Channeled Material


Channeling Sessions
By Michael Ellegion

Earth's Humanity Planetary Awakening & Federation of Light
will Neutralize any Attempted "Negative Alien Invasion" or
"Faked E.T. Rapture"
Aug. 29, 2010

     "Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, wishing to comment upon what this Channel read regarding a report of a supposed "crashed" UFO craft near Fresno, Calif., on Aug. 21st. As this channel had initially tuned into, that this was, indeed one of the many such "tests" of these "back-engineered" black op Earth UFO antigravity ships, that have been manufactured for many decades on Earth by the cabal.

      It is no so-called "accident" that there were some civilian witnesses to this incident, which was partly because of certain factors occurring now around planet Earth regarding the very powerful planetary frequency shifts. These are part of Mother Earth’s Spiritual Ascension out of the old 3 D level into the Higher 5th and Higher Dimensional frequencies that are occurring upon this New Higher Dimensional Time Line, now Overshadowing and merging with the old time line. These black op and much cruder and more limited technologies of the power elite and of that termed the "industrial military complex" can not function as they did in the old 3D time line, where the power elite were able to more easily manipulate Earth’s humanity with all their covert plans and technologies for world control and enslavement.

      We of the Federation of Light and specifically the Ashtar Command, has been surrounding this planet in Guardian Action for many years, with many more Light Ships from many other fleets and Commands of other galaxies and worlds of the Intergalactic Federation, now recently joining the ranks of those of us who have been here for many decades (actually for many ages, off and on), as we gear up for the long planned mass planetary Divine Intervention & World Wide Evacuation. Those of the cabal have also known about these plans for many years, not only because of our earlier emissaries, messengers and contactees who shared, initially, more general information regarding this ultimate plan that would inevitably occur. And a few, such as Lady Tuella when she was alive on Earth, had channeled the more specific details of these plans beginning the process to more openly Prepare Earth’s humanity for this historical moment, by publishing her "planetary Ground Breaking" book, "Project: World Evacuation By the Ashtar Command". This book was in many ways a very important mile stone in this Preparation work and mission to help set the stage for when we do, in fact fulfill, what has always been a "Sacred Promise" and "Cosmic Done Deal" by God, our Divine Creator of the Universe and by we of the Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy.

      And, of course, much more recently, with the publication of this channel's book, Prepare For The Landings!. This book, which was also very much supported and inspired by those of us in the Federation of Light, has helped to expand this original Preparatory work and mission much more openly now out into the mainstream and masses of Earth’s humanity, as we gear up for this inevitable and Divinely Destined event.

      It is also a fact, of course, that those of the cabal, secretly amongst themselves, did take these two books, and similar published material from other sincere contactees and clear authentic channels for the Federation, scattered throughout the planet, very seriously, that so many others had earlier received from those of us of the Federation. But, of course, within that termed the UFO community, many of those who claimed to be "professional UFO investigators", which this channel has learned that when one usually uses that term or phrase, it really means a "spin doctor" or disinformation agent who still has "ties" with the cabal and the black-op, covert "alphabet soup agencies" of the industrial military complex.

      And as this channel and other sincere and authentic contactees have experienced through the decades since the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s, when our contactees were indeed having physical contacts with us, the UFO community has been used to promote the agenda of suppressing any positive reference to the majority of those of us from other worlds who are benevolent and human appearing. While these so-called "UFO experts" have ridiculed these numerous positive, Empowering and uplifting contacts with those of us of the Federation, they have "promoted" those entities referred to as the greys and of Dis-empowering tales of negative abductions. which we refer to as "Cosmic Civil-Rights Violation cases", or just speak of so-called "mysterious unexplained lights in the sky". Yes, anything, as stated, that is uplifting and Empowering is usually suppressed and ridiculed by so many of these so-called "professionals"--many, who, originally became "UFO experts" literally almost "over night, when they were recruited for the shadow government in their covert agenda to attempt to plan to create an eventual ‘"negative alien invasion" scenario .

      As anyone who has really been researching, without any bias or hidden agenda, all of the "UFO & ET" related events that have occurred during and since the early ‘50’s, who uses well developed qualities of Discernment and that termed "Cognitive Deductive Reasoning’ along with an ability to attune to the Higher Frequencies now manifesting all over the planet, as well as to what we of the Light are Cosmically Downloading to those of you who are attuned to Truth and Accountability, it becomes very obvious of this agenda by the power elite. To attempt to suppress and manipulate the true facts about those of us who are having contact with those of you on Earth, and our reasons for this interaction. It also becomes very clear and obvious, of the intent and the plans of these same forces to ATTEMPT to "Fool the Elect’--and especially the masses of humanity with their own faked version(s) of ET activity, for more control and manipulation through F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real). But when these three "elements or dynamics of manipulation" are gone, that is F.E.A.R.., surprise and stealth, are no longer able to be used--well, the cabal’s plans and all their hidden agendas always fall apart and become unable to function.

      This also includes now and more intensely in the very near future, the ending of the actual FUNCTIONING of these covert black op technologies. This is because something designed merely for control and manipulation, which is not in harmony to the Sacred Laws of the Universe as is our Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies,it will ultimately begin to MALFUNCTION SEVERELY AND BREAK DOWN IN "SPIRITUAL ATROPHY. Which is also why this particular black op Earth UFO anti-gravity craft had been observed having "technical issues" and was forced to come down rather abruptly. And also why these same Higher Cosmic Energies that are forcing Accountability upon everything upon Earth and causing all so-called "conspiracies" and covert activities of the cabal to be totally exposed, also made sure that it would be observed by CIVILIAN WITNESSES, despite the attempt to cover up this event.

      Never-the-less, these "denial spirits" of the cabal, are right now desperately ATTEMPTING, in their extreme desperation, to ultimately create either a so-called "faked negative alien invasion" or a ‘faked rapture" using their back engineered Earth UFO anti-gravity fleet and also that termed "project blue beam". This particular technology has the ability to project false, but realistically appearing holographic images into the sky to make it appear that our Commander-In- Chief of our Intergalactic Federation, Lord Jesus Christ/Sananda, Himself, is really up in the sky floating among clouds, which. of course, He would not be. And to broadcast the images of the different Beings, Avatars and Spiritual Masters who have been worshiped by the various cultures scattered all throughout the planet, to try to somehow manipulate Earth;s humanity with these covert "tricks up their sleeve". It is true, that "project blue beam" was tested out briefly during the Iraq war, but we of the Federation began to step in and neutralize other attempts to extend this initial holographic manipulation. And we also helped expose this earlier attempt, to certain ones within these other governments to be very Discerning about any future attempts to manipulate and Fool them as the cabal would like to do.

      It is also true, which I want to confirm, that SOME of what that individual referred to as "anonymous" in that blog/web site listing, who mentioned about how these black op technologies have been demonstrated and tested. This is true, just as we in the Federation, who are in Guardian Action around Earth, have been very closely monitoring these kinds of so-called covert, black op activities, and their PLANS to more officially and openly activate their ultimate agenda of covertly ATTEMPTING to deceive everyone on Earth Yes, I repeat that word--these are the PLANS of the cabal, and they have never been "set in concrete".

      As I had requested, and it has been wonderful to see the heart felt response from so many of you, when I asked in that earlier channeling about fulfilling what has been termed "Official Cosmic Petitioning" through "Intergalactic Protocol Procedures" that gives us of the Federation of Light Authority to more openly and overtly Intervene not only in the Gulf oil disaster, but all other planetary challenges that you have been facing.

      So, too, as with this covert "negative alien invasion" and "faked rapture" agenda, to attempt to fool Earth’s humanity with this kind of desperate tactics to keep control over the fast Awakening masses of humanity. It is also important for humanity to take as much personal responsibility as possible in this matter, and to Officially ask and Petition the Federation of Light with the desire that you do not need such a "test of discernment" that might, in fact, initially, fool some of Earth’s humanity. Since these "possible plans" are now also "officially out of the bag", so that those three elements that the cabal was able to use in the past: F.E.A.R., surprise and stealth, are now being eliminated by our actions and those on Earth who are hip to these plans, the ability of the cabal to totally and effectively succeed at fooling the masses is about to become almost totally neutralized anyway. But to make these plans totally inoperable, as stated, it is also the ability of the majority of the population to consciously acknowledge and recognize these plans that were in the process of being developed and that it is time to only allow the use of such technologies to be used only for humanitarian purposes rather than for more control and manipulation that has occurred up until now.

      It is also true, that as has been discussed by this channel and which we have confirmed, that as in a form of "Consciousness Time Travel", that many of those of you who are reading this Channeling-Transmission, are part of a "Cosmic Team of Consciousness Time Travelers". Whose Future Over Soul Selves, from the future have merged back into this present-past time line that is now in the process at this very moment of being altered so that these plans to "Fool the Elect" and the masses with a faked alien invasion scenario, which did, briefly occur on the old time line, is now being changed and will not occur as this newer time line is being created in place of the other.

      I wish to again state very passionately for the record that we in the Federation of Light will be helping these very powerful Cosmic Energies of Light and Love and Joy and Accountability to end the reign of the cabal and their control over Mother Earth and the Awakening masses of humanity. We will not stand by and allow Earth’s humanity to continue to be manipulated against their will when it is obvious that most on Earth truly desire the end of all war and all forms of control and manipulation, It is not only unfair that such tactics are allowed to be used to FOOL THE MASSES with the use of such sophisticated technologies--without us at least balancing the slate, by helping to Overshadow and influencing everyone on Earth who truly desires greater Freedom and sovereignty and choice, with the greater ability to discern and use their God-Given Cognitive Deductive Reasoning, which is also connected with these new Cosmic Frequencies now sweeping over the planet.

      There will be many more dramatic crashes and malfunctions of the cabal’s technologies as they are observed and documented by more and more witnesses, as many of their own original programed black op agents and personnel DEFECT TO THE LIGHT. Just like the thousands who have already in recent years chosen to go "spiritually awol" and have become "whistle blowers" against the cabal [such as those on "Project Camelot" on the internet]. There are to be many thousands more as a vast majority will accept our invitation for what we have termed the "Cosmic Silent Witnesses Program". Except in our Program, these "Witnesses and government whistle blowers do NOT HAVE TO BE SILENT--AND IN FACT, MUST SPEAK OUT WITH PASSION--as we of the Federation protect them--AS THEY REGAIN THEIR INTEGRITY AND BALANCE OUT THEIR NEGATIVE KARMA, THROUGH THE "COSMIC LAW OF GRACE". They are forgiven for any of those things that they were ordered to do that compromised their innocence and ethical standards of truth and justice.

      It is also true that right now, as this channel and others have observed through 3rd generation military grade night vision goggles, of the intense "Cleansing of the Heavens" that is going on as was prophesied in Revelation of the Bible. As we who are termed the "Angels of the Harvest" of the Celestial Host, clears the skies around Earth of any "Cosmic rift-raft" of the last vestiges of any renegade alien forces, as well as those ships of the cabal who have attempted to leave Earth and go to other places. These craft, which as this channel has used the very rough analogy of comparing them as "model T’s" with our Merkabah Light Ships being "Jaguars and Maseratis". These battles that have been observed through night vision goggles are always one sided, because when Earth UFO craft actually are ordered by their cabal leaders to fire upon our ships, the particle beams from their ships bounce back and ends up blowing themselves up, even though we warn them to please do not attempt to fire at our Federation ships.

      But as in numerous other more mundane cases in years past, of the more recognized military such as Air Force pilots being ordered to fire upon our ships, we always made sure that we would not endanger these military pilots. In a few instances because of what they were ordered to do which would have endangered their lives, we took evasion action that saved the life of the pilot, even though their aircraft ended up crashing back on Earth. These pilots usually chose to stay with us rather than going back to earth to actually be imprisoned and in many cases forced to end their military careers and locked away as a "prisoner of conscious". As it was very clear to them, once having had contact with us and being around those of us of the Federation, and the wonderful loving consciousness and fellowship that we enjoy on our level, most, as stated do not want to return back to their more mundane and lower consciousness level of Earth.

      Also, in many cases, besides this wonderful Fellowship and Higher vibrations of spiritual love that they experienced, they had also come into contact with their Cosmic True Love, one of our gorgeous Goddesses, Ladies, female Commanderesses aboard our Light Ships, that they had known prior to taking Earth embodiment. And in fact, many of these incidents were actually part of their mission to have such an encounter of returning, of having actually written this incident into their Life Script prior to taking Earth embodiment. In a benevolent sense, to have "infiltrated the war machine on planet Earth" and by their experience, they are able to help to eventually end the "National Security State" that has allowed the war machine to continue to operate for the power elite.

      So, too, these black op military crews who have been trained to pilot the Earth UFO anti gravity ships of the terrestrial cabal space fleet, who are programed and ordered to attack and fire upon our ships, we compassionately understand this intense mind control and indoctrination of being made into "superior feeling Universal soldiers". But usually, when their own ship is about to blow up from their own weapon’s beam bouncing harmlessly off of our force field, and we beam them off of their exploding-disintegrating craft, they usually experience suddenly being freed from all of this intense, heavy and negative programing. They usually, quite quickly, come back around to the Light and willingly choose to join us, and to help us to also "recruit" numerous other fellow former black op terrestrial space fleet personnel. These "Cosmic Recruiting Tactics of Universal Fellowship and Compassion" and regaining their true sovereignty once again, with all the unconditional love and joy that they are allowed to experience is a MIGHTY "WEAPON" AGAINST THE TACTICS OF THE CABAL AND ALL THE INTENSE and so-called fail safe "Manchurian candidate MK-Ultra" type brainwashing & programing that these black op warriors are put through. This earth level reprogramming used to be much more able to control these members of the covert military "alphabet soup agencies". But our Master "Cosmic Psychotherapists", like Voltra and other experts who have developed very powerfully effective "Cosmic Psychotherapy Techniques" through our "Elohim Consciousness Technologies", these negative programing techniques of the cabal are no match for our more powerful Technologies and techniques. In short, we are in the process of "Cosmic Consciousness Recruiting Program for the Light" of these former agents and personnel of the cabal. And as "Cosmic Consciousness" now replaces their former negative programed state, they are, of course, no longer of use to the cabal, and we welcome them back into their and your "Cosmic Extended Family" and as official members of the Federation of Light!"

      So do "Keep Your Eyes On the Skies" as these type of witnessed incidents do occur now more often as your "Deliverance Draweth Near" and ever closer and as we of the Celestial Host finish up the "Cleansing of the Heavens"--and the Recruiting and salvaging of many souls who have been controlled and used by the cabal. Now you also have a much clearer and thorough understanding of what is happening "behind the scenes" all over Earth and in the Heavens. Many Blessing in the Light to you all, This has been Lord Ashtar for the Ashtar Command and Federation of Light now signing out!

Adonai Vassu Berogus!"

      Michael: That was a most enlightening and insightful communication that I just received from Lord Ashtar regarding this and many other related incidents with the black op forces of the cabal, and confirming what many of us had already known or suspected, but giving more detail to the plans of the cabal.

      I Am sure that many of you may have heard about British UFO researcher Gary McKinnon, who was arrested for "hacking" into the the highly classified UFO files of the Pentagon that actually listed and documented the members of this terrestrial anti gravity Earth space fleet. The U.S. government wanted to force him to come over to the U.S. to face charges for his supposed "crime" of "hacking" into the Pentagon computers. The only reason that the officials were so upset about this particular case of so-called "hacking" was because of the particular type of information that he uncovered and exposed to the public, which did, as stated, verify and document the fact that this "terrestrial space fleet of black op anti-gravity ships does in fact exist.

      The statement by the "Anonymous" person that Ashtar was referring to that was mentioned at the end of the article about this "UFO crash" incident, is quoted here: (For those wanting to read more about this incident, go to Also, James Gililand, who I have recently interviewed again on my "Cosmic Connection" show, at, posted this article at his ECETI News posting on 8/28/10 at 3;20:24 PM):

     Anonymous said:

     "I witnessed one of these craft while on a training operation while in the Guard. These are partially lighter than air craft with static lift and also turbine lift engines on each corner. These are to be used in a disinfo campaign. I do not know the reason, but a project blue beam type of faked Alien invasion was brought up at the breakfast table by the other Guard and Air Guard folks who also witnessed this craft. They also mentioned our holographic tech, and the real reason Iraqi troops gave up w/out a fight in Gulf War I. It was not carpet bombing but them believing they were seeing their great prophet in the clouds speaking to them. The craft we saw, well it ws not just big, It was HUGE, this was a day light sighting so certain components were very visible. Draw your own conclusions, but if you see an announcement that we are at conflict w/an Alien race with live video of MANY dozens of these craft around the world in an Independence Day type of scenario. Do not drop to your knee's and give up all of your rights out of fear. Nor if you see the prophet of your religion on the clouds. Many will be deceived. They say intel ops are like magician shows. People believe w/they see way to easily.

My 2 Cents on this obvious and by the book dis-info project."

3:57 AM, August 29, 2010

      This was indeed, if we accept [most or at least some] of what this person has stated as truth, quite an "eye-opener" for most people. Though I have heard other similar stories from other whistle blowers, many who have shared their experiences on Project Camelot and at some UFO and Conspiracy conferences in recent years. Ashtar and the Federation of Light had already communicated to me briefly about these events, but now with this Channeling he had verified much more in detail of these events, and this quote from "Anonymous" only was one more of many verifications and confirmations that such activity has indeed been going on. Except that now it is wonderful to understand how the Federation of Light has also been in the process of recruiting many of these former members of this cabal terrestrial space fleet and that such incidents will most likely become more prevalent as we approach 2012 and beyond.

"Bio-Environmental Terrorism, Planetary Holocaust in the Gulf by the Cabal and Petitioning the Federation of Light for Divine Intervention" Channeled June 1, 2010

    Channeling from Lord Ashtar:

     "In the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command and Federation of Light, wanting to comment upon this recent Environmental disaster that has occurred in the Gulf of Mexico. As this horrendous situation has continued to go from bad to worse, it has become very clear, in the old Earthly tradition of ‘business as usual,’ that those in very high positions of power and influence do not really plan to solve this problem, as much as their P.R. representatives are attempting to put out the usual recycled disinformation [B.S.] to the contrary.

     For anyone on Earth who has studied and researched thoroughly, as this Channel, Michael, has, as well as what we, your ‘Friends Upstairs,’ of the Federation of Light have shared with him and many others of our fellow Channels and contactees for the Federation of Light, for many decades, you are aware of the historical fact that the oil companies (and the other ‘dark alchemists’ of the petrochemical cartel, in league with the pharmaceutical companies, with the backing of the power elite) have been basically guilty of mass  genocide and other horrendous crimes against humanity.  They have suppressed any and all forms of what would be termed ‘alternative exotic hyper-dimensional  technologies,’ which would not only very affectively and quickly clean up the Earth’s environment, but would totally ‘Energy Emancipate’ the entire human race and also would powerfully heal and eliminate every so-called disease known to man.

     It is a fact that numerous evil tactics have been used by this dark cabal that have allowed them to stay in power.  Yes, these crimes against Earth’s humanity, of suppressing these very wonderful opportunities and greater energy freedom and sovereignty, have included murder, blackmail, threats and intimidation.  Also, they have dispensed massive concentrations of disinformation, to keep the rest of the masses from knowing about the many numerous inventions from Nikola Tesla until only very recently. And talk about ‘insult upon injury,’ the cabal then took these very same technologies which should have only been used for humanitarian and uplifting purposes and ‘back engineered’ them into highly classified black op projects for total world control and manipulation of the entire Earth human race.

     This channel feels, as do all of us up here aboard our Merkabah Light Ships and in the Higher Councils of Light, that it is long past time of allowing these evil tactics to be allowed to continue.  We feel that with the new Cosmic frequencies that have lately been manifesting all over the planet, that all such hidden agendas will now be much more easily exposed and ultimately brought to an end, and that inevitably, very soon indeed, these very suppressed technologies will be forced out in the open and the people of Earth, newly liberated and sovereign, will be able to openly develop and create numerous technologies in the upcoming Golden Age, as Mother Earth also finishes her planetary Ascension.

     But, it is still just a few short years off before this becomes the accepted norm for the entire planet, and by then, not only will the old planetary cultural quarantine be long over, but everyone will be able to openly travel to and from other worlds of the Federation.

     However, for right now, in this immediate and serious ecological disaster in the Gulf that is only intensifying every hour of every day, we of the Federation of Light are concerned about the eminent upcoming hurricane season, and the possible consequences that could result by use of the very toxic solvent known as Corexit 9500.  As this channel has read, because of Corexit 9500’s extreme toxicity level, when it is mixed with the warm waters of the Gulf, its molecules can simply change from a liquid to a more gaseous form.  Yes, I will now verify that this concern is well founded by Earth scientists, and yes, as has been stated, that as this gaseous state is then absorbed by clouds, that the gas can then be released as what would be termed ‘toxic rain.’ This could lead to much more disastrous and catastrophic consequences, which could also end up helping to destroy all life forms, from humans to animals and plants and all organisms living in and above the Gulf.  And this, in turn, could soon easily spread to other areas further away--and ultimately around the entire planet within weeks or months--that is, if it is not stopped right away. But I want to also state for the ‘Cosmic and Planetary Record,’ that as this channel read in the very recent e-mail [COOPRADIO: The New 9/11: BP’s False Flag operation in the Gulf to wreck the Environment -- Leuren Moret] I will officially put this whole thing in a much clearer perspective.  Yes, on most levels--or rather on a majority of levels, of the cabal or power elite, this whole incident was just merely a combination of greed and refusing to adhere to what would be termed ‘safety guidelines and cautionary regulations,’ which would have prevented this very disaster from occurring in the first place.  So there was on these levels, at least no covert or evil intent for this to have become what is has.

     But, on another, much higher, level within the very upper echelons of the power elite, there are those who have always plotted and planned, in their evil intent, to use whatever they can to literally exterminate over two thirds of Earth’s humanity, as in a planetary holocaust, whether it be through the toxic chemtrail aerosol spraying program, or mass deadly vaccinations, and any of the other many hidden agendas of the power elite.  These older, hard core negative reptilian, shape-shifting human-impersonating heads of the 13 ruling family dynasties at the very top of the Illuminati pyramid of ultimate power have been desperately looking for ways to speed up the ‘Global 2000’ plan of planetary genocide. This has not been going as fast as they had wanted, partly because of the fact that we of the Federation of Light in Guardian Action around this planet have been very closely monitoring these various evil plans and agendas, and neutralizing them.  We have been doing this not only directly from our ships, but also by personally beaming down to sit invisibly within the very boardrooms of the Illuminati corporate heads. This, by the way, for us or any other Being of Light, is not a very comfortable thing to do, to be in the presence of so many dark reptilian--luciferian, and what would be termed very toxic evil satanic energies that they have been conjuring up for many ages.

     After these various ‘anonymous and unannounced visits’ to these Illuminati strongholds, in which they thought that these meetings were always unable to be ‘penetrated’ on either a physical or so-called ‘psychic’ level, we have recently made clear to them, the fact that, while we do not normally engage in what would be termed ‘invasion of one’s privacy and sovereignty’--which they engage in all the time against the mass population through all kinds of ‘big brother’ tactics through black op monitoring and surveillance technologies-- that we are able to do so when necessary.

     Well, as I and other fellow space brothers and sisters up here have told this channel, which he has shared with many others, ‘Yes, big brother is monitoring you--but guess what, Big Space Brother is also monitoring them!’  And like the old expression, ‘two can play the game’--but for two very different reasons and outcomes.

     We of the Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy want to make sure that the cabal will not succeed with its plan for total world control and with the various plans for planetary holocaust.  So, under our Federation Laws that are referred to as the Galactic Pacts, we are allowed to closely monitor any and all activities that would be termed dangerous for Mother Earth’s well being as well as basic survival.  And this especially is true when the intent is to destroy, control and/or manipulate all life upon Earth.  This becomes even more important and urgent, and of a high priority, when those in high positions of power, whether they be on Earth or any planet throughout the universe, are plotting in absolute evil and when they have already been warned by us many times in the past, of how what they are doing is totally against Federation’s--as well as God’s--Universal Laws and sacred principals, which also allow peace and progress not only on Earth, but anywhere throughout the universe. This is also one of the reasons that we (and those of you fellow Volunteers presently in Earth embodiment when you were up here with us as a part of and members of our Higher Councils of Light and helped us) formed our Federation of Light, also known by many other names: Intergalactic Confederation, Galactic Federation, Universal Alliance of Peace, etc.

     In so many of the earlier ‘false flag’ events, such as that referred to as 9-11, as this channel knows, as do many other fellow channels and contactees of our Federation also know, that during that cabal-staged event for more control and to create more F.E.A.R. [False Evidence Appearing Real] over the masses, we did literally physically beam up out of those buildings seconds before they were brought down by the cabal, a majority of the people who were inside.

     This particular event was also allowed, though, by us, for it was a major planetary wake-up call, and a call for Truth and Accountability, that has backfired upon the cabal. This caused the majority of Earth’s population, like a sleeping giant waking up, to refuse to be willing go along with these numerous hidden agendas and the ‘conspiracy of silence’ that the power elite have been desperately attempting to force upon everyone and everything on Earth.  And, sadly, as we have stated many times, we can, with ‘unbearable compassion,’ forgive the power elite for all their crimes--and attempted crimes--against Earth’s humanity.  But we cannot allow for them to any longer ‘run ripshod over humanity,’ and we have, as stated, ‘Officially Cosmically Given Notice’ to them; we have given them the Final Ultimatum.  That is, if they continue with these various plans and plots to control and/or destroy the Earth in any way, that they, these souls who have with evil intent continued to attempt such destruction and death, that ultimately their very souls will be ‘Recycled thru the God Head to be as if they had ever existed.’  And we must now begin to step in much more overtly and make our presence, we of the Federation, more overtly known--and make known our Authority, as given to us by God and the Spiritual Hierarchy, to stop any and all plans that threaten all life upon Earth.  This is also why that, very soon, mass planetary Divine Intervention and World Wide Evacuation must officially begin, just as this channel has very clearly and in detail described in his book [Prepare For The Landings!--go to], and just as we had channeled earlier through Lady Tuella when she was in Earth embodiment back in the early 80’s [Project: World Evacuation by the Ashtar Command].

     But, to specifically refer to this most recent event in the Gulf, this event was actually ‘initiated or targeted’ by these hard core power elite minions, in their insane lust for total power and control, and still fanatically plotting as ‘denial spirits’ that they have always been since they helped incite the original galactic Luciferian Rebellion. They, or rather the black ops that they control, used what would be termed a form of negative ‘psychotronic energy weapon,’ similar to the type of weapon system used to bring down the Minnesota Bridge a couple of years ago [see channeling about this in ‘Channeled Material’ section of]. This literally, as in a form of ‘exotic sabotage,’ as compared to just a more mundane form that most on Earth have suspected, caused, nevertheless, a weakening and manipulation of the more normal, but inadequate, mechanical oil system that was in place.  They took advantage of the already sloppy condition that was irresponsibly not being kept up to regulations in the first place.

     So, as was described as part of the heading of the e-mail, of this being the newer ‘9-11 False Flag,’ it is in a sense accurate to refer to it as such, because of what these die-hard fanatical Illuminati heads are still plotting to do, and that is the total death and destruction of the entire planet and all its life.  In other words, as in the old adage, ‘If we can’t have it, neither will the rest of humanity be allowed by us to have it.’  This is their fanatical and arrogant response to our Official Warning to them, to ‘cease and desist’ with any and all plans that they have been plotting to fulfill for total world control, or, as we like to refer to it, the ‘old world odor’--because it ‘stinks to High Heaven.’ Their plans, had, of course, also involved martial law and the activation of those 800 concentration camps, many more staged 9-11 type events to attempt to induce much more F.E.A.R. into the human race, and the establishment of a fascist one world system, controlled by a central computer and the dreaded forced ‘mark of the Beast’ upon everyone living upon the Earth.

     Well, at least that has been their ultimate plan.  But there is an old saying, ‘There’s plans, and then there’s life.’  Just recall, as in the Biblical story of one--and actually many--city(s) that was ‘prophesied that it was to be destroyed by God’ because of how evil the inhabitants were, but as it turned out, it was spared and not destroyed because the people ‘became religious’ and mended their ways, God spared them, and this ‘prophecy of God’ was never fulfilled.   Well, in these earlier times, when the masses changed or rather altered their ways and consciousness, which were originally destructive to the Earth, and when we also, of course, helped to influence and Overshadow them, this caused another actual time line to manifest in place of the other time line, and this caused those ‘prophecies of God’ of the past to be proven inaccurate.

     Consider that the late 3rd/early 4th century Council of Nicea members altered and covered up so much about Jesus’s life, just like the more modern Warren Commission on the Kennedy assassination, which covered up the true facts of the Conspiracy, or the Condon Report that explained away most UFO and ET Reports, or the more recent ‘9-11 Commission’ that covered up the true facts of 9-11 for the power elite with whom they were connected.  They had to answer to these very same power elite now in control of the planet--up until now, and they were determined to manipulate all historical events that documented and verified how we had Divinely Intervened many times back in those earlier times.  Of course, the Truth is still there to be able to be discerned by someone who has developed a strong sense of Discernment and ‘Cognitive Deductive Reasoning.’

     What we also did in those earlier times was to create a new time line and those original ‘Official religious prophecies of God’ did not occur. So, too, this power elite would want all to believe that all the present ‘Revelation Prophecies’ must and will occur as described in the New Testament, and that this is set in stone by God and cannot be changed or altered.  They would have us believe that somehow God or Divine Intelligence is so extremely ‘rigidly anally retentive’ that God cannot, just as He/She did back then, alter the entire ‘fabric of the Time/Space Continuum’ and create another, entirely different time line that is much better, more ‘Cosmically User Friendly’ to everyone and everything living and existing upon planet Earth in a much bigger and more powerful way, that transmutes and alters any and all plans of the cabal.  We are the Guardians of Light, who will make sure that God’s new and real plans will occur as Divinely Decreed and Petitioned by those of you who, as stated, are still members of our Councils.

     But this was exactly what these same ‘religious priests,’ who were controlled by the power elite then, were stating, to forget about saving your city and environment, that it must be destroyed because it is ‘God’s Will and absolute plan.’  But now it can be just as then, when many turned from their ‘evil and wicked ways’ and altered their consciousness and PETITIONED AND DECREED AND PRAYED TO GOD AND HIS HEAVENLY HOSTS.  We are the ‘Angels of the Harvest of the Celestial Host,’ who uphold God’s Divine Laws and have the Authority.  Yes, a MANDATED AUTHORITY is also given to us by our Creator, to change the time line again, as in ancient times, to ALSO PROVE SOME OR MANY OF THESE MODERN DAY PROPHECIES ALSO WRONG.  For all Prophecies are only warnings of events to occur--only if that original time line fulfills itself, but if a new time line replaces the older one, then another series of events instead occurs--just as it did in earlier times.

     We know that for many the New Testament, as it was in earlier times, with the earlier teachings of the church, is the absolute and final word of God.  But, as stated earlier, we know God, our Radiant One, to be much more powerful and evolved and flexible and forgiving and compassionate and Transformational than the God that so many very traditional religious people of Earth think of.  And we know of God’s power to change and transform--and this includes as many time lines and parallel levels of reality as needed to heal and transform all life and consciousness, with the least amount of pain as possible, to bring joy and beauty and the ‘Cosmic Law of Grace’ and the upcoming Golden Age of peace.  And not just for a mere ‘thousand years’--this was just another attempt to put a ‘spin’ upon the real Truth by those in the Council of Nicea. It is meant that Earth will finally experience its Ascension and become FOREVER a Higher Dimensional World of Light, that it will never go back to a lower vibrational frequency of being a karmic training school as it has been, and that it will never have to experience again all the suffering that the power elite forced it to go through up until now.

     It is for this reason, as stated, of what the cabal has done, to attempt to continue to create more suffering and total destruction to Mother Earth and all life, which is just one more reason that I AM personally calling upon all of those of you who are our Volunteers in Earth embodiment, yes, our Emissaries of Light, that even now still represent our Higher Councils.  Since the majority of you who are here in Earth embodiment, prior to taking embodiment this one last time to finish up helping us liberate Mother Earth from the hands of those who have controlled and manipulated her with unmercifulness, greed and exploitation, since you are still Representatives in the Higher Councils, it is time for all of you to officially ‘Rise to the Occasion,’ to sincerely and powerfully Officially Petition, Decree and Invoke through the Divine Will of God our Creator, that Divine Intervention will very soon be allowed in this situation in the Gulf and the surrounding area.  For as I sensed this channel’s own thoughts of deep concern yesterday as he thought about this very thing, know that by even one of you being willing to ‘Cosmically Petition’ us, as in numerous past situations, we of the Federation of Light have made the official decision to Intervene and neutralize numerous extremely toxic and deadly dangers that were and are threatening all life upon Earth.  And it becomes even more powerful when ‘two are standing together’ and then others join their ranks, and on and on and it builds up for even greater MANDATED AUTHORITY for us to then take immediate and powerful action!

     This channel has shared with many others of the time years ago while living in Florida, that he very passionately and sincerely called out to us, and in a sense he did ‘Cosmically Petition’ us, when he observed the heavy concentrations of those very toxic chemtrails, that the cabal had sprayed in a grid pattern over his backyard.  As he then observed late one night, after being telepathically summoned to ‘go outside and take a look at the night sky,’ a large and very bright green fireball suddenly shot across the night sky, which was, of course, one of our Merkabah Light Ships specially designed for transmuting and eliminating all kinds of atmospheric pollution.  In this case, as he was told by those aboard the ship, that just as in much earlier years when massive green fireball sightings occured over New Mexico and Nevada back in the ‘50’s, which was when much nuclear testing by the government started up, that our ships manifested many times as ‘green fireball’ sightings as we transmuted and dropped the very extreme radiation levels to much more bearable levels.

     It is also true then, that numerous of our earlier contactees of that early ‘flying saucer’ era of the ‘50’s did, in fact, also ask us sincerely and passionately--yes, they, too, ‘officially Cosmically PETITIONED’ us to please step in to allow help and Divine Intervention to occur--and it did, also partly because we were monitoring the extreme levels of radiation that were being manifested through these nuclear tests, and we were given MANDATED AUTHORITY, on the BEHALF OF THE ENTIRE EARTH HUMAN RACE AND ALL LIFE FORMS, AND FOR MOTHER EARTH HERSELF.

     Also, as I personally told this channel many years ago, when he was just a child, while he was watching President Kennedy’s news conference on the Cuban missile crisis, and I etherically popped in to stand near him, nuclear war will NOT be allowed by our Federation, even though the world leaders would hold this ‘specter’ of a possible nuclear accident or some extremist group obtaining a nuke suitcase and detonating it, over the masses’ heads as just another F.E.A.R. tactic for control and manipulation.  As this channel also knows, as I confirmed to him, many [thousands] of times our Federation Light Ships, otherwise referred to as UFO’s have come down over many military bases to either shut down and/or neutralize certain very perilous and dangerous situations.  These would have been disastrous if we had not directly and powerfully intervened, as in a benevolent show of force, and would have ended up destroying much life and Mother Earth herself.

     As this channel has also observed right after his own Official Petitioning to do something about the very toxic chemtrails, he has observed many times when chemtrails have first manifested all over the sky, and then one or more of those ‘lenticular’ (saucer shaped) clouds will manifest. These are, of course, our ships, either in the etheric and/or physical presence hidden behind this ionization, while we clear out the sky.  Or, he would see the chemtrails still visibly there, but the very extreme toxic effects of all these deadly petrochemical poisons from the ‘dark alchemists’ were now lessened or transmuted as compared to before. Of course, as in all situations, we have to allow humanity to learn from its mistakes and to take as much responsibility as possible for its actions, morally and ethically, and the karmic laws must be answered to.

     But at the same time, these new and powerful Cosmic Energies are coming forth, which contain that termed the ‘Cosmic Law of Grace,’ as more and more souls on Earth have Awakened and asked, with deep heartfelt sincerity and forgiveness, to allow Divine Intervention. This is also a sign that most of humanity has truly learned its karmic lessons and now passionately desires to be sovereign caretakers and Guardians to Mother Earth.  We hear these pleadings from your heart flames, these desires and dreams for joyous and wondrous Transformation and a return to beauty and freedom. Yes, these are a form also of ‘Cosmically Petitioning’ the Higher Forces of Light to now step in and stop those forces that do not value the truly sacred principles of life and creation.

     But now that I have spoken personally, and also I speak on the behalf of the entire Federation of Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy, I ask if you would now SPECIFICALLY FOCUS UPON THIS SITUATION IN THE GULF and each and every one of you will now reach out to us and specifically decree for us to now take action. Then this can now become an Official Mass Petition for the entire human race and all life forms and for Mother Earth herself, which will also end up causing a more immediate end to the suppression of those alternative exotic hyperdimensional technologies.

     I know that this channel has already asked me yesterday as he was getting ready to receive this transmission-channeling from me, that ‘if’ or rather WHEN we will Intervene, could it be done in a overt state, of our ships physically appearing over the Gulf area and can it be observed and realized by witnesses that we are indeed stepping in now to HELP clean up this mess?  And I will reply that yes, perhaps this could be arranged--but we also know that to announce ahead of time that we are definitely going to do so, just as if we would also accurately prophecy of the exact date that mass planetary Divine Intervention will occur, that this would also be a chance for the cabal to attempt to manipulate it into a ‘negative alien invasion’ scenario, which is the last thing we want to occur.

     So, without giving an exact date of our arrival, I will tell you that as we do receive a massive ‘Cosmic Petitioning,’ this does give us a much needed and required ‘MANDATED AUTHORITY’ of the highest priority to more overtly intervene in this disaster within the Gulf.  This very action of ‘making the Call,’ of taking the extra effort to ‘Cosmically Petition,’ is also actually an indication of the person’s personal desire to take greater self responsibility and of their compassion for humanity, rather than the desire to escape from any responsibility, which is the ‘spin’ that those agents of disinformation within the UFO community have attempted to state in regard to us intervening.  This, of course, does not mean that we are going to ‘solve all your problems’ for you or not allow you to take as much responsibility as is possible.  This has always been our concern, of neither making it ‘too easy’ nor ‘too hard’ for our Volunteers.  We always strive to inspire and Overshadow our Volunteers to take whatever appropriate actions and responsibility which are necessary to fulfill your missions.  And in regard to so many whom we have been monitoring who have individually and sincerely come up with numerous and innovative ideas to help clean up this mess, we also note that most of these ideas have been ignored by the officials, not only because there is no profit to be made from such actions, but because those in power do not really want to solve this problem, especially if it means having to face responsibility for their actions, which will also force the end of the suppression of those clean and advanced technologies which will definitely not only energy emancipate everyone on Earth, but will ultimately cause the end of the corrupt corporations and cabal once and for all! So, bottom line, we have monitored and observed literally millions and in fact, billions of souls right now on Earth who want to do something, but are being blocked by this same old ‘good ole boy’ patriarchal group of power elite and all the bureaucracies and red tape used to keep others who really do want to make powerful change blocked from taking very powerful and effective action.  And I, for one, and the entire Federation of Light agrees with me, that it is time to end the reign of the cabal and their destruction to Mother Earth and all of life, and to stop their attempts to block the sincere desires of the heart from being fulfilled.

     I gave my word ages ago, that when I was given the responsibility under our great Commander-In-Chief, of our entire Intergalactic Confederation, to fulfill the modern plans for this upcoming and final planetary Divine Intervention and World Wide Evacuation, that this time, unlike those much earlier and smaller and more emergency planetary Divine Interventions, that this time every soul on Earth would be ‘Accounted’ for.  That is, that all souls would have a chance to not only ‘make it off the endless wheel of karma,’ but would also have enough time to make their own personal Ascension, just as Lord Jesus the Christ/Sananda/Yesua did over 2,000 year ago.

     And, as this channel also received that greater ‘technological confirmation’ of His ‘Ascension and Resurrection’ by fellow Volunteer Andrew Basiago when he was a child and part of that top secret classified ‘Project Pegasus,’ I confirm that he (Andrew) did indeed not only physically travel through time, but also that his mission for being a Volunteer in Earth embodiment from the Federation was to, as Archangel Michael likes to say, to ‘go on his Cosmic Spiritual Espionage Mission of Light.’ It was destined that by infiltrating these type of classified black op projects, he would be able to eventually be one of the many ‘Whistle Blowers’ whom we have protected with our new ‘Cosmic Silent Witness Program.’ But, unlike those witnesses against mundane criminal Mafia years ago, these ‘Cosmic Whistle Blowers’ are not supposed to be silent, but instead speak out boldly and passionately to expose and ultimately put an end to the misuse of this type of technologies, and force it to be declassified and given to the public where it should have always been available instead of suppressed just for the power elite."

     [Note from Michael: For those wishing to hear some of my interviews with Andrew Basiago, go to, and all of my "Cosmic Connection" shows are archived for one’s listening convenience later. The "Cosmic Connection" show that was broadcast on the Saturday before Easter Sunday, 2010, was specifically about Andrew sharing with me and the audience about how he watched a classified film of a process referred to as "Chronovision," in which the technologies of Project Pegasus actually video taped the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus 2000 years ago, and they also videotaped the false flag of 9-11 over thirty years before it actually occurred]

     "As we come to the end of this transmission-channeling, it is with great passion of my own that I have shared with you all of not only just a few earlier instances of cases of Divine Intervention, and how these were made into a definite case of ‘MANDATED AUTHORITY.’  Those of you who are Volunteers in Earth embodiment, you still officially represent our Councils--and you are so very unlike your so-called ‘elected’ earth representatives, who are mostly all just ‘puppets for the puppet masters,’ and do not really represent you in the ways that they should.  You also are representing the people of Earth and are ‘Cosmic Intermediaries between Heaven and Earth’ and can act upon our and their sincere and passionate requests and Petitions and Prayers and Decrees.  These are and always have been ‘Required Intergalactic Protocol Procedures’ of the Federation, which still respects free will and the desires of the heart, and allows us to then Officially act upon the best interests and desires of an entire human race.  And we have monitored these sincere desires, and as more of you now more consciously and boldly specifically Petition us to take specific and focused action in the Gulf, there will be a definite and specific outcome that will begin to reverse the more potentially destructive affects of this before it can continue to worsen, as it would most definitely do if we did not step in immediately.

     So make the Call, Cosmically Petition us, and one day, as you all stand before our Councils once again, and are looking back on this moment, you will remember of how and what you wanted and attempted to do to solve this great ecological disaster in the making.  And you shall review the fact as well, as we have discussed in other recent channelings, that there is a group of those of you who are in fact, ‘Consciousness Future Time Travelers,’ whose ‘Higher Oversoul Future Selves’ [kind of like that old ‘Quantum Leap’ T.V. show, but much more advanced, using Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies] have recently started to merge back into this past-present Time Line.  Let me confirm that you are all indeed beginning to alter and change the old time line into a different time line, which is why we have also stated that ‘the future is not set in concrete.’  That is also the reason that any ‘Religious Prophecies’ are open to be changed and are NOT the ‘absolute final word of God,’ just like those Biblical cities that were prophesied to be destroyed, but were not. So too, now, each of you will one day look back on whether you did ‘Officially Rise to the Occasion’ and fulfilled these ‘Galactic Protocol Procedures.’

     One final word is that the two very evolved souls known as St. John of Revelation and Nostradamus are both working together and with us to powerfully alter their own prophecies, so that not so many souls would have to suffer or even go through so much trauma during this new Time Line change and the Transition of Mother Earth from the old denser 3D planet into the Higher 5th Dimension.

     And, as this channel likes to say at the end of his ‘Cosmic Connection’ show, ‘Keep Your Eyes on the Skies!’

     This has been Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command and for the Federation of Light signing off.  Blessings to you all!

Adonai Vassu Berrogus!"       

"The Return of Wormwood, Planetary Divine Intervention
and Effects of Consciousness Time Travel"
Channeled May 17, 2010

     I was attempting to finalize getting the final draft of the updated 2nd edition of my book, "Prepare For The Landings!" (, which was at the publisher's, and which was taking much longer than I thought it should have, and there seemed to be a number of last minute "SNAFUS" that held up this process, as well as having been guided to add the last section "ATT: Project Pegasus & Montauk Time Travel Agents."

     A few days later, with there being a few more little delays (of course, this was during the final days of a Mercury Retrodrade period--so it really was not too surprising that both "SNAFUS & good 'ol "Murphy's Law" were both attempting to screw everything up!), I was guided to overhear Sheldon Day’s show that was being broadcast over the internet (broadcast over the "Orion Network").  The specific subject matter that Sheldon was discussing with his guest was all about what many others have also been talking about, that there is plenty of evidence, both known publicly as well as suppressed by the cabal or power elite, which supports the fact that there is a very large celestial body, which has been given different names, such as Wormwood, Niburu and Planet X, and that it is fast approaching this solar system in its orbit and will soon, probably within the next few years, pass very close to Earth, within millions of miles.

     I had until recently, and especially until Sheldon’s show, not given much thought about the possibility of real major planetary destruction because of this large celestial body passing close to Earth. I had been told in past communications that if this body did pass close to Earth that the Federation of Light does have the technology, if need be, to either move it around to another part of the Universe--and if necessary, as in several documented cases of reports of UFO’s or Light Ships actually blowing up large meteoroids right before they struck the Earth, in considering any of the many thousands of smaller celestial bodies that are accompanying Wormwood on its possible return journey past Earth, that the Federation would also disintegrate any of these celestial debris before they would be able to strike Earth.

     But in all the literature and information that others were discussing about Wormwood, I had not heard anyone also mention the fact that if it did really threaten the extinction of all life on Earth, as it had when it came through the solar system before, that this time there was to also be mass planetary Divine Intervention. Basically, in the minds of these other researchers, we are all to be on our own as far as attempting to survive without any outside help. These researchers talk about how the power elite has known about this returning celestial body for many years and has, in fact, built their huge network of deep underground bases in an attempt to escape this coming planetary disaster, and they have also had built a secret black-op antigravity fleet of Earth UFO craft and are even now attempting to leave Earth and go to other places in the Universe.  But in this case, the Federation has stopped them from being able to go to other worlds where they would have attempted to control those worlds just had they had on Earth.

     It was, in fact, right after listening to this show on Wormwood, that I knew that our Friends Upstairs wanted to Channel specifically about this possible upcoming event:   

Lord Ashtar’s and Commander Soltec’s Channeling:

     "Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One! This is Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, of the Federation of Light, wanting to comment upon what this Channel has recently heard on the Sheldon Day Show [the Orion Network on the internet] in regard to that celestial body that is known as Wormwood, Niburu, Planet X and other names.

      First, I wish for all who will read this Channeling-Transmission to know a very important fact before I and another well known Commander within my Command, known as Soltec, share specific information with everyone regarding Wormwood.  Also we have guided this Channel to place ‘at the last minute’ this Channeling in the newer 2nd edition of his book Prepare For The Landings!--which is one of the main reasons for the longer-than-normal delay he experienced in being able to accomplish all the work needed to finish the final publishing process, to get this book ready to print up copies.

     The fact I want to emphasize regarding any information that you may have heard about the return of this huge planet and its effect upon planet Earth, is that whatever may or may not occur, know with certainty that we in the Federation of Light have been closely monitoring this celestial body as it has been approaching the outer reaches of this solar system on its return back here again.  And, it has been our plan for many years, to Intervene--just as we did in previous visits of Niburu when it came into the solar system, and did cause massive planetary upheavals and cataclysms in its close approach.  

     But what most of those who speak of these various previous visits do not mention is that we in the Federation also Intervened at those times and Evacuated all whom we could, all whose vibrational-Consciousness was attuned to our Higher Frequencies.  It is also true, at these earlier times, these Planetary Divine Interventions and World Wide Evacuations were much, much smaller in scope, partially because, as I will admit, we in the Federation were also not, as what you would term, as ‘organized’ and as Prepared as we are now. Now there are many more millions of our Merkabah Light Ships in Guardian Action around Earth for this more imminent return of Wormwood.  In fact, because this Channel’s wonderful book, that he was always destined to publish, is now going to help more powerfully Prepare Earth’s humanity ahead of time, this will help so many millions in the next couple years to more consciously understand that we are Prepared, as we have been for many years to lift up all who are ready and Prepared for Divine Intervention.

     We of the Federation of Light want everyone to really understand this very important point, to not allow FEAR to cloud your minds and consciousness when you hear of this--what we in the Federation of Light refer to as a POSSIBLE future event.  I Am emphasizing this word POSSIBLE planetary destructive event this time--as compared to any previous visits by Wormwood or Niburu. I intend for you to know, just as this Channel has emphasized in his book, of the fact that the upcoming planetary Divine Intervention and world wide evacuation is considered a SACRED PROMISE and ‘COSMIC DONE-DEAL,’ and that if necessary, we will definitely lift up all on Earth who are, as I mentioned, attuned to our Higher Frequencies prior to any very destructive mass affects from this incoming celestial body’s close approach to Earth’s surface.

     There are reasons why we in the Federation have emphasized this planetary by-pass may or may not turn out as so-called destructive for Earth as in previous times, of ending most life on the surface of Earth. For this I Am going to stand aside for he known as Commander Soltec, to now communicate, as briefly as possible, perhaps a little more ‘scientifically,’ the various factors affecting POSSIBLE outcomes, of how this event, as with all so-called ‘future events’ is not ‘set in concrete’ and can definitely be powerfully affected by various other factors, both ‘known and unknown.’

     Light and Love to you all! This has been Lord Ashtar, and I now pass the ‘Cosmic Baton’ to my friend Commander Soltec."

     "Greetings to all, this is Commander Soltec!  For those who are not familiar with me, one of my many responsibilities and missions as part of the great fleets of our vast Universal Federation of Light, is as a ‘Cosmic astrophysicist and scientist.’ I and fellow ‘Cosmic scientists and astrophysicists’ have been very busy monitoring and recording for the Federation all conditions that affect planet Earth.  And it is through this research, which is also obtained through what is termed ‘Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies,’ that certain conditions have become obvious to us, while other dynamics in regard to this subject of the return of what has been referred to as Wormwood are still not that obvious or definite regarding what Ashtar referred to as POSSIBLE effects to Earth, as compared to the earlier visits of this celestial body.

     One of the more powerful aspects that can and most certainly will influence what Ashtar has specifically referred to as POSSIBLE outcomes, which this Channel has also mentioned a number of times recently because of his conscious awareness of this subject. is regarding what he and we refer to as ‘Consciousness Time Travel.’

     This refers to the fact, quite simply, that a large number of fellow Command members, who are presently on Earth in this ‘present-past lifetime,’ as Volunteers in Earth embodiment, whose FUTURE OVER SOUL HIGHER SELVES, who as interpreted thru the old dense 3rd dimensional chronological timeline, are literally from the future, have started to recently merge with their ‘present-past conscious selves.’  This Cosmic Team of fellow ‘Consciousness Time Travelers’ are now beginning to ‘consciously Awaken’ to this fact that their Cosmic Future Higher Selves are now merging into this past time line to TOTALLY ALTER AND CHANGE the future of this time line, as the Earth spiritually ascends from the 3rd into the 5th density state.

     This Channel also has mentioned this to others he has networked with, and this was even referred to several nights ago, during his channeling of fellow Cosmic Being of Light, Lord Rowcan [this channeling from Lord Rowcan be be heard by going to, in the archives of the ‘Launching Pad’ metaphysical meetings every Wednesday night in Sedona, AZ.  These meetings can also be heard live though SKYPE].  When William Alek asked Rowcan about Wormwood coming by Earth and causing massive destruction, Rowcan replied basically that the future is not all preset and that IN FACT CAN BE CHANGED MANY TIMES OVER, which is true. We in the Federation, with what I referred to earlier as ‘Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies,’ are allowed in some situations to literally move or teleport planets and other large celestial bodies instantaneously, if need be, all the way across the galaxy and universe.

     Add to this fact, as well, that these recent new Cosmic Energies that have started to manifest around Earth and all throughout the universe that have never existed before, are forcing Accountability upon everyone upon Earth and will most likely in these next couple years--as we rapidly approach 2012, begin to powerfully force all so-called cover-ups and conspiracies by the cabal or power elite to be fully exposed to the rest of humanity.

    These same new Cosmic Frequencies are also--in a very powerful positive way--unpredictable in just exactly what the outcome of the Time Line will end up being within the next few years, of which exact Time Line will end up being the final manifestation as planet Earth finishes its planetary Ascension.  For in a sense, we all up here who are in Guardian Action around the Earth, observe what I will simply refer to as the intensification of certain ‘interdimensional time-space warp phenomenon  anomalies’ that are starting to increase as we approach 2012. This also includes Star Gates and other ancient portals that have been closed or shut down, which will now begin to be reactivated and opened up.  This is also why this channel has been guided to conduct his own Cosmic Vortex Tours of Sedona to help in grounding the old Star Gate in that area back into physical reality once again.  Of course, this is also partly why the government built that black-op underground base near the Boynton Canyon area, back in the late ‘80’s, to attempt to monitor this re-manifestation of the Star Gate when it finally does reactivate.

     There is much more that we could speak about regarding these phenomena, but let it suffice to state, what with these different dynamics as already referred to, we are all, in a sense, starting to emerge into ‘uncharted territory’ regarding just exactly what the outcome will be to Earth. As far as how much--or anything at all, whether the usual previous and ancient so-called destructive outcome by Wormwood to planet Earth is to also occur this time as it approaches, but which on many levels, was also a very intense Cleansing for the planet when these former Cataclysms previously occurred, is yet to be known. Or whether, as Ashtar was implying, that this future will not occur because of the strong possibility that those of you who are part of this FUTURE CONSCIOUSNESS TIME TRAVEL TEAM will very soon accomplish your mission and cause, like that proverbial ‘hundredth monkey affect,’ the mass awakening of the population of the planet, and this shifts everything around.

     This mass planetary Awakening has recently already started and is quickly accelerating--and so it is, in a literal sense a ‘race against time’ for enough souls to awaken fast enough, along with our Higher help. This will literally determine what, just exactly, will be the outcome of the timeline, or rather which exact Time Line is about to fully manifest, and this will determine whether Wormwood will really have any or very much destructive affect on all life and civilization.

     Smaller and recent examples of how one’s consciousness impacts and affects the physical and material universe and all levels of reality around you were very simply and effectively demonstrated and documented in such films and books as What the Bleep, The Secret and Dr. Emoto’s Messages from Water, these being only three of numerous examples of obvious ‘consciousness mind-over-mattter demonstrations.’ So the only difference between these very simple examples and that of affecting and influencing Wormwood, is really just for you all to think, envision, and manifest your spiritual power and influence on a slightly bigger scale--with us of the Federation, with our Higher Elohim Consciousness Technology helping to back-up all your efforts, because your efforts have also given us Mandated Authority to Divinely Intervene.        This also goes for the possible destructive affects of the whole Grid of Earth being totally knocked out by POSSIBLE sunspot activity, as well as especially the sudden increase of extreme temperatures which, if it does occur, would cause that no one would survive unless we Evacuated the Earth, as is very realistically portrayed in the movie Knowing..

     Again, this is NOT SET IN CONCRETE, especially if enough of you spiritually communicate with the Solar Logos, Helios and Vesta, and you ask with positive, loving intent to have the affects mitigated of the possible intensification of such sun spot activity which would normally be increased by Wormwood’s close proximity to the sun and within the solar system.  But perhaps, as the old saying goes, ‘action speaks louder than words,’ in that if the end of the suppression of that referred to as ‘zero point technologies’ is finally allowed, as we think will also occur shortly, and these technologies are allowed to be used on a mass level, these technologies being much more ‘user friendly’ for Mother Earth, then this will also more greatly balance out the negative karma created by the use of all the other very destructive technologies presently in use.

     As we come to the end of this Channeling, we of the Federation of Light want to emphasize again to everyone that if conditions do get as extreme as some believe will occur, we of the Federation of Light give you our SACRED PROMISE that we will activate World Wide Evacuation and beam up everyone who have Prepared themselves vibrationally for this time.  Of course, as this Channel has also presented throughout his book, even if it is not necessary to Evacuate because of this possible planetary Emergency, we are still going to soon activate planetary Divine Intervention and world wide evacuation as a much more peaceful ‘Cosmic R. & R.’ opportunity for all those of you who are fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment who have earned this chance to return back amongst us for a short vacation.  Either way, Evacuation will officially soon occur, with the Waves of Evacuation either spread out over a longer period of time, or more compressed together to occur in a much shorter period of time.  Either way, know that this most dramatic of planetary and Cosmic events will soon occur--and as this Channel likes to say, until it does occur—‘Keep Your Eyes on the Skies!’

     This has been Commander Soltec, along with Lord Ashtar, now signing out.  Be at peace to all of you!  And, as you hear of this information from many different sources, do use your Discernment and that termed  ‘Cognitive Deductive Reasoning’ so you may know the Truth and the greater choices that are in harmony to the best possible Created Outcome for the entire human race.  And we stand by to back up and support your efforts and future positive manifestations for all! 

Adonai Vassu Berogus!".


"Resist Mandatory Vaccinations With Cosmic Help!"
Channeled August 16, 2009

This is another in a series of "Intergalactic Commentaries" from the Higher Forces of Light, who are very benevolent, human appearing Elohim E.T.’s that surround this planet in Guardian Action, in their Merkabah Light Ships.  They will channel through me, Michael Ellegion, and comment upon various different important and significant news events, some reported through the mainstream media, but also from various alternative news sources.  These channeled "Commentaries" will give an Intergalactic and often "behind-the-scenes" perspective, from the Higher Forces of Light, to enlighten humanity in their ongoing Mission of making sure this planet will not only survive all the challenges it is facing, but Prepare the way for more open, Divine Intervention on your behalf in the near future by these Higher Forces.

I have for many years been guided by the Higher Forces, to stay informed about what is being broadcast and discussed by certain "conspiracy researchers" such as Alex Jones, David Ike, Jim Mars and others.  And while it is my opinion that these individuals are definitely sincere in their attempts to not only expose so much government corruption and to stop the ongoing hidden agenda of those forces of the cabal or Illuminati, it so often seems that their focus tends to be "negative" without many very positive solutions of how to stop let alone survive all of the horrendous plans of these forces determined to enslave us all under their plans of the New World Order.  I am not really criticizing those, who like Alex Jones, are doing the best they can to sincerely expose and educate everyone else who will listen, about these plans of the cabal, but I also have learned that if one attempts to "solve earth problems with earth solutions" then they are doomed to have history continue to repeat itself, over and over again, just like the old "endless wheel of karma", which is now coming to a close, so, too, it is time, to really stop, to really expose and really put an end to the cabal.  

But we cannot do it all ourselves, of just us Earth people, with the limited weapons that are even available still under the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, for unfortunately, with all the very advanced black op weapon systems that the cabal would also plan to use against any "patriotic militia types", they would not even survive a few seconds against this much more advanced back-engineered alien weapon systems that the black ops could and would use against anyone attempting to stop a full scale martial law that has been planned for many years against the masses.  It is obvious if we are to not only survive at all, we definitely need some "outside help" to guarantee our survival from such a massive national false flag event.

But one of the most insidious ways to trick the population into agreeing to more control in their lives, as well as a way to literally kill a majority of the population, is to fool everyone with a man-made epidemic and to then force mandatory vaccinations upon the ignorant and gullible population, because so many people have been brainwashed by so much disinformation about vaccinations throughout the years, or those "Progressive, well meaning" types, who are sincerely attempting, on their level, to bring in a new "Universal Health Care System", but unfortunately, as my ET sources have informed me, that other much more powerful political and economic forces will use this new system to attempt to enslave us all if they can.

For myself, having grown up in a family, back in the decade of the ‘50’s, besides having studied the life of the famous channel Edgar Cayce and other metaphysical subjects (with me being trained as a channel at a very early age through the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling), my Earth biological parents were very educated about all kinds of alternative and natural methods of health, and knew about the dangers and true facts about such  things as vaccinations, fluoride, coffee, chemical additives & preservatives in foods, and the consuming of too many animal products, so as a result, my not receiving any vaccinations as a child, despite the propaganda by the corrupt CDC and AMA and World Health Organization, I grew up extremely healthy, with a very strong immune system, so that I have hardly ever been sick in my life, unless it was for a day or so and I quickly got fully well, even when around many other people very sick with so-called "contagious diseases".

The Higher Forces also were constantly communicating with me about these things as well, and often guiding me to discover certain suppressed information, that the orthodox medical cabal wanted to cover-up, because these facts contradicted the "official historical version" of vaccinations, and how they had manipulated facts to give a different and inaccurate conclusion.

So it was not too surprising when upon hearing another of Alex Jones recent broadcasts, in which he was specifically speaking on this very subject, of the cabal’s plan for forced mandatory vaccinations on everyone, my "Friends Upstairs" indicated that they had some very important information that they wanted to channel through me to share with as many people who would listen and who could take action to help stop these insidious plans of the power elite:       

     "Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command and Federation of light, wanting to comment about what you and many others have recently been hearing about regarding the plans of the cabal or power elite to force mandatory vaccinations upon everyone upon Earth.

     "I will first comment briefly, myself, about these plans, and then I will step aside and let another fellow Being of the Light, and a key member of not only my Command, the Ashtar Command, but for the entire Federation of Light, he known as Zoser, a great Cosmic Physician of Light, to also communicate through this Channel to express his own concerns, as well as PLANS OF OUR OWN, OF THE "ANGELIC-CELESTIAL HOST", THE FEDERATION OF LIGHT, TO HELP THE PEOPLE OF EARTH TO COUNTERACT AND NEUTRALIZE THESE INSIDIOUS PLANS.

     "And I do want to emphasize the word "PLANS"--because that is exactly what it is--their PLAN, as we of the Federation, in Guardian Action around this planet have for many years been monitoring these plans, that of the power elite and the dark alchemists, who control the pharmaceutical cartel, to force mandatory vaccinations upon every man, woman and child on this planet, if they can, if they are not stopped.

     "Yes, this has definitely been their plan for many years, but as we have also communicated many times with and through this channel, we of the Higher Realms of Light, of the Federation, have much better and much more positive Cosmic Plans to Overshadow, guide and inspire all souls upon Earth, through the important and required dynamics of personal responsibility, as in "God Helps Those Who Help Themselves," to not only be able to effectively RESIST these plans to literally attempt to murder, as in a planetary Holocaust, over two thirds of Earth’s population.

     "Again, without wanting to be too redundant, I want to emphasize this point, that even though this has been a major PLAN that the Illuminati have been planning for many years to ultimately carry out, by a combination of stealth, manipulation and massive campaigns of disinformation through the corrupt medical authorities and corporate controlled mass mainstream media, and the attempt to artificially create plagues, a vast majority of  Earth’s humanity has recently begun to rapidly Awaken out of the mass mind control and genetic manipulation of people’s consciousness.  This is partly because of not only the recent planetary frequency shift that has begun to occur, but also because we of the Federation have been Overshadowing all of humanity, to help Awaken as many as possible into greater personal sovereignty and the need for greater personal responsibility, and to not allow yourselves to be manipulated any longer by the cabal.

     "We of the Federation of Light cannot "force help down your throats", but are able to influence and inspire you in powerful positive ways, with our Higher Elohim "Consciousness Technologies" to do those things that are termed Life Enhancing and are Sacred to our Divine Creator of the Universe.  It is still up to each of you, individually and collectively, to Fully choose, Ethically to do the Right thing.  And it is through a combination of your efforts, along with us acting as your "Cosmic Back-Up Team" that we can help so many of Earth to overcome what appear as insurmountable challenges and obstacles that you all have to face and deal with everyday of your lives.

     "I will now prepare to sign out, and allow our fellow Brother of the Light, Zoser, to express himself and share some very important insights of his own with all of you, and what can be done, by you of Earth and we of the Cosmic Realms, about this very important and serious challenge that you all face at this time.  Yes, and call upon us, we the Cosmic Guardians of Light, to Intervene in your lives to help you face any and all challenges that you have to face from this day forward!  Be courageous and speak out boldly as the Guardians of Light that you are,  and for the many millions of fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, do you not know and remember deep down before the "Cosmic Amnesia Veils" were placed over you at birth, that you are still technically key members of our Higher Galactic Councils of Light and you actually represent the Federation even while you are presently in Earth embodiment!  We will back up your courageous efforts and actions against the cabal!  Yes, this channel knows first hand how we can powerfully Divinely Intervene when necessary and even stop the use of "deadly force" attempted against him and others many times when he and they not only exposed the cover-ups and future evil plans of the cabal for world control of everyone and everything upon Earth.

     " This has been Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, signing out and stepping aside for Zoser to now speak.

Adonai Vassu Berogus!"

     "Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Zoser, Ancient Earth Physician of Light, and on the Higher Intergalactic and Interdimensional Realms.  And thank you, Ashtar, for also giving me a chance to also share my own knowledge regarding this challenge.  Yes, and for those who have never heard of me, I Am referred to as a ‘Cosmic Physician of Light’, and in charge of the Knights of the Solar Cross.  We are fellow Cosmic Physicians of Light, and part of the Intergalactic Confederation/Universal Federation of worlds.

      "As many of you have suspected and some have seen documentation in recent years verifying these facts, and as we of the Federation of Light have been monitoring from our ships, that the cabal with their dark alchemists have created man-made viruses in their laboratories, to artificially attempt to create numerous plagues, many specifically targeting different races, such as the SARS disease that was targeting the Asian population, as just one example,, to ATTEMPT to eliminate as much of the human race as possible so that they could then rule over a much smaller number of slaves in their long planned New World Odor--yes, as this channel would say, that this plan "stinks to High Heaven" and is morally unconscionable that such a evil plan would be allowed to fully, or even partially succeed.

     "And this is where personal responsibility is required of each of you of Earth, to do whatever it takes to help inform as many others as possible, to also take personal responsibility, to not only RESIST these plans, by helping one another to organize into groups and organizations and speak out about these plans and to network with one another, to also ultimately form self sufficient communities of like minded individuals who value your health freedoms--and who also want to truly develop and use all forms of that termed alternative, exotic technologies for energy emancipation and greater freedom and mobility, and to effectively and collectively to oppose these evil plans.  For this personal and collective actions of responsibility, is what allows us--nay, actually Mandates us, of the Federation of Light , to not only step in both "behind the scenes" to help powerfully back up these personal efforts in numerous different ways--but to also ultimately more openly make our benevolent presence much more well known, as we gear up for inevitable mass planetary Divine Intervention and the final end of the cabal’s power upon Earth.

     "We have been saddened to see so many who either were ignorant about the true facts and nature of vaccinations who willingly allowed themselves and their most precious young children and babies to be poisoned through the scam of vaccinations, or in more recent years when some parents who had begun to wake up to or at least suspected the true facts about how destructive vaccinations are, were literally forced almost at gun point to have their children vaccinated.

     "But we want to also state, that even as personal responsibility is extremely important and to learn to control their own and their family’s Destiny in a better and more empowered way with more sovereignty, yet cooperating with many other sincere individuals, and aligned with the Divine Will of God, away from the control of the bureaucracies of Earth as much as possible, but becoming more enlightened very quickly.  We want to also state that ultimately when we of the Federation do make our mass appearance and openly land all over the Earth, we Physicians of Light have developed very advanced REJUVENATION CHAMBERS on board our great Motherships or Merkabah Light Ships of the Federation, which are part of the many Higher Elohim Consciousness Technologies that are also used for advanced Transformational healing and rejuvenation, which will help each soul to totally overcome and eliminate any and all negative health affects that has been forced upon humanity, either through vaccinations, chemtrails, and any other destructive and toxic poisoning.  But as stated many times--and I am going to be extremely redundant once more, it is what each of you on Earth do with the highest intent and personal efforts and integrity, that allows and even guarantees that your ""Cosmic Ticket" or so-called proverbial "Boarding Pass" which is earned by these honest personal efforts, will definitely be "Activated", and which will allow us to physically beam you on board our Light Ships.  This factor, as far as which of the "Waves of Evacuation", that a person would be able to be lifted up in aboard our ships, as this channel has described in his book, Prepare For The Landings! [go to]  is determined by everything that they think, say and do, dietary habits, their true intent and purpose, etc. really does determined one’s FREQUENCY-VIBRATIONAL-CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL which also determines how ready they are to be lifted up on-board the ship under any kind of emergency requiring planetary Divine Intervention.

     "The dark alchemists of the cabal, want your vibrations, your consciousness, to be lowered, your immune systems and minds, to be weakened  so much so that not only will you not be able to clearly DISCERN what is really being PLANNED against the entire human race, and that you will not be able to survive these upcoming challenges that you must all face.  But despite their PLANS to ATTEMPT to force mandatory vaccinations upon everyone upon Earth, this will definitely not FULLY succeed.  Just exactly how successful they will be for a brief period of time until we of the Federation do openly Divinely Intervene, just how many people will be--or rather allow themselves to be--vaccinated, will depend upon numerous factors.  How organized can you all become and how fast can you do this, of educating as many other ignorant people, who have been brainwashed by misinformation and F.E.A.R. [yes, False Evidence Appearing Real!].  

     "As this channel knows, and which I want to also make this point so others can become aware or be consciously reminded of this fact, because of the very powerful new Cosmic Energies that have very recently begun to flood Earth that have never existed in the universe before, which is also beginning to demand greater Accountability and Integrity from everyone upon Earth, this is causing a new "Time Line" to manifest parallel to the old time line, which means that the outcome of the future of the original time line where a much greater number of people not only died and suffered, in numerous disasters, etc., this new Time Line is already CHANGING the outcome of the future to a great degree. for the better.   As to exactly HOW MUCH and HOW COMPLETE, is still determined by your individual and collective free will aligned with Divine Will and calling upon and invoking what is termed the ‘Cosmic Law of Grace’ to quickly as possible to overcome and Transmute all of one’s negative karma that still has existed up to now.

     "I wish to emphasize this positive point, that we of the Federation, and we Cosmic Physicians of Light, are working overtime, to not only help transmute numerous Health challenges that the cabal has forced upon you all already on a mass level, such as the chemtrails, and as many of you have observed, as our ships, appearing as "lenticular clouds" have been clearing your skies of these horrific petrochemical poisons being sprayed into your skies, and overcoming all forms of global electronic mind control and negative behavioral modification and genetic manipulation of all kinds that the cabal in their desperation of loosing control over all the masses of humanity.  But humanity is like a sleeping giant who is starting to awaken--and is not only starting to open it’s eyes--but is about to stand up and confront the cabal and will refuse to go along with their PLANS.

     "There is another insidious factor regarding vaccinations, besides all the many very toxic ingredients designed to not only weaken the immune system, but ultimately cause disease and finally death.  But the fact is that the majority of vaccinations also now contain a very miniature sized bio-chip, that is small enough to fit right through the vaccination needle that is designed to track and monitor those who allow themselves to be vaccinated.  [This is also the "Biblical Mark of the Beast" of Revelations] This, of course, besides ATTEMPTING to cause millions to die from this man-made plague.  And as this channel and many other enlightened individuals also know, that the attempt to force those Codex Laws upon all of you is so that you would be more limited in your ability to have access to very healthy vitamin supplements and alternative natural holistic choices and solutions to help build up your immune systems.  This would also cause the pH of the body to be much healthier and possibly strong enough, depending which food supplements and holistic techniques one uses, to literally cause the bio-chip to be forced out of the body if one had ignorantly already received a vaccination shot.

     "I will also comment briefly, and confirm, as this channel already had heard from us, regarding the earlier attempts in recent months, to create a mass plague, through the earlier form of the "swine flu".  But instead of it causing as many deaths as the power elite wanted--because of humanity’s overall vibrations has already started to shift much higher--the disease did not affect as many people as it would have been able to just a couple years ago.  Yes, and as other examples of how humanity’s consciousness has started to shift into a Higher Vibrational-Consciousness Immunity, was when as documented, that numerous young children, who were originally diagnosed as having the A.I.D.’s virus, but then a few years later, these same highly evolved souls of Light, indigo's and crystal souls, as many have referred to these beautiful old souls in young bodies, yes fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment, who’s missions were to help the Earth human race to begin to overcome such man-made viruses, they now showed themselves totally free of this virus.  Much more recently, I and fellow Cosmic Physicians of Light have begun to Activate what has been termed "the Immortality Gene" which when one tunes into and activates this new gene, which is part of the new Cosmic 24 Strand of DNA, this causes one’s immune system and consciousness to be able to manifest the ability to fully overcome any virus known or unknown to man.   Tune into this new Cosmic Immortality Gene, and you too, becomes totally immune to any and all viruses created in the cabal’s laboratories on Earth.

     "We would also like to briefly comment on many people’s concerns regarding PLANS of the cabal to ATTEMPT to activate martial law and then to force anyone who would refuse to take vaccinations, into the many hundreds of internment camps that have already been constructed by the cabal during the last few decades.  Yes, again, this has always been one of their major PLANS, to first create a national emergency event to fool the masses into giving up your Constitutional Rights, and then to force everyone who would refuse to go along with their so-called "hidden agenda" to be placed into these concentration camps.  In this case, they have decided to ATTEMPT to create a faked mass epidemic and to ATTEMPT to fool everyone who is ignorant of the true facts, into getting one or more vaccination shots, which would eventually cause the very disease to manifest, that the vaccination is touted as supposedly immunizing one from, and eventually dying from a weakened immune system instead.

     " While we do not rule out any form of "martial law" being created, we can assure you that such an attempt on a mass national level, will not have the "staying power" if it does occur, to become the mass event that the cabal have been hoping and PLANNING for.  A number of reasons why are: not only has there been a major planetary frequency shift occurring that is also causing a mass Awakening throughout not only the U.S. but around the world, which has never occurred before, this is also causing the normal ability of all forms of sophisticated mind control, negative behavior modification and genetic manipulation to now become much less affective, and people are waking up out of these forms of control and are regaining their sovereignty over any form of manipulation.  We are also, helping, of course, in this vast awakening  into greater freedom and accountability against any and all plans of world control by the cabal.  

     "There are many "whistle blowers" throughout all of the "alphabet soup agencies" of the industrial military complex, who are also exposing all the plans of the cabal, some of these used to be lower-level members of the cabal/Illuminati, but with our "Cosmic Light Recruitment Program" of offering these former dark agents a major and "last minute" opportunity to work off their accumulated negative karma, by exposing and helping us of the Federation of Light, to sabotage and counteract these numerous insidious plans of total control and of creating a world fascist dictatorship in the plans of the New World Odor, they were now open to this and tired of being merely puppets for their puppet masters and reached out to us.

     "And along with numerous (numbering literally in the thousands) newly recruited "Double agents for the Light". as well as the many millions of fellow Volunteers in Earth embodiment who are, what  Archangel Michael refers to as, "Secret Agents of God/Deep Undercover Operatives of the Light" on ""Cosmic Spiritual Espionage Missions of Light" against the cabal.   We of the Federation of Light have many fellow human appearing ET’s, Space Brothers & Sisters, directly from off our ships, physically living incognito upon Earth and do--as many former military leaders are concerned of, that we can physically walk the halls of the Pentagon--and the White House--and those of the military, the government, and the entire bureaucracy of all Earth governments would never be able to recognize us as extraterrestrials.  As we have shared with this and other channels, we have sat invisibly within the boardrooms of the major Illuminati heads listening to all of their evil plans for world control and enslavement--coming up with our own counteracting plans to totally end their reign of terror and manipulation!!!!  And I can report that literally thousands of these special "ground crew" members of our many commands and fleets within the Federation, which represent numerous worlds throughout the Intergalactic Confederation and the Universal Alliance of Peace, are indeed present, closely keeping tabs upon any and all activities.  Of course, we know that many who are not  familiar with us and who we actually are, would then refer to the false flag/inside job event of 9-11, and ask why we did not also stop this event.  And as this channel knows, as does many other fellow channels and contactees, this was allowed because it was to become a massive wake-up call of Accountability and Discernment  for the masses, as well as the fact that the majority of those within those buildings were beamed aboard our craft moments before they were destroyed.

     "And last, but not least, those of us on board our many millions of ships of the Federation, of the Celestial Host, who are in Guardian Action around this planet, closely monitor all events upon Earth, with our Elohim Consciousness Technology Computers, which are linked directly into the God-Head of the Divine Creator of the Universe.  And while we, personally, do not engage in "invading" one’s personal privacy and sovereignty, as does the NSA, CIA, DEA and other "alphabet soup agencies" of Earth have been doing for many years--as we like to say, Yes "Big Brother is watching you", but guess what, "Big Space Brother is watching and monitoring them!"  But our Higher Consciousness Computers do pick up and respond to those pure and sincere souls of heart, and all who are yearning for a better and more evolved way of living and existing upon Earth, just as Mother Earth, who is a living breathing, conscious being, has called out to us and she has been promised for her sake, and all living things, that our long overdue Cosmic Plans of mass planetary Divine intervention and world wide evacuation must and will occur.  And as has been stated in this channel’s new book, it is definitely a "Cosmic Done Deal" that we will soon make our mass appearance over this planet.

     "So know, too, that as this channel often states, when he hears about those who F.E.A.R. that martial law will occur and that everyone who RESISTS will just be rounded up against their free will and thrown into one of the many concentration camps and/or end up first being transported in one of those cattle cars with human shackles in them or end up dead in those stacked up plastic coffins--"As a Volunteer in Earth embodiment from the Federation, I did not come down here to be ‘thrown to the wolves’ and not be able to fulfill my mission, and it is not my karma, either to end up as a prisoner to the New World Odor in one of their concentration camps, nor will I ever submit to taking a vaccination against my will!"   Yes, of course, if they, the power elite, of the Illuminati, had their way, these PLANS of the cabal would have already occurred years ago, and yes, we have blocked and neutralized these earlier ATTEMPTS, and have been closely monitoring the recent movements and training of hundreds of thousands of military personnel, both U.S, as well as foreign troops all over the U.S., and yes they are being PREPARED for these plans for full scale martial law.

     "But again, we want to stress, these are their plans, and as pointed out already, some of the factors which are in the process of neutralizing these plans, and many of their own military personnel are secretly considering not going along with any orders to fire upon their own citizens.  Ands every day and hour that passes, the frequencies of Accountability and Integrity grow much stronger, as the planet Earth is being pulled into the higher 5th dimension, as we also Overshadow all those who might be forced to engage is such activity, as well as many of those in key military positions all over the U.S.  This is definitely going to cause massive revolt within the military in the coming time, if in desperation, such orders are given, as the cabal is now realizing that people both outside and within the military itself, are massively waking up out of the old 3rd dimensional "Matrix" world view, and are starting to tap into these Higher interdimensional-intergalactic frequencies, and are yearning for peace and a life free of unnecessary suffering and the end of war.

     "As we come to the end of this Channeling-Transmission, we do want to emphasize and stress once more, that it is vitally important to fulfill each of your individual and collective responsibilities of exposing these plans for mandatory vaccinations, by networking with as many people as possible, to emphasize to each of them, of the serious nature of these plans, and the truth about how poisonous vaccinations are to one’s immune system as well as destructive to one’s consciousness.

     "It is also true, that despite the positive intent of many who desire a better Health Care system that would help provide everyone on planet Earth, as on our Higher Worlds, a system that truly does meet the quality needs of caring for and healing all who need "medical help", unfortunately, even with the best of intentions of those who think of themselves as "Progressive", and are attempting to bring in such a quality care system, there is also an agenda of many others, under the disguise of creating a so-called "Universal Health Care System", just as was attempted during the Clinton administration, this was the cover for more massive government control, of people’s private lives being monitored and controlled through a universal I.D. system of Big Brother, and unfortunately the cabal will attempt to use this new system, to force mandatory vaccinations upon the population.

     "If those who are pushing for what has POTENTIAL to be a much better and progressive system of care, in the hands of the right people, were to openly speak about how they would not ever force mandatory vaccinations upon the population under any condition, and to also expose at the same time the true historical facts covered up concerning vaccinations in general, and how corrupt the CDC and World Health Organizations have been, and were to expose how they first created and then spread the A.I.D.’s, Ebola, and other man-made diseases through earlier vaccinations all over the world.  Yes, nothing would change, until these and other earlier crimes against humanity are openly exposed, as well as for the pharmaceutical cartel to stop suppressing numerous natural cures for cancer and other so-called "incurable diseases’ and would stop  harassing all natural holistic doctors, as well as releasing from prison those who were arrested earlier against their will for their only crime of being able to truly heal others, without all of the horrible side affects that are caused by the much more expensive and toxic pharmaceutical drugs concocted by the dark alchemists to not only weaken one’s immune system but also lower one’s consciousness.   So unless these things occur, that without this "Litmus Test of True Intent", this new attempt to pass another similar system, will be used by the Illuminati, as numerous researchers have already documented, as simply another way to cause more mass control, death and disease to the rest of humanity".

     "In final analysis, it is extremely important, which is also part of fulfilling your missions here on Earth, to be Guardians of Light for your Health and Freedoms, to get involved with resisting mandatory vaccinations and to enlighten others who are ignorant of these facts, and for you all to Inwardly and outwardly RESIST any form of mandatory vaccinations.  As stated earlier, these actions also give us, of the Federation of Light, the Mandated Authority to help you all to be successful at ultimately stopping this plan.  Again, how complete the stopping of this plan is, will be determined by your actions aligned with our Cosmic Help and Back-Up from off the planet.  But together, we will cause their plans to be overcome, as the New Time Line manifests more fully.

"This has been Zoser, Physician of Light, of the Federation, signing out, but also sending all of you Blessings of greater Health and well being and greater strength to successfully RESIST, individually and collectively, these or any other plans of the cabal, until Divine Intervention does take place.

Adonai Vassu Berogus!  

August 18, 2008

This is the 5th in a series of "Intergalactic Commentaries" from the Higher Forces of Light, who are very benevolent, human appearing Elohim E.T.’s that surround this planet in Guardian Action, in their Merkabah Light Ships.  They will channel through me, Michael Ellegion, and comment upon different significant news events that are posted not only on web site, but also will comment on different news stories or e-mails that I receive from other sources.  These channeled "Commentaries" will give an Intergalactic and often "behind-the-scenes" perspective, from the Higher Forces of Light, to enlighten humanity in their ongoing Mission of making sure this planet will not only survive all the challenges it is facing, but Prepare the way for more open, Divine Intervention on your behalf in the near future by these Higher Forces.

Recent events taking place in the Middle East region of the world and in the country of Georgia, made headlines in the mainstream, corporate controlled media.  However, most of these events were, as usual, either covered up, manipulated, or a major "spin" placed on these news stories.  The mainstream corporate controlled news versions would not threaten the power elite/cabal that has always controlled most mainstream sources of news under "Operation Mockingbird".  This was designed to "treat us like mushrooms--feed us crap and keep us in the dark"!

These events in Georgia and in the Middle East, most of which has been covered up, is basically the typical Illuminati's agenda to keep their power and control over the resources of the planet.  But now it is startling to powerfully backfire on them.  More and more of the population of Earth are quickly Awakening and seeing through this vast Disinformation Network, or what the Masters refer to as "Weapons of Mass Disinformation".

Last week, right before the events in Georgia and Ossetia, which were not reported in the mainstream media, dozens of Navy aircraft carriers and destroyers, etc. were sent to the Persian Gulf, with plans to blockade Iran.  This, of course, was done under cover while most people’s attention was and is on the Olympics in China.  Still within the last week this massive buildup of Navy ships continues to be ignored by the events in Georgia.  As usual, our Friends Upstairs sent me a very brief telepathic overview of what was going on.  Most mainstream sources, and even some less biased alternative sources were not aware of these events or not able at the time to report on them, but would later be verified and confirmed.

First, the events in the Persian Gulf, is the buildup of a planned Naval blockade.  Under "normal" conditions, this would be viewed, based upon International Law, as an "act of war" by the Iranians.  If this blockade went ahead as planned by the corrupt Bush administration/cabal, it would definitely result in not only an initial more "conventional" war, but would within a matter of a short time, escalate into a full scale thermonuclear war which would envelope the entire planet.  Many who heard about this planned naval embargo, compared it in many ways to the "Cuban Missile Crises" of 1962, when President John F. Kennedy refused to allow the placement of missiles in Cuba, and many thought then that a nuclear war was inevitable.  For myself, because my Friends Upstairs, specifically Ashtar, told me that the Federation would not allow a nuclear war, and he also told me they were also in communication with President Kennedy.  That was one of the main reasons Kennedy stood his ground and was very firm about his decision.

Much more recently, Ashtar telepathically informed me about some other related events regarding the Cuban Missile Crises.  Many Merkabah Light Ships (UFO’s) came down over both Russia and Cuba, and the Federation had also communicated with the Soviets regarding this incident.  They realized they would not be able to proceed with their actions.

In the recent events regarding Georgia, and South Ossetia, an entirely different series of events occurred "behind the scenes" that were secretly instigated by the U.S., Israel and Georgia, which is why the Russians moved into that area.  The facts of these events were covered up.  My Friends Upstairs then informed me that they were planning to Channel through me a more "Official" communication/transmission, so others can also be updated with these events.  They also told me that I would be hearing within the next few days confirmations of what they were telling me from others who are channeling, as well from other more "mundane" planetary sources.

For example, I had been informed in this initial telepathic communication, that the corrupt Bush administration and cabal would not be allowed success with this blockade and whatever happened would not be allowed to start a nuclear war. The Federation will neutralize any attempts to do so--and they had been coming down right over all the major countries of the Middle East, appearing to the Officials of the U.S. Military, which also included those of the U.S. Naval fleet.  They are making it very clear to them that they will not allow any major confrontation to take place that would result in another major war, period.

A couple days ago, while I was speaking to a friend of mine, who happens to belong to an "Ashtar teleconference group" where Ashtar and different members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Federation come through another Channel.  Everyone can then hear live messages the Higher Forces want to share with the Light Workers.  My friend told me about a man in Pakistan who called in right before this Teleconference call and shared that a number of huge "white lenticular [saucer shaped] clouds" had come down over Pakistan and shut down all the weapon systems in that area just within the last week or so.

"Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command.  This Channel has already received a brief insight regarding events that have been unfolding in different parts of the world, yet these events are very connected, regarding the ongoing plans of those in positions of power.  It is very important for all those who read this, to use your discernment now more than ever before.  Allow the total Truth of all events that you hear about through the ‘normal mainstream sources of news’ to be totally exposed to the Light of day.  Such orchestrated events, as have been occurring behind the scenes by the power elite, meaning those the Earth officials have planned and instigated, will not be allowed to occur anymore and history will not continue to repeat itself.  Also,  those of you living on this plant, will know how we of the Intergalactic Confederation/Universal Federation, have again Divinely Intervened.  We are in the process, as we have done so many times in recent years, making it very clear to those in positions of power, that we of the Higher Realms will not stand by and allow this blatant disregard for the ACCOUNTABILITY of their actions.   As so often has occurred, these actions can result in the unnecessary deaths and suffering of large numbers of humanity--and even so-called smaller numbers of such casualties are considered unacceptable, especially when such actions that are planned will obviously result in such deaths."

"I communicated to this Channel when he was a very young child during that event you of Earth refer to as the "Cuban Missile Crisis and informed him that we would make sure no nuclear war would be allowed to occur.  Also the forces of our Federation made it very clear to the "powers that be"; we would not stand by to allow this through earth time years since that event.  We of the Federation have appeared and come down many times over all major countries of the world, and have put on a "Benevolent Show of Force and Authority", even though we do abide by a set of Laws referred to as the Galactic Pacts.  This is The Prime Directive, that must always be upheld, which is the respecting of free will of any planetary species.  At the same time, having observed and closely monitored free will getting out of control numerous times on this planet by the forces of the cabal, this of course, has mandated that we of the Federation must Intervene to make sure that both nuclear war and/or biological war will never be allowed on this planet.  Since the vast majority of souls upon this planet are tired of and want an end to war, all have through their Higher Over Soul Selves asked us to Divinely Intervene, we are now in the process to fulfill this and Prepare for upcoming mass planetary Divine Intervention, otherwise known as First Contact.

"I want to verify what this Channel just heard is very accurate information about the recent events in Georgia, and specifically in South Ossetia.  This will be exposed as so many other events have--up to now--been covered up and suppressed through most news sources.  The U.S., Israeli and Georgian military personnel were definitely involved in the initial events that occurred, which resulted in deaths of Russian peacekeepers and civilians, and this is partly why Russia quickly responded with a military presence in that area.  Also, the Government of Georgia is not really, truly ‘democratically elected’, and is more of what would be termed a ‘puppet regime’ for the power elite, who want to control the source of oil in that region.  The Bush Administration and cabal have assumed by their actions and attempt to cover-up this fact of their covert plans, that even now as they lie and distort the true facts of this situation, that they can manipulate the rest of the world into believing their distorted version of reality.  But the world is waking up, and are beginning on a mass level, to see through all their games, and are now beginning to demand greater ACCOUNTABILITY AND INTEGRITY AND JUSTICE and an end to all these manipulations."

"Be at peace, and know that such actions as these recent events orchestrated by the cabal, will soon be a thing of the past, as within the coming months, a new and much more honest administration will assume the position of leadership for the United States.  They will have a major impact throughout the planet, and will also be very open to allowing a much more open acceptance of our reality as we Prepare for this most exciting and uplifting of times upon the planet, and this of course, will be a time of all that has been covered up to be totally exposed.  ACCOUNTABILITY, TRUTH AND INTEGRITY will then quickly return to all levels of leadership and government throughout the world.  This has been Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command.  Keep you Eyes on the Skies!  Many Blessings to all!"     

Michael:  Thank you, Ashtar, for your "Intergalactic Commentary" regarding these recent events, and a more inside view of what is really been going on.  Interestingly, just yesterday, I received an e-mail forwarded to me that mentioned more about this very recent (and ongoing) "Divine Intervention’ by our Friends Upstairs having been putting on a firm but benevolent show of force to make it clear to the Earth officials that the people of Earth want an end to war.  This e-mail specifically mentioned many of the major countries of the Middle East, of how the ships had come down and caused all their weapons systems to malfunction and not work anymore.


This is the 3rd in an on-going series of "INTERGALACTIC COMMENTARIES" from the Higher Forces of Light, who are very benevolent, human appearing E.T.’s that surround this planet in Guardian Action, in their Merkabah Light Ships.  They will channel through me, Michael Ellegion, and comment upon different significant news events that are posted not only on web site, but also will comment on different news stories or e-mails that I receive from other sources.  These channeled "Commentaries" will give an Intergalactic and often "behind-the-scenes" perspective, from the Higher Forces of Light, to enlighten humanity in their ongoing Mission of making sure this planet will not only survive all the challenges it is facing, but open the way for more open, Divine Intervention, on your behalf in the near future by these Higher Forces.

This latest item, that the Spiritual Hierarchy wishes to "comment" on, is in response to an e-mail that was forwarded to me a couple days ago, titled "What Hit The Pentagon", by Karl Schwartz.  Schwartz, who has quite an extensive background in aerospace engineering, has documented quite thoroughly how it was definitely a much, much smaller jet aircraft that struck the Pentagon on 9-11, than the alledged official version of it being Flight 77 (a 757 airliner--which was way too large to have caused that much smaller hole on the side of the Pentagon) .  But it was part of this much larger e-mail, that I was being guided by the Higher Forces to allow them to "comment" on regarding some other very important information that he stated in the e-mail.   I had heard parts of it before from other individuals who were "blowing the whistle" on the true facts surrounding the "false-flag job" known as 9-11.

This specific information revolved around his statements that the real reasons for even attacking Afghanistan, was not to be searching for the individual known as "Osama bin Laden" .  In fact, as other reputable intelligence "whistle blowers" have stated, Osama bin Laden was really a C.I.A. former counter intelligence espionage operative who had some major health problems and actually died in 2002.  However, the cabal continued to pretend not only that he was from the Middle East, but continues to maintain that he is still alive.  ("Al Qaeda" is also a made up C.I.A. Middle Eastern "urban legend", which does not really exist!)  Also, the reasons for going to war in Afghanistan, just as it was for going to war in Iraq, is mainly to control all the natural resources, primarily oil.  In the case of Afghanistan, it was to gain control of the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline, which had been by another much smaller foreign oil company known as the Bridas Corp.  This pipeline was built to ship oil from Turkmenistan to the ocean.  Bridas Corp. made a deal with the Taliban, to allow them to build and set up this pipeline before the larger and more powerful U.S. oil companies could do so. (Oil companies which Bush, Cheney and several key members on the 9-11 Commission happen to own stock in!!!!)  This was the entire reason the scam of 9-11 was created.  The cabal would have an excuse to go into both Iraq and Afghanistan and control the sources of oil in both countries.  Through the illegal war in Afghanistan, they illegally stole control of the oil pipeline from Bridas Corp., as well as betraying the Taliban (who were originally allies with the U.S. when Russia was supposedly our enemy).  Because of the betrayal, the Taliban have been attacking the U.S. forces in an attempt to gain back what was originally theirs.  Supposedly they are now the "terrorists" of Afghanistan, who we must eliminate in order to stop taking control over that which was illegally stolen from them in the first place.

"Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, of the Intergalactic Confederation.  I wish to Comment on the e-mail that this channel read, regarding the true conditions surrounding the Middle East situation, and specifically the country of Afghanistan.  I do wish to confirm the authenticity of what was already commented on by this channel, and the analysis of the reasons for becoming involved in this war. All wars in recent centuries upon Earth, especially in recent decades have been to control all the natural resources.

"This is not a new analysis, it is just that in recent years, the desperation of the forces referred to as the cabal, have caused much more death and destruction than ever before by their manipulations and out-of-control tactics, that have engulfed so much of the world by the effects of the aftermath of their actions and misuse of power."

"Despite all attempts to continue the momentum of war for profit and control by these forces, a major shift in the planetary frequency has occurred and we of the Federation have spoken about it through this and numerous other clear Channels throughout the planet.  Things are about to dramatically change for the better.  Yes, a strong desire of the majority of all souls on Earth is to end all war and suffering, despite recent efforts to increase this program of war.  The war effort will not be allowed to continue, as the world community demands an end to this unnecessary death and suffering.  In fact, within the next few years, all such hidden agendas and covert plans for more wars--as well as the ability by the cabal to control any of these natural planetary resources--will come to an end.  Know this within the core of your being.

"We are, of course, stepping in powerfully behind the scenes, to Overshadow and Inspire all souls to help create and manifest vast magnificent changes for the better.  All the hidden plans will be totally exposed within the next few years for all the world to know.  As we have predicted before, all Truths and realities will be exposed in this process.  These "planetary wounds" of Mother Earth shall soon be healed, never to be allowed ever again.  Blessings to all, and a Promise of a most wonderful and beautiful future.  NESARA will finally manifest and the Golden Age of peace finally arrives.  As always, we are also getting much closer to the imminent mass planetary Divine Intervention, also known by many as First Contact.  So until next time, "Keep your eyes on the Skies!"

Adonai Vassu Berogus!"

Michael: Thank you Ashtar for your "Intergalactic Commentary" and about  how eventually true Accountability and an end to all wars (and all the suffering) will indeed take place, though maybe not as fast as we would like, but at least it will occur.  I will be channeling and sharing other "Intergalactic Commentaries" from our Friends Upstairs as I receive them.

Lord Metatron Channeled through Michael Ellegion

     "Greetings to all Light Workers/Volunteers in Earth embodiment, all of Earth’s humanity, and all forms of life upon Mother Earth.  This is Lord Metatron, speaking on behalf of the entire Spiritual Hierarchy and the Intergalactic Confederation of worlds.

     I wish to extend my own Light and Love to all on Terra/Gaia, as these very powerful and beautiful energies from the Great Central Sun flow forth into and onto every cell and molecule of Earth.  These great and magnificent Energies, which other fellow Beings, Elohim and Archangels have spoken about, are truly very unique and powerful.  These very penetrating energies and frequencies now flooding the entire planet, as well as is manifesting throughout the universe have never existed before.  Even we Elohim, Archangels and Cosmic Beings of Light have never before felt or experienced anything like these much newer and transformational energies anywhere in this Universe.  We of the higher realms, are truly amazed about how these new incoming energies will allow much greater and more complete total transformation of Earth.

     Just as these newer energies manifesting and flooding the planet are in themselves quite extraordinary, so too, are the powerful DNA/RNA Activation's, Initiations and Transformations caused by this.  It will be like nothing that has ever occurred up until now in Earth’s past history.  This will also mean vast numbers of souls who have been stuck upon the wheel of karma, will now finally be set free and their karma totally transmuted.  This will allow numerous miracles and miraculous, magical events to begin happening over the next few years, that had literally seemed or appeared as ‘impossible’.

     We, ourselves, are very excited for all of you who are open to these momentous events and wondrous, fantastic experiences that are on the horizon for the next few years leading up to 2012.  Yes, ‘fasten your seat belts" and I mean this in the most awesome and uplifting way.   As all the old limitations begin to drop away, and these powerful activation's soon begin to occur, you will experience and enjoy all your wonderful dreams and visions come into reality.

     This also means that these most unique and extraordinary energies are allowing a greater change in the "time line." The fact that numerous souls, whose "Higher, Over-soul Future Self, has very recently merged back into the ‘present/past time line" in a type of "higher Consciousness Time travel", is in the process of powerfully altering the future outcome of the present timeline.  That outcome is literally a new and more positive, joyous reality, and in turn allows vast millions of souls who, in the original time line endured karma as well as many who suffered horribly, are now going to Graduate off the old ‘endless wheel of karma," as well as all their suffering being transmuted and they will not have to experience it at all.  Truly, this is termed the "Cosmic Law of Grace" manifesting throughout Mother Earth!

     Prepare yourselves for special energy activation's and initiations occurring soon that are also quite unique.  As fellow Elohim and Cosmic Beings of Light have updated their "Consciousness Technologies" aboard the great Merkabah Light Ships, and through the Harmonics of DNA/RNA Activation's, a new Planetary Root Race, we refer to as "Cosmic Man & Woman" are beginning to manifest upon Earth, and will be a combination and perfect blend of Elohim and Earth human.

     I Bless you all, in the greater and more powerful Activation's and Transformations!  Be in greater peace and joy as these Initiations begin to occur in much more potent ways.  Keep focused and centered, as the Energies flow and Transform everything and anything that has been stuck up until now.  Blessings to you all!  This has been Lord Metatron, coming thru, to inform you of energetic change that are on the horizon!"

Michael:  Thank you, Lord Metatron.  It is always wonderful when I receive a channeling-transmission from our Friends Upstairs, and this one was also, as Lord Metatron expressed it, very uniquely powerful, as I could feel and sense these new energies that he refereed to, that are being amplified for all on this planet, and how this is going to now faster Awaken those of us whose missions are to Liberate this planet.  For those of you who have never seen the List of NASA Star People Characteristics, which helps identify fellow Volunteers, go to that section here on my website and check it out.  Also, those of you who wish to be informed when my Book is ready to be published soon, I will be posting an official publishing date here on this website.  The first book in the Divine Blueprint series, which is a six part series (there are six books to this series) should be ready by possibly as early as April or May '08.

Voltra (Galactic Psychotherapist) -- Channeled through Michael Ellegion
December 13, 2007

     "Greetings to all on planet Earth, and especially to those of you Lightworkers who are, as this Channel is, on Missions to uplift this planet as it begins to experience its Ascension from the old dysfunctional conditions of its past. Yes, I say Dysfunctional, from one whose specialty is being what you would term a Cosmic Psychotherapist. In fact I have been referred to by others as ‘THE DR. PHIL OF THE COSMIC REALMS!'

     For those of you who have never heard of me on a conscious level, there are many of you who have known me on a subconscious level by having interacted with me, in the higher councils--especially if you were also involved in forms of Cosmic Psychotherapy--psychology that I and other fellow Cosmic Psychotherapists practice here on these higher dimensions of Light. Many of you who have been drawn to becoming an Earth psychotherapist -- like the famous Dr. Phil and so many others, have come with a Mission of helping people overcome their dysfunctional emotional and psychological problems/challenges that so many on Earth have had to face, and were told as they say in ‘Tough Love’ -- ‘deal with it.’

     Unlike many of the ‘old school’ earth psychotherapists and psychiatrists, such as Freud, Jung and others who contributed to understanding the power of the subconscious and of all things related to the emotional and psychological, we fellow Psychotherapists of the Intergalactic realms understand things on a much more expanded metaphysical and inter-dimensional level. Especially those of us who are of the Elohim lineage, and with myself as a member of the Ashtar Command. It has been very rewarding to specifically work with those of you who are Volunteers in Earth embodiment, Lightworkers, ‘Star People,’ who have come on very important Missions to uplift Mother Earth, as she begins to experience her Ascension; and, have helped to release and transmute all of the ‘Emotional Engrams’ of pain and suffering Earth has experienced at the hands of those imbalanced forces--denial spirits—who have up until now controlled this planet.

     Even when this Channel is doing his Direct Voice private Transformational Channel sessions with Lord Ashtar, I have often communicated to Ashtar, about sharing with the particular Lightworker, emotional and psychological insights to help the Lightworker understand and release all their own Earth dysfunctional patterns and habits they often tend to experience while being on Earth.

     After all, as I have stated many times--and this is not in any way meant to be critical, only insightful—‘earth truly has been the most Dysfunctional planet in the entire universe!’ And, as I have also stated--you all need a lot of Cosmic Psychotherapy, to help you overcome, release and transmute all the earthly dysfunctional habits and patterns you have picked up and manifested as you were growing up on this planet.

     Yes, I state these things with such ‘Unbearable Compassion,’ with an intense desire to be of service helping all of you Lightworkers who desire to utilize my services as a Cosmic Psychotherapist. One of my great ‘passions’ is to help you release all forms of neurosis, and dysfunctional conditions. I welcome you, please call upon me and the many, many fellow Psychotherapists on our Staff, of these higher dimensions and worlds. In more powerful ways than some earthly psychotherapists use, we can help you quickly speed up and accelerate this whole Psychotherapy session of Releasing and freeing yourself from your old emotional wounds and traumas that have blocked you from being more filled with feeling and being in touch with the greater love that has always been within you. We help you get in touch with this love so you may feel and experience greater love, joy and fulfillment in your lives and help your earthly relationships as well.

     As one of those who wrote a book titled, ‘Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus’ -- of course, the truth being told, in actuality, those of you Lightworkers are from all over the Universe -- not just from Venus and Mars--which also creates some interesting psychological and emotional interactions of varieties and different so-called ‘diversities’ of thought, habit and orientation; and, this coupled with earthly dysfunctional patterns and habits, only compounds and increases the challenges one may face being in Earth embodiment.

     I once stated to Lord Ashtar and he repeats this statement quite often in Channeling sessions thru this Channel--"If Earthians have trouble accepting or handling all the finite number of different Earthly planetary diversities, how in the heck can one handle all the vast, infinite number of Intergalactic diversities (cultural, etc.) that literally exist on all the other more advanced worlds within our Federation?’

     And this is where I want to refer to one of the main topics of this Transmission. The End of that term--F.E.A.R.--yes, False Evidence Appearing Real, and how one’s dysfunctional conditions are released and transmuted, which I and fellow Cosmic Psychotherapists can greatly assist you to do. You will more quickly be able to -- easily, effortlessly and powerfully--let go of all fear and uncertainty and become more in harmony to Truth, Love, Light, Joy and all things uplifting and sacred to all life. This, of course, is the opposite of F.E.A.R. and allows you to experience greater Empowerment in this courage and Inner knowing of not only your Destiny, the Destiny of this Planet, but of Mother Earth’s Ascension.

     And it is also within this Inner/Outer Knowing, termed ‘personality integration,’ you merge into this greater state of the Cosmic Law of Grace. Just as this Channel knows first hand, when the cabal many times attempted to use ‘deadly force’ upon him, we of the Ashtar Command, the Federation, always counteracted such attempts--just as we have been and will do, for all of our other Emissaries who have come on earthly Missions.

     This especially includes those of you who feel that you need to BOLDLY SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE TYRANNY AND INJUSTICES that you see going on because the last dark cabal, who think somehow they are ‘above the Law’ and can somehow stop you and/or silence you. As Ashtar, himself, has stated many times, it is not that we cannot Forgive these forces who have continued to create and orchestrate destruction against humanity--it is because freewill is getting out of hand and the very survival of earth is threatened. Under Federation policy, we are no longer able to stand aside and allow the cabal to create more destruction to Earth and her people--who cry out for us to Intervene — and, so we have been, more and more. Yes, no longer shall these forces be able to ‘run roughshod over you’ as the principles ‘of the people, for the people, by the people, will be ‘MIRACULOUSLY' CONSTITUTIONALLY RESTORED with our help. Things will very dramatically shift back to the People’s needs and Rights truly being met and fulfilled!

     As I wish to emphasize, this HELP AND PROTECTION WE OF THE FEDERATION OFFER TO ALL OF YOU who feel that you can no longer be silent about all the injustices and nefarious plans and hidden agendas of the dark cabal, yes WE ARE YOUR COSMIC BACK-UP TEAM. We feel that you sometimes need to be reminded about this HIGHER PROTECTION AND GUIDANCE on a conscious level, even though your subconscious does know this Sacred Promise. We would not allow you to come down, one more time, on another and Final Mission on this most dysfunctional and dangerous planet, without our support and backing when your Missions are to speak out openly, of letting your voices be heard against all the mass global electronic mind control and propaganda. Just as we are now stepping in with our Merkabah Light Ships to neutralize and transmute the Chemtrails, HAARP and other numerous ‘black-op’ cabal projects. Just as we have been constantly stopping and neutralizing all the MANY RECENT ATTEMPTS TO SEND NUCLEAR MISSILES TO IRAN OR TO DETONATE THOSE SMALL NUC SUITCASES!  YES, WE OF THE FEDERATION HAVE INTERVENED MORE TIMES THAN YOU CAN EVEN IMAGINE, ESPECIALLY IN THESE RECENT YEARS OF THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION--AND WE WILL CONTINUE WITH EAGLE EYES TO CLOSELY MONITOR WHAT THESE OF THE DARK CABAL ARE ATTEMPTING TO DO UNTIL THEY ARE SOON TO BE FORCED OUT OF THEIR POSITIONS OF ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL CONTROL!

     Yes, you are giving us Authority to Divinely Intervene under our Federation Laws of Non-interference, because of your actions and intent, of helping us expose and stop these forces of the cabal from being able to succeed. Yes, as Ashtar stated, their plan the ‘New World Odor stinks to High Heaven’ for many reasons, none the least of which is all the unnecessary pain and suffering they have already created and this must come to an end immediately.

     We of the Federation want all of you on Earth to know that even though the conditions right now in your country, of the United States of America, do appear to be very parallel to that time right before the Fascist Nazis were about to take over Germany in the1930’s, THERE ARE A NUMBER OF SIGNIFICANT FACTORS THAT ARE OCCURRING NOW THAT DID NOT OCCUR THEN.

     One being the fact that unlike then, there is a major shift of Consciousness occurring that has Awakened so many to the realization of what has been occurring behind the scenes by the economic political forces of the cabal that also helped fund and manipulate the German public into accepting the Nazi control -- and unlike then, this consciousness shift will not allow another type of Fascist dictatorship to exist in this higher state of consciousness that is now beginning to manifest upon the planet. For such a DYSFUNCTIONAL MANIPULATIVE AND OPPRESSIVE AGENDA WILL VERY SOON ULTIMATELY 'IMPLODE' UPON ITSELF AND NOT BE ABLE TO FINISH IMPLEMENTING ITSELF. As we have stated before, ‘when spiritual integrity disappears, then mechanical integrity breaks down.’ This means that such dysfunctional behavior, is in denial of the qualities of this higher dimensional consciousness shift that is occurring more rapidly, and by it’s very nature, cannot and will not be able to exist or function within this higher consciousness and energy of the planetary Ascension -- which is beginning to pick up momentum, and such plans of world control will begin to breakdown and cease to be.

     Another is the fact that there is a vast number of Volunteers on this planet right now, who live in the U.S., who incarnated at this time to specifically stop this same fascist plan of control that had succeeded in Nazi Germany. These volunteers have also brought in with them a higher level of Discernment of a more evolved DNA/RNA level which has allowed one to counteract the same type of propaganda and manipulation that has been used by these more recent Fascists who have been in positions of control over the U.S. government. This means that old forms of mind control and manipulation are not having the planned affect and instead is causing the opposite affect and this is causing these forces of the cabal to ultimately all be exposed and stopped before they can implement their plans of enforcing total control.

     So do not be intimidated by what you think, say and do because of recent so-called executive orders ‘being passed’ and of you being monitored by these ones of the cabal. The truth being that for well over 50 years, the NSA and all the other ‘alphabet soup agencies’ of the earth’s shadow government have always been monitoring your phone conversations, it is much easier to do more now on a much greater scale. But remember, though they may be monitoring you--guess who is monitoring them! Yes, BIG SPACE BROTHER is watching and monitoring them --and they know this, too, as we have demonstrated to them many times of this fact--as well as the fact that they cannot round you up and force you into some American ‘gulag’ or concentration camp as they have PLANNED to do for many years. Yes, ‘there are plans and then there’s life!’

     THEY have their plans -- and WE have OUR plans -- which with your help, because so many of you are asking us to step in and stop these forces, it is now literally MANDATED that we must step in and stop these plans of the cabal, as well as protecting those who do boldly speak out and let your very important opinions be expressed so that you can fulfill you Missions of great Empowerment and Truth that must be expressed and not silenced. So call upon us and ask us to help you succeed. We cannot ‘stuff help down your throats,’ but by the same token, when you ask us to Intervene--we appreciate the opportunity to help you powerfully overcome and stop these oppressive forces from continuing their plans.

     So keep on with your Missions and know that we are here over this planet in Guardian Action, and soon we will be appearing in a much more overt and open way. Yes, and soon in greater balance and joy, we will be Officially lifting the planetary cultural quarantine, and allowing you who are sincere in your hearts to visit with us and then return to Earth to help finish up the total Transformation of Earth as it finishes it’s Ascension and Graduation and becomes one of the most Functional and beautiful paradise worlds in the entire universe!

     Blessings to you all. I welcome your requests for help and insight into all the emotional and psychological challenges you have been facing, and I will help all who ask to be helped and counseled, and who needs to be more in touch with their courage and strength of spirit in these challenging End Times -- the End of F.E.A.R. and the cabal who used fear to control you. Now the beginning of the New and more beautiful future is just around the corner within the next few years. Blessings to all. Voltra signing out! Adonai Vassu Berogus!"

Michael: Thank you, Voltra, that was great, to shed more Light into how we must not be silent or be intimidated in any way about speaking out -- and especially how protected we really are--I definitely learned this, as Voltra related, first hand, and as I know how Divinely Protected we Lightworkers actually are, and how my life has been, as he mentioned, literally saved many times from being killed by the cabal. So it is also great for our Friends Upstairs to also offer this same protection and guidance to everyone else who is open to it, as we fulfill our Missions and until they do openly Intervene. I am about to publish a Book which is going to help powerfully Prepare everyone for this upcoming event, in much detail, of more open contact with the Federation in the coming time.



July 17, 2008

    This week’s news item story headlines are "The Motives for blocking Investigations into Bush Lawbreaking" & "Law School Dean Calls Conference to Plan Bush War Crimes Prosecution".  Go to  and read the entire story.  Here is the Intergalactic Commentary from the Higher Forces of Light regarding these news items.

    "Greetings in the Light of Our Radiant One, our Divine Creator.  This is Lord Ashtar, of the Ashtar Command, in the Intergalactic Confederation.  I have picked out two different, but much related news item stories.  We have been Overshadowing and Inspiring all citizens, not only of the United States of America, but every planetary citizen to demand greater and more responsible ACCOUNTABILITY from all your Earth’s leaders, politicians and bureaucrats.  They must answer to and account for all their actions and agendas that have gone unchallenged for too long--"Officially" and Legally through what is termed the "Rule of Law".

    "Recent Spiritual planetary Awakening has occurred in the last few years, since the "false flag" event known" as 9-11.  This awakening is causing all souls to shift out of FEAR, or the False  Evidence Appearing Real mode, into greater Love and Light as more powerful Cosmic Energies of Light sweep the planet.  This is creating within all souls of Light, a desire of calm and focused ACCOUNTABILITY for all those who participated in and even planned the events behind the scenes, of this "9-11 inside job."  Yes, all corrupt and destructive events that were secretly or covertly planned behind the scenes, were done with the intention of creating conditions that these forces thought would have the usual and past historical effect--allowing more control over the population.  This in turn would allow them to create a total fascist dictatorship as the ultimate result.

    "Instead, the exact opposite has been occurring, as we have helped in Overshadowing and Inspiring this extremely, powerful shift.  A greater desire for more responsibility and personal participation, that occurs in our Higher Worlds of the Federation, and in our Higher Councils.  The citizens of not only America, but the entire planet are, like a "sleeping giant waking up."  They will not allow the real facts of Truth to be covered up any longer.  As caretakers and guardians for this entire planet and with greater Love for all Creation, all souls must respect that which is termed the Sacred Spiritual "Rule of Law", which includes specific Constitutional Laws.  You are now quickly Awakening to the Self-Realization of the need to take greater responsibility for all things that have occurred that need to be exposed, cleared-up and Healed (as "planetary wounds of Mother Earth").  This must and is occurring in order that true Closure can take place.  So that real Functional (versus dysfunctional) and balanced Healing can now take place.  Then the next beautiful steps of planetary Transformation and Ascension can be allowed and completed.

    "As we of the Spiritual Hierarchy have stated many times, in simple terms this process requires total ACCOUNTABILITY for a smooth and thorough completion of the ongoing process, so that history is not ever allowed to repeat itself ever again.  In these two news item stories, there are many who were actually responsible.  Yes, members of the cabal, which definitely included the President, Vice president, and many others of their corrupt administration did plan and orchestrate 9-11.  Now they are attempting to block the inevitable outcome of having to face not only true justice, but the karma of their actions.   As the headline states, they have a major motivation for attempting--and I emphasize the word -- ATTEMPTING -- to block or stop the investigation of their actions.  For no matter what they may have attempted to do up until now, they cannot stop the ultimate exposure of all that they did.  The other news story is also a very powerful premonition of this upcoming Historical event, of an actual war crimes trial, similar to the Nuremberg War Trials.  Those responsible for these events as well as many others will be forced to attend.  And unlike the fact that many of those Nazis who were responsible for crimes against humanity escaped, some through the program known as "Operation Paperclip", this time, ultimately, all those who had been involved with this and many other such events, will be made ACCOUNTABLE for their actions.  These next few years shall be a time of true Revelation for most souls on this planet.  In fact, this process will begin over the next couple years as more is exposed and released which was able to be blocked up until now.  It shall all be exposed, and then all planetary wounds will be healed, and true closure will occur.

    "Blessings to you all, as all this long overdue Accountability finally manifests, and you all get on with the very exciting Transformation of not only the U.S. but the entire planet!   This has been Ashtar, signing out. And until next time, Keep your eyes on the skies!

Adonai Vassu Berogus!

    Michael: Thank you Ashtar for your "Intergalactic Commentary" about these two news stories, and this does confirm what I have already been personally receiving from the Higher Forces, and how eventually true Accountability will indeed take place, though maybe not as fast as we would like, but at least will occur.

November  4,  2007

     "Greetings, In the Light of Our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar, in charge of the Ashtar Command, wanting to comment on a false statement  that we have heard used many times by those who tend to be what might be termed ‘cynical’ and even consider themselves as ‘rational thinkers" upon planet Earth in recent decades--many who have been in what would be termed the ‘UFO community.’  "If You Think that the Benevolent Space Brothers Are Gonna’ Come down and Save You , then you are totally Deluded or Mistaken and Not Facing Reality....."   But many of these misguided but well-meaning souls, as well as agents of disinformation who have often used this negative and erroneous statement to debunk and ridicule those who deep down know otherwise--as in the phrase, "KNOW THYSELF".  Such a phrase or statement only shows, to put it another way using slang earthly terms, of how ‘screwed up’ or ‘flawed’ are these one’s negative thinking.  They are just unaware of the implications of such DOGMATIC thinking and/or assumptions concerning what Authority we of the higher realms, of the Galactic Federation actually have.  This includes our official policies regarding "Laws of Noninterference" referred to as the Galactic Pacts and termed ‘Divine Intervention’, which determines what we are actually allowed  to do for the people of Earth, especially under the severe conditions presently facing Earth at this time.

     There are even a couple terms or words, which I will mention soon, that are often used by those who would consider themselves very ‘rational,’ ‘levelheaded’ and ‘down to earth’ when making this statement--(and usually they tend to repeat this statement with what would be viewed as a somewhat if not very sarcastic and ridiculing tone to their voice) to those who not only BELIEVE, BUT ALSO KNOW DEEPLY WITHIN that such a reality--is very soon going to occur.  We of the SPACE BROTHERHOOD AND SPACE SISTERHOOD!!!!!--are in fact going to quote "COME DOWN AND YES, SAVE YOU!!!!" for very obvious RATIONAL and PRAGMATIC reasons, some of which I will be covering.

     This statement does not and has never been an excuse for you of earth to just sit back and do nothing, taking absolutely no responsibility for all of the problems and challenges presently facing you.  Nor do we sense this is the emotional and psychological response when we monitor those who know this fact, and this knowledge yet has never caused any of you to take a lazy, back seat role being on Earth at this time.

     In fact, the exact opposite effect has occurred, as many of our Cosmic Psychotherapists, such as Voltra, have observed while monitoring your consciousness in the knowledge of this inspiring and uplifting promise of us ultimately stepping in more overtly.  For this knowledge of us helping those of our Volunteers, as well as anyone else on earth desiring a better way of life, we have noted, that being inspired and empowered by this knowledge of rescue, only makes one strive ever harder to fulfill your Missions with greater determination and effort.  As the noble beings you are, because you Volunteers all know deep inside, many of you also know consciously, that once we do lift or beam you up, you have to report back to the Higher Councils about your accomplishments.  We know none of you would wish to look back with any regrets of what you ‘could or should have done’, as this channel often remarks at his workshops.  Instead you will hold your heads high as the noble beings that you are, for with the knowledge and interest of us ultimately SAVING you, this has tended to only spur those of you on to greater and more inspired efforts to help us vibrationally uplift and liberate the planet from those forces of imbalance.

     Just from a position of good old fashioned "Galactic Common Sense" which in fact, dictates and makes this very much of a "COSMIC MANDATE".  Now considering the complete circumstances all of the inhabitants of planet Earth are in such dire straights and the fact that if we do not step in very soon, more overtly, in mass, this planet would, in fact, cease to be.   With those who have been in power for a very long time and are determined not to step down as we have asked them to do many times and allow us, of the Higher worlds of the Federation, to allow the people, the masses of the Earth who do wish and desire a better way, who have prayed for such an opportunity, to have a chance to live your lives in a truly peaceful and sacred way.   This will allow Mother Earth to be transformed, instead of continuing to be ‘Culturally Quarantined" by those of us in the Federation, as has been the case up until now, which is truly about to be lifted, and this will allow us to openly share all our Higher Consciousness Technologies with all on Earth.  That will truly transform this planet back into the Golden Age, and of a planetary paradise that all souls of the Light truly desire and long for.

     What ever happened to ‘critical thinking’ and ‘deductive reasoning’ these same cynical ones have even lamented, as if these two terms would imply that by being able to use critical thinking and deductive reasoning, somehow this would conclude that such a belief is jut unrealistic thinking.  But, nay, this really is an INNER KNOWING OF THIS FACT, of us VERY SOON, ultimately coming down in mass, overtly and Divinely Intervening upon the behalf of the inhabitants of this sacred and precious planet.  The REALIZATION of such a plan those cynics conclude, is in itself somehow flawed and not "realistic’ enough as quote, ‘in the Real World’ of the old 3rd dimensional duality Matrix of illusion and of those forces of darkness, who have been determined to take away any hope of such a dramatic set of circumstances would, in fact, NECESSITATE us of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of the Intergalactic Confederation, and Universal Alliance of Peace, stepping in overtly and openly to make our presence known to all the inhabitants of this planet at long last.

     Where, in fact did this negative and DIS-EMPOWERING statement first originate: ‘if you think that the so-called benevolent Space Brothers are gonna come down and save you, well you are just deluded and not facing reality!’  We would say, that this Earthly ‘Urban Legend’ statement, like some DIS-EMPOWERING negative mantra, that is supposed to imply some kind of so-called earthly practicality, common sense and levelheadedness.  Instead, as this statement tends to do, by double speak -Orwellian Logic, is taking out of context what has really been going on for the past 60 years.   We of the SPACE BROTHERHOOD have been having physical contacts with numerous of our Contactees back in the decades of the ‘50’s and ‘60’s which was termed the ‘Contactee Movement’.  We have also been present  in your skies, in Guardian Action around this planet, and as this Channel and Contactee knows first hand, how many times we have truly physically and personally Divinely Intervened and actually saved the lives of our Contactees MANY, MANY TIMES.   For they would NOT HAVE SURVIVED or lived to tell about their many experiences with us and having been taken physically aboard our Merkabah Light Ships.  "As this Channel and Contactee knows first hand, when the use of DEADLY FORCE has been ATTEMPTED MANY, TIMES upon many of our contactees/Emissaries.  Many of you, who either knowingly or ‘unknowingly’ (as behind the scenes) have had ATTEMPTS AGAINST YOU by the Cabal.  THIS IS A FACT!

     During President Eisenhower’s term in office, the Cabal was referred to as the Industrial Military Complex, and Eisenhower attempted to warn everyone that this would become a more overt threat to your rights and civil liberties and these "Cosmic Civil Rights" have been taken away by these forces of the Shadow Government.  This has "technically" been recently accomplished, by these ones presently in power at the White House.   Of course they still think that they are ‘above the Law’ and that somehow they will be able to accomplish their plans for world control and the final establishment of the New World Odor"--yes, this plan STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN" as it has been mentioned on earth, and we think this, too!

     But to get back to that phrase we have been referring to in this channeling, it appears to have originated deep within the bowels of the Cabal, of the Shadow Government, back in the early ‘50’s.   We of the SPACE BROTHERHOOD DID BEGIN TO HAVE MANY PHYSICAL CONTACTS WITH THOSE EARLY CONTACTEES.  In fact, on July 18, 1952, to be exact, of 3rd dimensional Earth time, my first contactee known as George Van Tassel, did, in fact Channel me for the first time, and within 24 hours, it was our Ships of my Command, the Ashtar Command, that suddenly appeared over this nation’s Capitol Building, on the 19th of July--and again repeated the following weekend, of the 26th.

     Yes, this negative dis-empowering mantra has been used by many within the UFO community, who come off as if they are ‘sincere UFO investigators’ and as if it is all such a great ‘mystery’, or that only the negative abductions by the renegade grey entities (which are one of the few ‘bad apples’ in the Cosmic Barrel’), and their secret Government Cloned greys, have been going on in these recent decades, rather than putting it all in greater perspective.  These various so-called ‘professional’ B.S. artists and disinformation experts say they are just being ‘conservative’ UFO researchers’ and that they are not ‘jumping to conclusions’ and not believing anything that is ‘pie in the sky’.   For many years, as they have ‘stuffed the grey aliens down everyone’s throats’ by emphasizing these negative "Cosmic Civil Rights Violation Cases" as if this was the majority of the so-called UFO experiences that have been going on.  They also ridiculed and demeaned those who had positive and uplifting experiences with those of us, who are also in the vast majority of beings who have only BENEVOLENT INTENTIONS AND ALSO HIGHER ETHICAL STANDARDS-- WHICH MOST EARTHLY POLITICIANS AND BUREAUCRATS UNFORTUNATELY HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO LIVE UP TO",  Obviously, this is just one of the many reasons that our BENEVOLENT presence around this planet in Guardian Action was put down and suppressed, and any reference to our ultimate plan to Officially step in and Divinely Intervene had to be ridiculed and destroyed from the very beginning with all haste, with diabolical evil intent, to keep the people of Earth feeling that you are ‘all on your own’ with no outside help and Cosmic Backup as things would begin to get worse (before they would finally be stopped by us, openly stepping in).

     From an Earthly perspective,  given a choice between—

    * those termed the greys, which were actually breaking Federation policies of Noninterference, by doing these negative and traumatic abductions, these entities, which according to earthly standards of physical outer beauty, would be termed the least attractive choice of entities to interact with, and whose ships are not the most esthetic or beautiful  appearing, with much more backward and crude type technology (which is why the earth military has been able to copy and back-engineer this type of technology as has happened since the Roswell crash of ‘47 and numerous other grey ships that did crash upon Earth for the last several decades of Earth time.)  These ships have also always left negative radiation burns on the ground whenever they landed, which our much more advanced ships do not do.


    * interaction  with what we of the SPACE BROTHERHOOD--AND SISTERHOOD--(YES, COSMIC EQUAL RIGHTS, for our females or Commanderessess have always applied to equal status within our Councils) have always been able to offer.  If one had a much better CHOICE, of being invited on board our Merkabah Light Ships, which are actually beautiful Rainbow Temples of Light, of intense higher dimensional energies of Light and Love, our females are truly GORGEOUS GODDESSES, which is a combination of their Inner and outer beauty, and you of earth would say we of the masculine perspective are quite handsome, we adhere to very high spiritual and ethical standards, that as stated earlier most earth politicians and bureaucrats and especially all those operatives of the shadow government would never be able to live up to.  Our Technologies, which we refer to often as Consciousness Technologies and which are truly Life Enhancing and respective of all the Sacred Traditions of the Earth, which WILL SOON!!!!!-- ENERGY EMANCIPATE ALL THE INHABITANTS OF EARTH WHO WISH TO LIVE PEACEFUL AND UPLIFTING LIVES.  This will cause all the major Corporations of the Cabal to collapse and cease to exist.  From this perspective, it is very obvious, from a critical thinking and deductive reasoning point of view, why our BENEVOLENT REALITY AND ALL THAT WE HAVE YET TO OFFER, HAD TO BE RIDICULED--then talk about ‘insult on top of injury’ this became the agenda, to ridicule, and to make those who considered themselves ‘intelligent and educated’ to feel that it was beneath their level of dignity to be interested or involved in such a topic. And, to make those uneducated and unenlightened, fear this subject.  Yes F.E.A.R.--False Evidence Appearing Real."

     And another way to express this perspective, of why we, the SPACE BROTHERS AND SISTERS--which has always been a term of GREAT RESPECT used by our original contactees of the ‘50’s and early ‘60’s,

    * had to be ridiculed and put down as some "Cult term’ supposedly used only by ‘wild eyed, fanatical cult followers

    * overly imaginative people prone to wishful thinking and daydreaming,

    * as well as just a bunch of lazy individuals who were somehow not willing to take any responsibility for themselves, and

    * as some form of ‘escape from all their boring, drab and negative earth so-called ‘realities; that they had to face from day to day.  

     As if they would all be ‘beamed up’ without any form of personal responsibility on their behalf.  Yes, and if this form of MIND CONTROL LABELING and STEREOTYPING was bought into by anyone daring to believe in the ultimate Divine Intervention, that they needed to ‘GET REAL’ and just 'FACE REALITY.'

     Well, let’s ‘GET REAL’ shall we, and make it very clear, that this belief and INNER KNOWING is not just some psychotic schizoid ‘pie in the sky’ fantasy belief of lazy souls laying around on Earth just waiting for us to beam them up, as in there being "free rides" or as we have sometimes stated with a little humor, ‘there is no free ride on the good ship lolly pop’.  We have emphasized to this Channel and all who we have had contact with, many times, as stressed thru that old earthly expression, ‘God helps those who help themselves’.  That it is what we and you of Earth, together, as in the ‘win-win philosophy’  which has been referred to as ‘playing it forward’ that we all shall benefit from mutually.  This SHARED RESPONSIBILITY. will result in the upcoming ‘Secret Wave of Evacuation’ and mass world wide landings, which most fellow Lightworkers and channels today usually refer to as First Contact.

     Also, we have not really observed any really lazy individuals just sitting around or laying around waiting day after day, for us to suddenly beam them up.  It is pretty obvious, we think, that this galactic common sense approach to life, is the reason why so many Volunteers/Star People are presently in Earth embodiment.  You Volunteers are on very important Missions to ground more Light upon this planet and help Mother Earth as she begins to now make her Ascension and as all of you who have CHOSEN TO ALSO ASCEND with her, will definitely receive our more direct overt help and interactions here shortly when we do make our more mass appearance in your skies most likely within the next few years of earth time.

     There is also another ‘obvious flaw in the negative statement by those cynical ones who like to state this biased statement of ‘us not helping those of you presently upon Earth’.  This Channel questioned me about how much we have actually ‘helped’ this planet, because of seeing so much injustice occurring upon this planet and how it may seem, looking at it from the programed masses point of view, that things do appear hopeless of ever solving the major problems of this planet.  And I telepathically responded that despite how things may at times appear hopeless to the masses, we of the Federation have Intervened many, many times, in such a way that, "If it had not been for our Divine Intervention behind the scenes, this planet would literally be in a MESS EIGHT TIMES WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS!"  This Channel responded in his surprise, and thought ‘I can’t even imagine TWICE as bad as it is now, let alone eight times the problems’.  More recently, we have been stepping in to help neutralize the Chemtrails and the HAARP projects, as well as other covert actions and destructive projects that the Cabal has attempted to accomplish, but they have been blocked from succeeding.

     Yes, and one of the major areas, has been the neutralizing of all nuclear weapons by us, whether they be nuclear missiles or those compact ‘nuc suitcases’, which the government has continued to hold over the heads of their citizens with the F.E.A.R. of the possibility of some nuclear attack and now it is the F.E.A.R. of some extremist terrorist group having one--or in the lies of the Bush Administration regarding Iran having such weapons, just as they did with Iraq before, but we will not allow these WEAPONS OF MASS DISINFORMATION to succeed.   We have made it very clear that these desperate forces must step down and that we will not allow them to create another 9-11 type event, and if they do attempt such a thing, these plans will be exposed for all to see.

     In final analysis, as this channel, himself consciously remembers prior to him taking Earth embodiment, and shares this fact with others who need to hear it, all of you who were also key members of my Command and many other Commands while you were up here on our great Merkabah Light Ships within our vast fleets of the Federation.  You then took Earth embodiment, leaving your higher density body in storage that you used prior to incarnating, along with all your higher Elohim powers and abilities you had, while still aboard our Ships and in our Higher Councils.  While still in ‘Debriefing’ when you were all each getting ready for your soul to be beamed down within each of your earth mother’s womb, YOU WERE ALL TOLD, AND IN FACT IT WAS A VERY SACRED PROMISE THAT AT SOME POINT WHILE STILL WITHIN PHYSICAL EARTH EMBODIMENT, THAT YOU WOULD, THROUGH A SERIES OF OPEN OR OVERT MASS LANDINGS AND CONTACTS, THAT ALL THOSE WHO COME ON THESE FINAL MISSIONS TO UPLIFT THIS PLANET WOULD BE PHYSICALLY LIFTED UP WITHIN YOUR PRESENT PHYSICAL EARTH BODIES, AS IN A TYPE OF ‘ASCENSION PROCESS’ WHEN THE TIME WAS RIGHT AND RETURNED BACK ABOARD OUR MOTHERSHIPS AND REUNITED WITH ALL YOUR EXTENDED COSMIC FAMILIES, AS IN A TYPE OF COSMIC R. & R., AND THEN BE RETURNED TO EARTH A SHORT TIME LATER TO HELP EVERYONE ELSE WHO WISHED TO GRADUATE OFF THIS OLD WHEEL OF KARMA!!!!
     As it was stated even in the more orthodox and manipulated Christian Biblical scriptures, ‘no one knows the exact hour or day" when this event will occur that is referred to as Divine Intervention and which many fundamentalist Christians have referred to as ‘The Rapture.’  But as we have made very clear, this event, which will be very "rapturous" and feelings of incredible beauty and joy will definitely be felt by all of you returning back amongst those of us who allowed you to come on these Volunteer Missions to help uplift and liberate this planet from the hands of those who have controlled it for far too long.  But what these Christians do not understand, is that of course, it is not a fanatical narrow religious belief system which judges everyone else who does not believe as they do, which is going to ‘save them’ as everyone else will just…. well you know, burn in some horrible fiery place.  

     For as anyone knows from deep Within, our Radiant One, as we of the Higher realms and the Space Brotherhood refer to God, or Divine Intelligence, the Great I Am That I Am, God is not a force of punishment, but instead is a force of great Love and  Compassion.   So as we have always stated, one Chooses to be Chosen by their actions, intent and vibrational level of consciousness—that "Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotional integration" which determines through each person’s discipline and self-responsibility whether they would be ready to be taken into the higher vibrations aboard our Lightships.  And often, as we look down upon this planet from our vantage point, do we feel the sincere desire of the hearts of so many billions of souls upon this planet who are tired of the old ways of struggle and the old endless wheel of karma, which now is finally coming to a close.  The COSMIC LAW OF GRACE is being allowed to be fulfilled and all karma is being transmuted and all those forces and entities, which are in the vast minority who have opposed our upcoming Divine Intervention, and even those well meaning ‘Cosmic Isolationists,’ who somehow think everything is so ‘hunky dory’--well they will have a chance to incarnate on another planet, and this will not hold up Earth’s Ascension--something for everyone, as they say on earth.

     Now at long last, for the majority of souls on Earth who truly do want a better way, but often do not know just exactly what to do and are overwhelmed by so much negativity that the imbalanced forces have created up until now to block this Inner desire, well no longer will these blockages be allowed to interfere with their FREE WILL and with the upward evolution of their souls and the releasing of all their unnecessary pain and suffering.

     So, in final analysis, yes, let me state it once more, OFFICIALLY FOR THE RECORD, WE YOUR BENEVOLENT SPACE BROTHERS AND SISTERS WE WILL COME DOWN AND SAVE YOU!!!! and we will keep our word and fulfill our promise!  All of you who are connected with us have known deep within ever since you were small children of this sacred promise, and all your dreams and fantasies WILL BECOME REAL!  SO KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE SKIES as you continue to go about your missions, as we Prepare for Divine Intervention!   Blessings to you all.  This Is Ashtar signing out.

 Adonai Vassu Berogus!"

Thank You Lord Ashtar
Michael Ellegion

This was a very powerful Channeling, as I felt Ashtar’s passion about clearing up this misconception regarding this statement of disinformation that as Ashtar conveyed, has been used to ridicule the fact that we will definitely experience upcoming mass world wide Divine Intervention.   I am about to publish a book which will very powerfully help prepare humanity for about this event in much more detail.  For those who wish to be informed when the book is published or who wish to connect with me more, please e-mail me your e-mail address, and I will let you know as soon as copies are available.


Greetings To Fellow Lightworkers:

Hello, I have been guided to share this very exciting channeled transmission that was e-mailed to me recently from the very dedicated New Age Lightworkers, Star Doves, which was first received in Channeling thru another very dedicated fellow Lightworker/Volunteer in Earth embodiment, Michael Sun Bear.  I feel that this is significant because certain forms of Divine Intervention beginning to occur behind the scenes from higher benevolent Cosmic Forces of Light to help counteract these negative/insane plans of the power elite.  This information has also strongly confirmed my own channeling and communications with the higher Cosmic Forces of Light who have literally saved my life a number of times, partly because one of my own missions is to help expose government/military cover-ups of the misuse of technologies being used against the population of this planet, as well as helping others understand their reasons for being a fellow Volunteer soul here on Earth on a mission to help this planet to ultimately experience it’s Ascension.

In particular, this channeling, which I will now share, strongly confirmed that what has been going on behind the scenes, regarding the secret plans of our corrupt shadow government to ignite yet another war by the ATTEMPTED use of nuclear missiles sent to Iran very recently:

The following Ascended Ones wish to deliver this message from the Great White Brotherhood. This communication must reach decision-makers of the world and I am asking you to help me achieve their goal. It is critical that this message reach all tribal nations as well as all levels of government globally. Those of you in mass media, please print this message in your publications, those of you who know people in positions to get this message out please send it to them. It is time for humanity to stand side by side rather than in opposition. The future of our planet depends on it.

Much Peace & Light,

Michael Sun Bear

Shaman & Peacemaker Descendant of the
Mohawk, Seneca, and Iroquois Northeastern Tribes

Greetings, We are Ra, Imperial Commander and Head of State to the Sirian High Council, Saint Germain, Ambassador to the Galactic Federation of Light,
Archangel Michael, Prince of the Archangels and the Angelic Hosts,
Hiawatha, Ascended Tribal Chief, and Geronimo, Ascended Tribal Warrior,
+ All of the Great White Brotherhood under the Prime Creator.

We are here to affirm that the Light has prevailed against corruptions by the Dark Lords who no longer have their stronghold on humanity thereby allowing you your God-given right of freedom and to live in peace and harmony. A stern warning had been issued a short time ago to your current global leaders with dire consequences if changes were not immediately implemented. Let it be known that the following directives under the Prime Creator have been achieved:

* The Galactic Federation lightships immediately intervened the planned nuclear attacks against Iran and parallel countermeasures against the United States . The missiles were deactivated at the moment of launch from military ships.

* Your current government officials continued usage of high frequency microwave pulsar technology designed to increase the temperature of the earth core has been permanently deactivated.

* George Bush, Sr. has acknowledged the directive and grounded all planes scheduled to spread the man-made Avian Flu Virus.

* Russian President Vladimir Putin has moved forward with preserving the lives of his countrymen.

* All government networks have ceased all future development of current blank-slate technology projects.

* Secret government agencies' misguided attempts to control and disperse Natural Healthcare remedies proved futile and unsuccessful.

* All efforts of military and nonmilitary personnel purposely devastating oceanic life forms through detonation of explosive devices under the guise of experimentation in the interest of science are now being overridden by our lightships.

* And let it be known that the following directives under the Prime Creator have NOT YET been achieved and the time remaining to act is critically short:

* All existing Avian Flu Vaccines are to be destroyed immediately.

* Usage of toxic pesticides and genetically modified agriculture seeds must cease and desist.

* Sonar frequency wave technology misused to deliberately harm whales and dolphins must be deactivated.

* Commercial fishing vessels that release trawling nets with the ultimate intent to alter planetary ecosystems will immediately cease and desist.

* Scientists under the control of government officials and public figures who create, utilize, and promote falsified data regarding carbon being the causative factor in the increase of our beloved Earth's temperature will retract all statements and speak the truth about HAARP, microwave technology, and the involvement of numerous governments.

* Scientists and Secret Societies will terminate all programs set up to manipulate mankind by utilizing potent mind-altering programs to mask their covert agendas.

* George W. Bush and Dick Cheney must concede to any and all directives they have received and ignored.

* Tony Blair must concede to Great Britain his actual highest intentions and cease supporting the recent misguided truths that have appeared in your media.

Your commercial honey bee colonies that have seemingly all but disappeared have only migrated to south of the Equator. Honey bees vibrate at a much higher level than most third dimensional creatures. They are sensitive to and respond well to love and nurturing much like flowers and plants do. Honey bee colonies no longer have resilience to human lower-conditioned thought forms, environments of low electromagnetic radiation, and the dangerous pesticides that have inundated their existence. When your commercial beekeepers learn to value the honey bees and incorporate organic approaches and applications to the construction and care of beehives, the honey bees will return.

We are the Warriors of the Light and are acutely aware of your leaders' devious plans to undermine all Spiritual Absolute Truth as we sit among them in their private meetings and listen to them scheme strategies for lustful personal gain of power and money. We have stood by and watched greed consume them as they destroy your nations. Know that we do exist and we are not threatening. We are a benevolent race. It will soon become very clear as to the importance of your acknowledgement of our existence.

Your current governments will soon stage another kind of attack, one from an extraterrestrial nation, to justify instilling what you call Martial Law to your land. This will be the most convincing effort yet by the Illuminati.  Let us reiterate that we are a peaceful, loving race and have only the best interest of your planet and its inhabitants at heart.  Allow us, if we may at this time, to illustrate our whereabouts to you.

We encourage you to scan your night skies with open hearts and notice the brightest and closest stars. These are our lightships. Verify our existence through your most powerful telescopes and see for yourselves that we actually do exist. You can see the defined edges of our crafts and you will absolutely see the array of distinguished colors pulsating outwardly from our lightships. Know we are among you, our beloved ones.

Currently our command lightship known as Cathereum is technologically equipped with liquid crystal computerization capable of transporting us at great speeds. Contact between us is not far into the future as we are all part of your families.

We are One.  Ra, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Hiawatha, Geronimo

The significance about this Channeling is the fact that it very powerfully CONFIRMED for me all the many things that the Cosmic Elohim Masters of Light have been channeling to me for many years, not only thru telepathic and Direct Voice Channeling, but from having been physically taken aboard the great Merkabah Light Ships of the Ashtar Command, twice.

Through their higher dimensional physical presence, they related to me similar plans concerning DIVINE INTERVENTION.

This reference to Divine Intervention, also refers to numerous incidents in which the corrupt U.S. shadow government has specifically attempted to use nuclear weapons against other countries, in which the Higher Cosmic Forces of Light have neutralized these attempts.

The fact is, that all those missing nuclear suitcases that many people have been worried about, were already neutralized by our Friends Upstairs. The U.S. government would attempt, just as they have done with the so-called war on terror, to use these threats, to push fear, terror and ignorance concerning what is really going on behind the scenes, attempting to take more of our Rights and Freedoms away from us.  They aggressively ignore UNIVERSAL LAWS of the Universe, that forbid not only the use of nuclear weapons, but also the use of man-made BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS against the general population.

Ashtar had specifically informed me, back on Sept. 11, 2001, on the very day it happened--in fact during the time it was happening that day--of the fact that 9-11 was definitely a corrupt Bush administration inside job scam as part of their so-called war on terror.  More recently, he informed me a few months ago that they were also PLANNING a nuclear attack on Iran--but this attempt would be stopped--just as any other attempt would be stopped.

Our Friends Upstairs have made it clear to the world officials and those Puppet Masters of the Illuminati who control them, that any such attempt to send nuclear missiles to start a nuclear war would be very firmly stopped--as would any mass biological attack.   However, as stated earlier, the shadow government will still ATTEMPT to secretly accomplish this, as the in-denial spirits they are, which is refusing to allow the general population or masses to know of this fact.  Things would appear to be business as normal in their attempt to continue to fool the masses into believing these possible dangers, for keeping the masses in a state of F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real)

Ashtar specifically told me when the incident of international hostilities occurred between India and Pakistan not too long ago, it would be reported through our corporate controlled mass media that a possible nuclear confrontation could occur between these two countries.  The higher forces of the Federation immediately made it very clear to the Earth Officials that such a possibility would not be tolerated--and they quickly backed down and were able to diplomatically find a solution to their seeming differences.

It is always wonderful to also read or hear when someone else receives communication from the Higher Forces, as Michael Sun Bear has--and I know that other clear Channels scattered thru-out this planet have also--received similar confirmations of this DIVINE INTERVENTION, that just confirms what one already knows to be true--but also to be able to share this fact with as many others as possible who need to hear these inspiring and exciting news of how our Friends Upstairs or our Cosmic Back-Up Team is in Guardian Action around this planet, and that not only will our Cosmic Friends continue to closely monitor what our corrupt officials are really up to, but will also, every now and then inform us of their plans and actions to help those of us who care about this planet and her destiny as well.

Within the last few days since receiving that wonderful channeling, via e-mail from the Star Doves, which Michael Sun Bear had received, I, in turn,  received another transmission from Ashtar, which I would like to share with everyone here:

Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Ashtar, wanting to comment upon this which you, Michael, have just read, the wonderful channeling that our very dedicated and beautiful soul, Michael Sun Bear received from us, and many Blessings, too, for the other very dedicated souls of Light, the Star Doves, for providing you and others with this very important and critical COSMIC PLANETARY ANNOUNCEMENT!  I wish to strongly confirm the main points of this transmission,  It was communicated from On High and yes, it is one of many confirmations that we of the higher dimensional realms have been not only giving to you, but to many other fellow Lightworkers-Volunteers presently On Earth Assignment.  Our Authority is to step in and stop any and all attempts to ignite nuclear missiles as in an attempt to create nuclear war, as well as other covert manipulations to create or ignite hostilities between nations for more power and profit.  This is particularly troubling, of this war machine that the dark ones have created--and this WILL BE STOPPED!

As you and other fellow contactees are very aware of, I wish to reconfirm this fact, to those of you who will share this transmission.  We of the Intergalactic Confederation, often referred to as the Universal Federation of Free Worlds, have indeed made it VERY CLEAR to the governments of Earth that we, the Guardians of Peace, the RAINBOW WARRIORS, will not stand by and allow Earth to be destroyed, or even partially destroyed, as in nuclear attack, as in the launching of such type of missiles against another country.  Such aggression will NOT BE TOLERATED, now or ever, nor will the wide spread use of made-made biological weapons, secretly being planned against the population will NOT BE TOLERATED, now or ever--and this fact we have also, more than once, clearly communicated to those in positions of power.

We confirmed to you that in the 1950s of earth time, our ships appeared as GREEN FIRE BALLS over New Mexico, when nuclear testing had begun to occur.  We appeared then to help lower the radiation level of the atmosphere, or it would have been much worse.  So it is now, for you and others who are aware of the many secret black op programs of the shadow government, that are termed CHEMTRAILS and HAARP.

Yes, we have been appearing within the Earths atmosphere, just as we did in the 50s to help transmute/eliminate the higher radiation levels.  So it is now, with the PETROCHEMICAL POLLUTANTS being spewed out into the atmosphere, that are very destructive to all life upon this planet.  So, too, with HAARP and all forms of GLOBAL ELECTRONIC MIND CONTROL.  This, too, we have been neutralizing since it has been focused upon the population of this planet against their will, in their attempt to manipulate and to numb and dumb the masses to accept the new world order, consisting of a one world system of control under the power elite.

Well, that is THEIR plan--and WE have another plan--a much more enjoyable plan, I might add, that will help guide and inspire many of Earth to spiritually counteract this full plan and help all who want to truly be free, to manifest a greater destiny for themselves and all throughout the
planet who truly want a better way!

Yes, we are stepping in more and more, not only to help all on Earth who are open to receiving our help--since we must respect free will.  We are open to those who are receptive to FRIENDSHIP, HELP AND COOPERATION.  We have for many years, through all our fellow earth Contactees and Channels, been presenting and offering to all who are truly sincerely wanting help and Cosmic Back-up in your missions and struggles facing you in  these End Times - the End of the old, but the beginning of the New.  As Mother Earth, herself, has been promised she will not only survive all these many Earth changes and planetary cleansing and Cosmic Re-birthing that she is beginning to go through.

Of course, as you have been told many times, God helps those who help themselves, in other words, as you know, it is what you of Earth do in responsibility--as well as what we do with all of you, in offering our support and help, that together we will succeed.  My friend of many eons,
St. Germain, one of the many fellow Ascended Masters of Earth, who we have worked with for ages to finally allow the Ascension of this planet, has stated, that the Great Victory for this planet will finally at long last occur--and so it will be!

God and all those of the entire Intergalactic Fleet, which includes my Ashtar Command, and the Celestial Host, all beings and forces of Light in the entire Universes, send you all our Love and Blessings.  Know within the core of your Hearts and soul of your I Am Presence, that we are here, as we have always been here around the Earth in GUARDIAN ACTION.  Just as our beloved channel, Tuella, over 25 years ago, published the book, Project: World Evacuation By the Ashtar Command. This book clearly documented and fully explained our plans--that are destined to occur.

Of course, predictions of dates, of when we have at times PLANNED to massively appear in the skies above this planet have changed many times in the past three decades since that book was first published.   Know that eventually all that Lady Tuella very clearly and accurately channeled while on Earth WILL OCCUR when it is our Divine Creators plan, and not before.  Never-the-less, we have attempted more than once to actually make a large appearance in Earth's skies.  But we changed our plans, when the shadow government planned to counteract this with an Invasion sceniero and use it to instill fear and terror rather than what was really happening--a peaceful, but powerful INTERVENTION.

It has also been my privilege to have connected with so many other fellow Dedicated Volunteers, who I have spoken with through this Channel, in his own mission as a Cosmic Telephone Line or a Direct Voice Channel.  On a more personal basis, I have projected down upon our energy beam from the Merkabah through Michael and have spoken to many of you on Earth in his many thousands of Readings through the years with fellow Volunteers, and to channel through so many other very clear and dedicated channels [like Michael Sun Bear], presently on missions here on Earth.  I Bless you all, my Beloved's!

It will also be my pleasure and honor to connect with many more fellow Volunteers who I have not yet connected or reconnected with in these next few years of Earth time, since I knew you when you were in the Higher Councils of Light before you came into Earth embodiment on a mission.  I look forward to these interactions--until open mass physical contact and Reunion does take place.

May all of you be at peace and know that all will be well, and learn to tune into what has actually been occurring behind the scenes and of our love for you.  And remember--Keep Your Eyes On the Skies!

Adonai Vassu Berogus!

Ashtar signing out!  And as they say on Earth-Namaste to ALL!

From Michael: It is always wonderful and inspiring whenever I have received a channeling transmission from our Friends Upstairs. I have been receiving these communications, either telepathically, in which I will hear them actually speaking to me mentally, and as with this one I received and was sent as an Inspired Writing (or rather "inspired computer key boarding"), which I transcribed it very rapidly, while Ashtar was sending me this transmission, allowing him to communicate directly thru me.

Originally, when I was very young in this present life, as I have mentioned here on this website, I was trained thru the Edgar Cayce method of Channeling.  But then after having interactions with Ashtar and fellow Elohim Beings of Light, I was "Cosmically Activated" to do the Transformational Channeling sessions with fellow Lightworkers since 1979, when I was physically taken aboard one of the Merkabah Light Ships of the Ashtar Command.

And as Ashtar stated, for those of you who are wanting to get insight into your mission and purpose for being here on earth and would like to experience a personal Channeling session to receive greater insight into your reasons for coming as a Volunteer into Earth embodiment on a mission, I would invite you, to fully check out this website, and especially check out the List of NASA Star People characteristics.  I was actually told about this List before I saw it in printed form, while aboard the ship in ‘79, and I have found that most of those I have done sessions with always have at least several to a third of this entire List, and some have even more of these characteristics,  

I look forward to connecting with fellow Lightworkers/Volunteers in Earth embodiment, and helping Empower and Activate you upon your missions!

Many Blessings to you ALL!

In Love and Light, Michael Ellegion


     When the collapse of the Minnesota Bridge took place, and as an "open Channel" for the Higher Forces of Light, I will often receive telepathic comments and they Channel to me about what has "gone on behind the scenes" which the Corporate controlled media here in the U.S. will never mention.  I wasn’t too surprised, when Ashtar, one of my main contacts from higher Realms, very briefly mentioned that this disaster was in fact caused by some type of "frequency or vibrational [acoustic-psychotronic] technology"--and that I would shortly be receiving more in-depth information concerning this fact.

     Of course, I had assumed that this would come either in the form of some kind of "revelation" from someone who had connections with "shadow government" levels, as what is often referred to as "Intel black-ops" and/or more in-depth, channeled information from Ashtar and our Friends Upstairs who surround Earth in Guardian Action.

     Also, since I knew that the Cosmic Elohim Masters of Light, many who are members of the Ashtar Command and the Universal Federation, had been recently clamping down upon the world power elite or the "puppet Masters" behind the scenes, by making it very clear to them that they were not going to allow anymore use of nuclear or biological weapons (see my other Posting, "E.T.’s Divine Intervention Stops Nuclear & Biological Attacks!")   I knew that any form of technology that is destructive to nature and life on this planet, no matter what form that technology came in, would also ultimately be stopped and neutralized as well.

     I, of course, was not specifically, consciously thinking about some of the more "exotic" forms of energy or acoustic, (also often referred to as "psychotronic") weapons systems, which I have actually studied quite in-depth for a number of years, partly because I had met literally dozens of former (and not so former) ex-intelligence agents, many who had been involved in the development of this very technology.  In a few cases, I met some former  "black-ops" who were actually involved in forms of "psychic assassination" in which the use of "psychic deadly force" was actually used--or rather ATTEMPTED--to be used against Lightworkers like myself, to do away with those of us whose missions are to help expose such types of technologies.  This would help to eliminate them when more people became aware of their existence and how they have been used mostly for destructive-military utilization, such as control and manipulation of the population, whether it is in the form of weather modification, mind control, or in the physical destruction of life and the WEAKENING OF PHYSICAL OR MATERIAL STRUCTURES.

     I knew personally, in a very horrific way, what these types of acoustic or psychotronic weapons systems are capable of doing to a person or a physical object.  In my case, I have shared my experience that occurred in 1979 with others who have connected with me in personal Transformational Channeled sessions that I do for fellow Lightworkers, Star People, and thru my workshops and classes.  In that experience the psych-ops targeted me with such a psychotronic weapon and literally ended up killing me by ripping the life force out of my body.  Our Friends Upstairs physically beamed me up aboard one of the Merkabah Light Ships of the Ashtar Command, where they brought me back to life by putting the Life Force back in me.

     There are no words that can describe how horrible this "spiritual violation" initially was when I was first suddenly being attacked, but I fell unconscious, and then died from this attack.  The Higher Forces took me aboard and brought me back to life in the wonderful and exquisite, higher Dimensional Bliss of their very loving and healing presence.  They very powerfully took away all my trauma and altered my own DNA/RNA so that I would not be as vulnerable to such an attack in the future.   They explained the importance of the old adage, "God helps those who help themselves."  Together that is what these beings and I do together; i.e., what they are capable of doing with their very powerful Elohim Consciousness Technologies, and what I or any other fellow Lightworker should do on this more mundane or duality level of existence, such as dietary considerations, color meditations/decrees of Light, use of specially designed crystal pendants to increase and strengthen one’s auric field [refer to our other website,]. etc.   These would allow for the maximum strengthening of one’s auric field and immune system, therefore we can be much more immune to these type of attacks.

     This DNA alteration, as it turned out, was not just for helping to enhance my own personal "psychic protection" against such acoustic-psychotronic attacks, but would be an important phase of my mission, doing a new type of Channeled Readings, unlike the previous karmic type of readings for which I had been trained thru the Edgar Cayce form of Channeling.  From now on these sessions would help Activate, Protect and Empower fellow Lightworkers/Volunteers in Earth embodiment, who like myself, were on missions to prepare this planet for its Ascension.

     They also informed me that I would shortly come upon a List of Characteristics that would help identify those of us who are here in Earth embodiment on missions, and now my job as a "Cosmic Telephone Line" or Direct Voice Channel was to do Transformational Readings.  In these readings, not only was I to "pass on to others this Cosmic Spiritual DNA Immunity," against psychotronic attacks, but the tapes of these sessions would have the conscious information channeled from the different Masters who would speak thru me, and there would also be special genetic Encodements that would be unique to each Lightworker.  The more these taped sessions are listened to, the greater would be this strengthening of their own consciousness and immunity.  It is interesting that about two months later, in an issue of the old holistic/metaphysical publication, "The East-West Journal", I first saw the NASA Star People Characteristics List which Brad Steiger, having worked with NASA scientists and engineers, actually compiled during the ‘70’s.  And for those who have never seen it, go to the section here at this website, "List of NASA Star People Characteristics."

     While aboard this Merkabah Light Ship, I was informed that the Ashtar Command, while continuing to orbit Earth in Guardian Action, was also specifically monitoring all kinds of these exotic psychotronic and acoustic black-op technologies, and that eventually they would all be neutralized.  Under Federation policies the use of any weapons, whether it be nuclear, biological or types of energy technology, if used against life in destructive ways, they would  be stepping in more and more to ultimately stop this technology from ever being used again.

     To get back to this recent disaster of the Minnesota bridge collapse, it was not surprising, when a couple days later, a friend of mine, Patrick Hansen, who has helped sponsor me for workshops about the Spiritual Masters, sent me an e-mail, which did, specifically refer to this situation, regarding how and why the Minnesota Bridge was brought down by the shadow government with this more exotic form of energy weapon system, and I will now quote part of his e-mail, since it is quite interesting and confirms my initial Attunement from our Friends Upstairs:

     Subject: Fwd: Massive ULF 'Blast' Detected In US Bridge Collapse Catastrophe In Minneapolis

     Sent: Saturday, August 4, 2007 10:44 PM

--- In energetic, "Energetic Synthesis"


    It was very interesting, though actually not surprising, when the Vatican astronomer recently stated--publicly-- "believing in aliens is OK and does not contradict one’s faith in God".  This I say is "interesting" because as both a UFO researcher, as well as one termed a "contactee" with very spiritually evolved benevolent human appearing "Elohim" E.T.’s, I have a very unique perspective regarding this whole reality.   I am very aware of numerous events connected with UFO’s and E.T.’s, that I also have reason to believe that the Vatican and the Catholic Church have actually always known of this reality.

    As a researcher, I have spoken to two people in years past that stated to me, very seriously, they were both allowed to go through the Vatican Libraries and Records that no outsider is usually allowed to visit, and each told me basically the same exact thing,  "The Vatican Records contain the biggest UFO and metaphysical library in the entire world", of numerous things historically, from very ancient, to more modern day events, which have been suppressed from the masses.  For example, when Mother Mary appeared at Fatima, to the three small children, evidence appears to suggest that some or part of the phenomena that was seen and experienced that day up in the sky also involved very spiritually evolved human appearing "angelic" E.T.’s and their space ships (otherwise referred to as ‘UFO’s’.)   In fact for many years, the Vatican has sent their own investigators out around the world to personally investigate these type of events, and they have stored their findings in the Vatican Libraries along with all the other things they have discovered.

    Also, a couple of specific incidents occurred in which the Catholic Church had direct personal involvement relating to UFO’s and extraterrestrial contact I, myself, have investigated, and I am truly convinced did, in fact occur, and both of those individuals I referred to earlier were also given confirmation of this when they explored the Vatican Library.

    One of these events, occurred on the date of Feb. 20/21 1954, (this event is thoroughly documented at this web site:  This historical event, which was covered up for ‘National Security’ reasons, was that President Eisenhower and members of his staff, along with members of a delegation of community leaders representing the religious, spiritual, economic and newspaper cross segments of society, actually met with extraterrestrials at Edward’s Air Force Base (previously known as Muroc Field).  Even though this event was covered up, and the official explanation of President Eisenhower’s sudden absence for that time period was an "emergency visit to the dentist because he had broken a tooth cap", the facts are verified from more than one source; those who were actually there, and others who knew some of those who were there, and it has been confirmed.  I feel this event did in fact take place.

    The person who "represented" the religious portion of earth’s society was a well known Cardinal, and I quote from this research paper: "Cardinal James Francis MacIntyre was the Bishop and head of the Catholic Church in Los Angeles at the time (1948-1970), for it was theorized that he would have been an important gauge for the possible reaction from religious leaders generally, and in particular from the most influential and powerful religious institutions on the planet - the Roman Catholic Church.  In particular, Cardinal MacIntyre would have been a good choice as a representative for the Vatican since he was appointed the first Cardinal of the Western United States by Pope Pius XII in 1952."

    The second incident involved a visit to the Vatican of an individual who I believe, both through my own research, as well as having been given strong confirmation in communication from my own space contacts, that this was another very authentic fellow "contactee" who also had many contacts, just as I have.  These very same type of benevolent and spiritually evolved human appearing E.T.’s (referred to as the "Space Brothers [a term of respect], were also the same type of E.T.’s who landed at Edward’s Air Force Base).  This individual known as George Adamski, actually met with Pope John XXIII, at the Vatican, on May 31, 1963, a few days before the Pope’s death, and actually gave the Pope a "sealed package" given to him from his space contacts to be given specifically to the Pope.

    Two books, which describe and document this very historical event, are "George Adamski, The Untold Story", by Lou Zinsstag and Timothy Good, and the other is "UFO... George Adamski, Their Man On Earth", also by Lou Zinsstag.

    In the first book, there is an actual photograph of the specific medallion which was given to Adamski by Pope John XXIII.  This medallion, by the way, is a very special medallion and very rare, and has only been given to a very few people through the years.  It is known as the Ecumenical Council medallion.  Zinsstag, the author, who also happened to be the niece of the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, helped sponsor Adamski for well over 10 years, was there in Rome with another witness, as they watched him go through a special entrance into the side of the Vatican into the private audience with the Pope and then watched him return back outside after his meeting with the Pope.

    In final analysis, it is my opinion as stated, based both on my own research, as well as my own personal experiences, that one of the reasons that the Vatican’s chief astronomer is coming out openly now to make this statement, and the fact that the governments of this planet (as even mentioned on Fox and CNN) have recently been releasing vast amounts of formerly classified documents about UFO’s and extraterrestrial contacts, is they all now believe that this planet will soon be experiencing much more open UFO sightings and what some might have traditionally have termed "Divine Intervention" of these very spiritually advanced beings, who are members of a "Intergalactic Confederation or Universal Federation".

    In both of my physical experiences aboard what I refer to as the Merkabah Light Ships, the communications shared with me in person by these "Space Brothers" of the Ashtar Command, and also many other times they have stated very strongly, that they must Intervene soon because our free will getting out of control and could end up destroying the Earth if they do not more openly step in.

    In fact, just as I was being guided to share this posting with others on the internet, I felt that familiar "vibrational signal’ which alerted me to one of the main beings who has been communicating through me most of my present Earth life, Lord Ashtar, indicated that he was going to send a "Transmission-Channeling through me to share with everyone else, in regard to these latest developments with the Vatican.


    "Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One, this is Lord Ashtar of the Ashtar Command, Intergalactic Confederation/Universal Federation,.  I want to comment upon what this channel and many others have recently heard, regarding the official public statement, by the Vatican astronomer, about a belief in our existence, and we from other worlds is not in conflict to one’s belief or your relationship with our Divine Creator of this and all universes.

    "This is only one of the more recent and important steps that --some--of the officials of government and those in positions of power on Earth realize must be done.  It is true, we of the Federation, have been attempting to influence those in positions of power on Earth for many years to allow the masses, all peoples on Earth, to have access to us and the vast amount of help we can offer you very quickly to solve the numerous challenges you have been facing.

    "Yes, in the decade of the ‘50’s, we of the Federation openly appeared over the capitol building of the U.S. on two weekends straight, [July 19th and the 26th, ‘52], to make it clear to the officials that we are a benevolent presence.  We have also attempted diplomatic relations with the officials on more than one occasion, and sending down a Federation ship to land openly at Edward’s Air Force Base [Feb. 20th/21st ‘54] was one of the more documented attempts.

    "It is also true, despite this attempt to officially establish diplomatic relations, we of the Federation were turned down because our representatives made it very clear that we were not about to share our very advanced technologies with the Earth leaders which could be used for more advanced weapon systems and would have unfortunately been used as such by those in positions of power,  We made it very clear that we were willing to share more advanced technologies with the leaders if they were willing to also share this information with all the people’s of the Earth rather than just the power elite having access to it.  We also made it clear, that as a gesture of peace, as a type of "litmus test" the real intent of the technology we would share would, beyond any shadow of a doubt, be very advanced technologies to be used only for peaceful and humanitarian purposes.  Our representatives stated very clearly and precisely, that we of the Federation demanded that nuclear weapons on Earth to immediately be made obsolete.  Also, that all the people on this planet must be made aware of this situation, with no cover-ups or so-called "conspiracies of silence".   This would prove the real intent and motives of those in positions of power.  If they only have positive or benevolent intent, they would not hesitate to allow this sharing for the mutual benefit of all the people on this planet, rather than, those who have tended to abuse their power and positions upon this planet.

    "This offer of open, mutual Intergalactic Cultural Exchange, with these very important requirements, were of course turned down.  It was obvious that humanitarian and moral demands were not as important or of the same priority as it was to keep their power and not to share this with everyone else upon this planet.  We of the Federation had actually suspected the more official overtures of Intergalactic diplomacy and peace would probably not turn out as we had hoped, but we at least felt we had to officially go through the "Diplomatic Formality", especially since our representatives also warned President Eisenhower and all those present, of another group, a group we have considered as "renegades" those termed the "greys",  Because the greys are not willing to abide by Federation policies, that strictly forbid activities of taking advantage of the vulnerabilities of those living on Earth, they planned to abduct many Earthiins, just using them for genetic material, without respecting their SOVEREIGNTY AND "COSMIC CIVIL RIGHTS."

    "Yes, millions of "COSMIC CIVIL RIGHTS" VIOLATIONS have occurred by these entities abducting millions of earth humans.  These entities are "on the back curve of evolution" and are a dying species, who have refused our own offers to them, in times past, if they would agree to Federation policies--just as we demanded of Earth human officials, the cabal.   That is to live up to and respect the sacred principles and laws of creation by not forcing themselves upon other species, and allowing us to share certain genetic knowledge with them.  They could have gotten themselves off this "back curve" and would have returned to a more "progressively balanced evolution" once again.  Of course, just like Earth’s leaders, they were not willing to respect and uphold these requirements, and chose to break Federation rules of "Non-interference" which forbids these abductions that have occurred.

    "This so-called Treaty, which the Earth officials made with these renegade aliens, and was made without the will of the people, we have always considered Illegal and immoral, in the sense that unlike other worlds, our planetary leaders are also members and/or represent our Higher Councils, and are first of all, leaders BECAUSE OF THEIR LEVEL of integrity and spiritual wisdom and their respecting of Truth and the needs of their peoples.  They are always in touch with their people’s concerns and there are no cover-ups or so-called hidden agendas; everything is above board, period.

    "But on this planet, as our fellow Space Brother of Light, Commander Voltra, a Cosmic Psychotherapist, who has been affectionately nicknamed, "the Dr. Phil of the Intergalactic Realms", has stated, other than the greys and negative reptilians, who we are Cleansing from the Heavens, Earth which has been the most Dysfunctional planet in the entire Universe.   Many of you may need "Cosmic Psychotherapy"--and Voltra is available "24/7" for those of you who want some compassionate "counseling and emotional and psychological analysis" on how to handle all your "Earthly codependencies" that seems so extremely prevalent upon Earth. Voltra is just one of literally millions of fellow Cosmic Psychotherapists on aboard our vast fleets and Commands of the Federation, which surround this planet in Guardian Action.  They are ready to start counseling all of you who wish to release and transmute all your earthly traumas and emotional imbalances.

    My friend, and fellow Ascended Master, of the Spiritual Hierarchy, St. Germain, appeared before the Forefathers and gave that short inspiring speech about Freedom and sovereignty, and he ended it with the admonition" So sign that document!"--and they did.  The original organic U.S. Constitution, a truly Divinely Inspired Document, documents the "Rule of Law" on Earth, so too, the "Intergalactic Rule of Law".  We of the Ashtar Command and the entire Federation have been instrumental in allowing a much more recent opportunity for all the people’s of Earth.  Every soul’s Higher Over Soul Self, to participate in a Full Planetary Vote, of allowing all the souls presently living upon Earth to participate.  This Voting Process for a new, more fair and planetary Treaty, allows the people’s of this planet to now have their Official vote.  Unlike the continuous manipulation of the votes that have occurred in most recent major elections in the U.S. and other corrupt countries, we on these higher levels never manipulate any of these votes, because "The Majority Rules".  Even though there were a few negative votes against this new,  more fair Treaty, by those members of the cabal and some more backward Laggard souls who had been stuck on the old Wheel of Karma"--what this channel refers to as "Cosmic Isolationists", by and large most souls, when given the opportunity--VOTED UNANIMOUSLY TO ALLOW US, THE FEDERATION, TO OPENLY DIVINELY INTERVENE, HERE ON EARTH VERY SHORTLY, as soon as our Divine Creator gives us the imminent "green light and official Cosmic Go ahead!

    "And as this channel also has been getting ready, as we have guided him to do so, is very shortly publishing an insightful book that helps to powerfully PREPARE all humanity in more detail to what, just exactly, we will truly be doing when what some have termed "First Contact" does in fact occur!  I was also honored to have channeled through a fellow Volunteer soul in Earth embodiment, the great sister and dedicated soul of Light, Lady Tuella, while she was still alive on Earth.  Lady Tuella, has been back here amongst us since she returned to the higher realms at the end of her Earth mission.  I wish to state for the record, as I and others of the Federation channeled through her and was documented in her book, "PROJECT: WORLD EVACUATION BY THE ASHTAR COMMAND," that information is still basically just as accurate now, as it was then, back in 1982, when it was first published by Tuella through Guardian Action Publications".  Even though over two and half decades of 3-D earth time have come and gone and even though we had changed our plans of the exact time factor, of when, just exactly, we would ultimately make our move, I still refer to this "First Contact" scenario as a "Secret Wave" of Evacuation" because it is "secret" only in the sense of not openly and officially announcing a specific or exact date and time of our mass appearance over this planet.  Not secret nor ever has been "secret" of our eventual plans to make a more open and mass planetary appearance.  This first of a series of more open and mass appearances and landings, does include worldwide "evacuations."  These "evacuations" are not at this stage really so much emergency scenarios, as they are more "Cosmic R. & R." vacations for a period of approximately 2 to 3 weeks (of Earth time) for the returning Volunteers in Earth embodiment and the later waves of evacuation for anyone else who’s physical bodies are high enough in vibrations to handle the higher energies aboard our Merkabah Light Ships.  And as it does occur, then all on Earth will know that Intergalactic Cultural Exchange has finally been allowed.

    "We are looking forward to this upcoming Intergalactic Fellowship, and as so many fellow Channels and contactees have known for many years, that once this First Contact does occur, we of the Federation and those of you in Earth embodiment who are members of our Extended Cosmic Families, will have such a wonderful Cosmic Family Reunion, yes great parties and Celebrations, that we all have been looking forward to.  So get your lives in order, anything that needs to be resolved or taken care of, any karmic things that need to be released, and if you need any help, call upon us, and also Invoke the "Cosmic Law of Grace’ to help resolve any and all conditions on Earth which would have blocked this wondrous and awesome reuniting of Earth and all world’s of the Federation/Intergalactic Confederation throughout the universe.  BLessings to all, and Keep Your Eyes on The Skies, as we Prepare For this most momentous of occasions!  
Adonai Vassu Berogus!"

    Michael:  Wow, that was great, and I could feel Ashtar’s great feelings of joy that this great cover-up of the reality of their very benevolent existence is finally about to come to a close, and I Am very excited also, because as he referred to the fact that, yes, I have been working for awhile on a book that will, in fact, as he stated, powerfully Prepare everyone in a much more specific way, for not only why this event has to occur, but all the details of this plan.  This plan is actually a SACRED PROMISE--as I have shared with others.  Because I have had conscious memories since my birth, of having been in the Higher Councils and a member of the Federation prior to taking Earth embodiment.  And while there in the Councils, and later right before I remember leaving my Higher density Elohim E.T. body in storage while I beamed down into my Earth biological mother’s womb, I remember in "Debriefing" of them reminding us Volunteers  of this Sacred Promise, of them ultimately sometime during our present Earth lifetime, of openly Divinely Intervening in their Light Ships and beaming up all of us Volunteers as well as anyone else who was ready to Graduate from Earth.  And in both of my physical encounters, of being physically taken on board, both times these Elohim E.T.’s of the Ashtar Command and Federation, reminded me in their physical presence of this same plan.  So when I hear other so-called "pragmatic" individuals who criticize this scenario, and infer that it is just some "pie in the sky fantasy" that those of us who Know from Within (AND WITH MYSELF OF ACTUALLY REMEMBERING THIS PLAN FIRST HAND) by making such negative statements, like some "disempowering mantra" and "If you think that the benevolent Space Brothers are going to come down and save you, well, you're just not facing reality"--such a statement just shows me how out of touch with REAL REALITY THEY ACTUALLY ARE, and are part of that "Cosmic Isolationist crowd" that Ashtar has referred to a number of times.

    Those who would like to be informed when my book is ready to order copies, either as an E-Book, or as a paperback version, please check this web site periodically, for the book should be ready for purchasing copies soon, either in E-Book form or paperback copies, probably sometime in June.


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