Arcturians Are Here

This enlightening full length video documentary available in
DVD or Pay Per View shows how we are all connected
to the cosmos with a higher spiritual purpose!
We are NOT alone!
Your Host, EJ Heaven - Shaman and Arcturian Starseed

Greetings and Salutations!

In this rapidly changing world we're living in, we all must open our minds to a new reality that is rapidly entering our Earthly realm. We ask you to open your mind at this time to a reality you may not have known before. This new reality, is based on actual un-retouched photographs and videography taken by EJ Heaven.

EJ Heaven is a Spiritual Photographer, who was guided to began his filming career in 2004 and since then, he has taken many photographic images of remarkable objects, ranging from Lightships to Orbs and even Ancient Vimanas.

As a Shaman and an Arcturian Starseed, EJ Heaven believes his mission is to let the world know that we have "Friends Upstairs" who are making us aware of their existence. The Arcturians are an advanced group of Extraterrestrials who operate on the Christ Frequency and are here to assist the people of Earth in it's Ascension Process taking place right now.

In this video, you will see craft that the GFL - Galactic Federation of Light utilize when visiting Earth. Enjoy the trailer and share it with your friends. To watch the Full Movie, "The Arcturians Are Here!", go to the purchase page and select the pay-per-view player or order a DVD.

Thank you and "Keep Looking Up 'til Your Ship Comes In."

Blessings, Love and Light,
The Producers and Staff of "Arcturians Are Here!"


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Spiritual Photographer, Modern Shaman, UFO / IFO Videographer / Photographer.

Born on October 29, 1969 in Los Angeles, California, in his early 20's,  EJ Heaven awakened to spiritual realms as a Shaman and UFO Lightship contactee with the Arcturian's and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

EJ had many supernatural experiences throughout his life, and has seen thousands of Ships of Light.

In 2004, EJ was chosen by the Spiritual Hierarchy to be a Spiritual Photographer.

In 2004-2012, EJ filmed many UFO / IFO, Arcturian 5/6th dimensional Lightships, and Ancient Vimanas.

In 2004-2012 , EJ filmed more Immortal Beings, and in 2012, produced Spiritual Photography titled, "GOD Looking Down Upon Us."
BIOGRAPHY - Aurora Light

Futurist, Activist, and Humanitarian, Healer and Muse.

Contactee w/human appearing ET's, Elohim Masters, Angels and Lightships throughout her life.
Researcher and investigative reporter/commentator on Vortex Network News (VNN) internet radio show.

Creator/producer of the internet radio programs, "Progressive Tech Hour" and "The Cosmic Connection."

Producer of UFO SkyWatch internet TV program.

Co-Author of the ground breaking book based on personal experiences and the international cover-up on Human-Appearing Extraterrestrials, "Prepare for the Landings!"

Producer of the following DVD videos: "Who's Who in the Cosmic Directory," "The Dynamics of Cosmic Telepathy," "Messages from the Masters," "50 years of Contact with Human Appearing ET's" and "Arcturians Are Here."




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