 1963 Prepared Speech On E.T.'s"

Recently, the personal aid of Connely, who was in the limo with President John F. Kennedy, released the actual hand written notes of JFK, which was of a speech that he had planned to give within a few days after his Dallas visit had he not been assassinated that day. JFK had given these notes about the reality of extraterrestrials and his plan to officially admit this to the public, to Connely to read right before he was shot, and as Connely, who happened to have them in his coat pocket, who was wounded, then gave them to his aid, who stored them in a safe deposit box until just recently, when he shared them with some UFO researchers.

May 17, 2008

"President Eisenhower's Meeting With E.T.'s At Edward's Air Force Base"

Historical insights about the event that occurred, which was later covered up, when benevolent human appearing E.T.'s, representing the Federation, landed at Edward's Air Force Base on Feb. 20th/21st 1954, in an attempt to set up a Treaty with the Earth officials, that would have allowed the Federation to openly help this planet overcome all of it's problems, but how the power elite or cabal turned down this positive offer of Intergalactic Cultural Exchange because they did not want to give up their power. Instead, the cabal choose to later to align with another renegade group of aliens referred to as the "greys."

May 10, 2008

"1952--Flying Saucers Over the White House"

Famous mass sightings of UFO's, then referred to as flying saucers, buzzed the nation's Capitol Building and Washington D.C. International Airport, on the night of July 19, 1952, and was again repeated the following weekend, the 26th, for several hours. Michael shares insights about this historical event, and his opinion that these craft were actually the Light Ships of the Federation, and were very benevolent human appearing Elohim E.T.'s of the Ashtar Command, and why they appeared then, which was an attempt to make it clear to the earth officials of their presence and intent. How the officials attempted to explain this mass appearance as just "natural atmospheric phenomena."

May 03, 2008

"The Federation"

Michael shares insights about the fact that all the more advanced worlds throughout the Universe belong to a Universal Federation or Intergalactic Confederation. Insights about this Universal Peace Organization, it's roles and authority, and the Divine Laws that it adheres to,. How the leaders of Earth, as well as a few renegade species such as the "grey" aliens have broken the Federation Laws, and how the Federation is going to more openly Intervene upon this planet in the near future. Michael also clears up certain misconceptions about the Federation, of disinformation that has been spread to try to paint the Federation as negative. Very insightful and gives much hope for this planet having Divine Intervention and help in the near future from the Federation to help us transform this planet into
the Golden Age as it experiences it's Ascension.

Apr 26, 2008

"Kadar Monka--Who is He & His Duties & Mission"

Michael shares insights about the fact that on all the other planets in this solar system, on higher dimensions, all planets are populated with very advanced civilizations. On the planet Mars, on these higher dimensions, the Spiritual Leader of Mars is known as Monka, and he also represents Earth in the "Saturn Tribunal Council". Michael discusses how the famous "Face" on Mars as seen from space is actually connected with Monka and his own civilization
that exists upon Mars in this higher dimension.

Apr 19, 2008

"Huge UFO Sighting of Large 2 Mile Diameter Crafts"

Michael shares the details of a British Airline Captain's UFO sighting over the English Channel last year, and how this UFO sighting was handled totally different, with a great openness and no ridicule, while he compares how the exact opposite occurs when U.S. pilots report a UFO sighting, such as the Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO sighting in Nov. ?06, and how the officials attempted to cover it up and explain it away. Michael also shares his view that these UFO sightings are actually going to be increasing until much more open contact with E.T.'s will occur.

Apr 12, 2008

"Lord Ashtar--Who is He, His Duties & Mission"

As a Direct Voice Channel and Contactee with the benevolent human appearing E.T.'s. also known as the ?Space Brothers', who belong to a vast Intergalactic Federation of Worlds, one of the major Commands within the Federation is the Ashtar Command, Michael has Channeled the being known as Ashtar who is in charge of this Command. Michael shares insights about Ashtar, which includes his numerous duties and responsibilities, and how Ashtar is also in charge of the upcoming and imminent mass World Wide Divine Intervention.

Mar 29, 2008

"Suppressed NASA, UFO & E.T. Transmissions"

Michael shares from highly classified sources, some examples of what NASA has covered up for many years regarding UFO's and E.T.'s, how the astronauts have had many UFO sightings and how benevolent E.T.'s have also intervened to save the astronaut's lives, suppressed sightings on the moon.

Mar 22, 2008

"The Thomas Mantell Incident"

A very famous UFO case, in which a pilot named Capt. Thomas Mantell, on Jan. 7, 1948, was supposedly killed while chasing a weather balloon, and how the officials covered up the true facts, and officially pretended that they had recovered his body from the his plane, when in fact they had not. Michael shares, from Top Secret files, the actual radio transmission from Capt. Mantell right before his plane crashed, as well as what the benevolent E.T. commander of the space ship told Capt. Mantell before he was actually beamed on board the ship, which saved his life.

Mar 15, 2008

"Bermuda Triangle & Flight 19"

Michael shares the actual radio transmissions, suppressed for many years, taken from Top Secret files, as recorded at the old Coast Guard Station Radio Control Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on Dec. 5, 1945, from both the commander of the crew of Flight 19 right before the crew vanished in the Bermuda Triangle--as well as what the benevolent E.T. commander aboard the space ship said to the crew.

Mar 08, 2008

"The Voice From Space"

A very famous incident, in which in Nov. 1977, an extraterrestrial being overrode the Earth BBC radio network and broadcast his own 5 minute transmission, actually warning the people of Earth what our World leaders/power elite had planned for us, and how E.T.'s would Intervene to stop the use of nuclear weapons.

Mar 01, 2008

"Communications With Extraterrestrial Intelligence"

During the 50's, there were actually many hundreds of different people using ham radios and radiotelegraphy (morse code) and openly communicating with advanced human appearing E.T.'s, as documented from one long out-of-print book. "The Saucers Speak" and how the government stopped and suppressed these communications from the rest of the general public.

Feb 09, 2008

"Hollow Earth & Admiral Byrd's Secret Diary"

Mind-blowing revelations about the reality of the Earth actually being hollow within as verses the conventional "dense molten core" or liquid core" theory, and much supporting evidence long since suppressed, such as Admiral Byrd's secret log-diary, which Admiral Byrd wrote in 1947 when he actually flew through the North Polar opening into the Hollow earth and his meeting with Inner Earth beings.

Feb 02, 2008

"Famous Contactees From the 50's"

Famous contactees, such as George Adamski, who had authentic physical encounters with very benevolent human appearing E.T.'s, referred to as the ?Space Brothers", and how these individual's experiences were ridiculed unfairly by well known UFO researchers because of hidden agendas within the UFO community.

Jan 26, 2008

"Recent UFO Sightings"

Michael will share a few recent sightings and possible implications, as well as how the officials still tend to try to explain away these and other past sightings as just "natural explanations" despite the details of what was observed during the sightings by very responsible people.

Jan 19, 2008


Michael shares insights about the reality of the lost continent of Atlantis,and how this civilization was described not only in-depth by such seers as Edgar Cayce, and archeological evidence found throughout the world that appears to verify it's existence.

Jan 12, 2008

"Powerful Changes For these End Times"

Michael shares an Overview of numerous strides, technologically, both by "New Age" earth scientists, and technologies that are soon to be shared by spiritually advanced E.T.'s with those on Earth that will transform this planet. The "End Times" is the End of the old age of struggle, and the beginning of the New Age of Peace and Prosperity.

Jan 05, 2008

"Changes Coming Up For this New Year"

Michael shares his feelings and awareness regarding vast changes that are imminent regarding everything from the social, spiritual, possible political and economic points of view, and how the Higher Forces can help us to achieve a greater quality of life if we will ask and open up to these forces of Light.